ब्रेड पकौड़ा – Bread Pakora Recipe In Hindi – Aloo Bread Pakoda – Quick & Easy Snack Recipe – Seema

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regular recipe updates. Namaste! Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. I am your chef and host Seema. Today I will make my most favourite Pakoda. And that is Bread Pakoda. So come let’s see how to make Bread Pakodi. This is 4 to 5 crushed, boiled potatoes. Now let’s take 1 tablespoon
of ginger and green chillies, grated. 1 spoon cumin powder. 1 spoon coriander seed powder. 1 spoon ajwain (carom seeds). Some finely chopped coriander. To this we will add 2 cubes of grated cheese. 1/2 a spoon of salt. And mix this well. We have mixed our mixture well. First of all we will take our bread. And we will apply the sauce to it
and then add the filling. First of all we will take schezwan sauce. If you want to make
this schezwan sauce at home.. ..then you can go to the description box
below and click on the link. Cover all the bread corners nicely. Now we will take our potato mixture
and place it on the bread. We have stuffed our bread nicely. Now we will take another piece of bread
and apply tomato sauce on it. Now we will cut our bread into triangles. We have kept our oil to heat. Till the time our oil heats,
let’s prepare our gram flour batter. Here we have taken 1/4 cup of gram flour. To this I will add 1/2 spoon of salt. 1/2 a spoon red chilli powder. And some turmeric powder. Some chopped coriander. Now we will mix this well. Now into this, goes some water. We will mix this well and
there should be no lumps in it. Now our batter is ready. And it should be of such a thin consistency,
it should not be thick. Our oil is heated nicely,
now we will fry our pakoda. Cover your bread pakoda nicely
with the gram flour batter. Flame should be low or else
the gram flour might stay raw. Now our Bread pakodas are ready. Here is our piping hot Bread pakodas ready. Do try this and write to us
how did your recipe turn out. Till next time good bye.


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