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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to Madhurasrecipe Marathi. We are doing diwai special episodes. Of course we are going to start with sweet recipe. Today, let’s see how to prepare shankarpali. This is a very easy and quick recipe. First of all to make shankarpali we have to take milk and ghee in equal proportion. Here I have taken 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup ghee. And I have taken 3/4 cup powdered sugar. Take out all these in a pan. Add ghee first. Then powdered sugar and in the end milk. Mix everything well together. Don’t bring this mixture to boil. If it boils milk may get spoilt. So heat up the mixture on medium heat for 3-4 minutes until sugar dissolves. Keep on stirring. You can see. Sugar has nicely dissolved and ghee has also melted and it is floating above sugar and milk. Here I am turning off the heat. Now let’s see how to make dough for shankarpali. We have to add maida enough to absorb the mixture of ghee, sugar and milk and make medium thick dough. Now I am taking 3 cups maida. I am going to knead the dough for shankarpali by adding ghee, sugar and milk mixture. The dough should not be too thick ot too thin. It should be of medium consistency. Here the dough for shankarpali is already. I had to add 1/2 cup maida more. 3 1/2 cups maida was required to make dough for shankarpali. Cover the dough and give it a standing time of an hour. Shankarpali dough is not as smooth as chapati dough. It gets some cracks and it is really normal. I have given standing time of an hour to shankarpali dough. Let’s take out a small ball from it and we have to roll it. Let’s knead the dough really good. Now let’s roll this. It has got crackes at the edge. It is perfectly normal. I like a bit thick shankarpali. So I am not going to roll this too thin. You can make shankarpali thick or thin as per your choice. Let me cut it. Let’s remove its edges. Now let me cut the shankarpali. You can cut it in diamond or square shape as you want. Let’s take the shankarpali into a dish and keep them covered. When all the shankarpali are ready, fry them in the oil. When we roll the shankarpali, we come to know that the dough is well kneaded. While rolling the did not stick at all to rolling board or pin. We did not use any dry flour or oil while rolling. Here I have rolled some shankarpali. Now let’s fry. I have heated the oil on medium heat for frying. The oil should not be too hot. Or shankarpali gets darker colour and it remains raw from inside. We have to fry on medium heat only. Fry the shankarpali until it gets reddish colour from all sides. Stir the shakarpali at the intervals. So that it will get reddish colour evenly. While kneading the dough you can use butter instead of ghee. And here I have fried the shankarpali on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes. I am stirring it continuously while frying. So that gets nice colour. You can see. Shankarpali is puffed up really good. Let’s take it out on a tissue paper. You can see. It has got nice reddish colour evenly. They are looking really pretty. Here I have fried all the shankarpali really good. It has got nice colour. They are puffed up good. The shankarpali is nice and crispy. Shankarpali is just melting in the mouth. It is tasting just like cookies. It is really crispy. You can store shankarpali in airtight container or zip lock bag once it cools down. It has shelf life of about 2-3 weeks. Do try this crispy shankarpali this diwali. Please like the video if you like today’s recipe. You can note down your comments, feedback in the comment box below. You can subscribe my youtube channel Madhurasrecipe Marathi. It is free free free. Whenever I post any recipe or video on youtube you will be informed first. Thank you so much for watching my recipe. Let’s meet again with nice, crispy, crunchy diwali recipe. Till then keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

  1. Angel Love

    hiii…tai…..kup kup thanks me kal try kelya shankr pali…..kupch mst zalya…..kharch mazi 1 st divali ahe ani me 1st try khup khush sarv…thnakx thankx.,…..love u tai….@

  2. Anita Kalhatkar

    Mi same method use keli khup Chan zalyat shankarpalya Mi Pahili vegli method use krt hote sure nvte hya method LA mhnun tya pramanatch kelya Ata Prt krnar khup Avdlya ghrchyana

  3. Vandana Mutkule

    3kilo maida chya Shankarpali ch prman sangu shkata ka tumhi?ki tumhi sangitlel cup ch praman use kru shakto apan First time hya step ne banvli pn taste itki sundar ali ahe khup tasty zalya, thanks tai share this recipe

  4. Snehal Hodage

    मी आताच तुम्ही सांगितल्या प्रमाणे शंकरपाळी केली मस्त झाल्या आहेत सगळ्यांना खूप आवडल्या

    मधुरा ताई thank you

  5. Vishal Mahajan

    धन्यवाद ताई तुमी सांगितल्या प्रमाणे आम्ही आज घरी try केल्या ,खूप मस्त झालेत, शंकरपाळी एक्दम krispy हॉटेल सारख्या👍👍

  6. Sachin Gaikwad

    Hii mam, tumchya recipes khup chhan astat. Mazya shankarpalyanche peeth thode kami sweet sale aahe, tar pithat warun pithi sakhar gjatali tar chalel kaa. Mrs. Nayana

  7. Manisha Ravan

    मी तुमची रेसिपी करुन बघीतली 💖👌👌👌👌 मस्त जमली रंग तर इतका छान आला आहे की माझा मलाच खुप छान वाटतं आहे.फक्त एकच की तुम्ही 3 1/2 कप मैदा घेतलात , मला साडेचार कप मैदा लागला. पण मस्त जमली शंकरपाळी

  8. Shubhangi Bhosale

    शंकरपाळी साखर जास्त झाली तर तेलात विरघळत असतील काय करावे

  9. Pranali Dingankar

    माझी ही पहीली दिवाळी आहे मी शंकरपाळी बनवली खुप छान झाली thank you tai

  10. Vaibhav Godase

    These video is upload 3 years ago but I tried to make Shankar Pali in first time in this Diwali

    मला काही पण बनवायचे असले तर मी तुमचे चॅनेल वर बघतो ताई, तुम्ही खूप सोप्प्या पद्धतीने सांगतात

  11. Amol Ambekar

    Happy Diwali Madhura Ji!!! तुम्हाला आणि तुमच्या घरातील सर्व सदस्यांना दिवाळी च्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा!!!!

  12. Swati Shinde/jadhav

    ताई दुध तूप साखर चे मिश्रण थंड झाल्यावर मळायचे का

  13. Shravan Penti

    Hats off indian gruhini 1 cha number. Jar ka mala 1 kilo maidya che shankar pali karayachi asel tar mala tup ani dudh kiti lagel.please response my comments

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