[맛객리우/ENG] 리슐랭 서울 뷔페 TOP.5 (SEOUL BUFFET RANKING TOP.5)

Hello, Seorins*!!!! Liwoo’s back.
*abb. Liwoo Seo’s kids I recorded a video about Seoul buffet rankings many of you requested. The title is Michelin Seoul Buffet TOP.5 Buffet food and its mood could vary depending on your visiting time or season, so some of you who actually visited any place might think differently than I do. I edited this video based on the food and how I felt when I visited each place. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, I hope you guys don’t take my rankings too seriously and enjoy watching, just considering it as a point of reference before you visit the place. Before starting the video, the buffets I visited in Seoul are VIKING’S WHARF in Jamsil 6 dong, The Market Kitchen in Four Seasons Hotel, 63 Buffet Pavilion, The Parkview in Shilla Hotel, Aria in The Westin Chosun Hotel, La Seine in Lotte Hotel in sogong-dong, The Garden Kitchen in The Riverside Hotel, Playbuzz in JW Marriott Hotel, Le Meridien in Chef’s Palette Seoul, and Food Exchange in Seoul Dragon City, a total of 10 places! I still have more to go and already made some reservations, Ummm.. But I can’t upload a video about rankings if I wait until then, can I? Then, let’s start with the #5 restaurant. TOP. 5 The top fifth place is Aria in the Westin Chosun Hotel. The price is 119,000 won* during weekends,
*99.17 USD and the service hours are an hour and 50 minutes for lunch and 2 hours for dinner. It was 114,000 won* until this February, but it rose a little.
*95 USD I went for Lunch part 1 starting at 11:30 on Saturday, I can say that it was the quietest hotel buffet with the least number of customers I’ve ever been to The place wasn’t big, and there weren’t many dishes either I think because they cook in front of the customers. Aria buffet!!! Then I am usually reminded of warm steamed snow crab. It’s so popular that they ran out of it very quick but I liked that they also restocked them very soon. Snow crab had so much meat and was seasoned perfectly as well as a little bit sweet. Abalones were also soft and didn’t smell fishy. Overall, it had good seafood. Sushi and sashimi were like that as well. As I looked up the reviews, people say that they make sushi as you order. But when I was there, four pieces on a plate were already made and displayed. They tasted soso. For meat-wise, the lamb chops and LA Galbi were so flavorful, while the beef steak was just ordinary. I was surprised by Singapore Chili crab first because of its huge size, second for so much meat, and third because of its freshness. It was so tasteful. The Chinese food section next to it had about 7 types of dishes which had heart in and was so delicious. Other than that, there were Tandoori chickens Samosa, Cumin rice and curry, and so on, like Indian dishes. There were Korean dishes and Udon on the spot, but they were just ordinary. Their desserts and fruits were above the average. As of coffee, if you want ice coffee, 7,000 won* is added to the cost.
*5.83 USD Sodas are like that as well. Here is a tip! Ask for a cup of ice and pour your cup of espresso. Then, that’s your cup of americano. I personally think it might be perfect to bring parents here to Aria buffet. Even when I was there, most of the customers were as a unit of family with kids or parents rather than couples or with friends. I liked the fact that I could just eat without noise or any thinking process to decide the menu. TOP. 4 The #4 place is the Market Kitchen in Four Seasons Hotel. It says it’s 118,000 won* during weekends, which increased a little bit more than when I went.
*98.33 USD I got there for 110,000 won* on a Friday this January,
*91.67 USD but it was still 115,000 won* for weekends, but it’s currently 118,000 won increased by 3,000 won*.
*95.83 USD / 2.50 USD The Market Kitchen has a great lighting and unique floor tiles. FYI, It’s been half a year since I visited the place. I went to the Market Kitchen to make a video about comparing with VIKING’S WHARF, an all-you-can-eat buffet. As you look at other videos about the Market Kitchen, most of them compare it with VIKING’S WHARF. At that time, considering some of the branches, I’ve been told VIKING’S WHARF is better. But, after I’ve been to lots of buffets, I thought the Market Kitchen deserves a higher ranking than VIKING’S WHARF, so I chose the Market Kitchen as the #4. Their meat was overall smooth and delicious. They cook only a few lobsters in advance, so they might or might not have them when you go. If there is none, they ask you to come back in a few minutes. After a few times, it was embarrassing to ask them for more lobsters later. However, the lobsters were the most fresh ever. It made me think ‘Yes, this is the lobster!’ Other than the lobsters, other seafood is served cold. They have lobster claws separately and serve snow crab cold, But regardless, the snow crab was fresh and delicious. I was disappointed by the quality of sushi and sashimi though. The amount of rice and the fish texture were disappointing I think because sushi was made on the spot at the previous place. The scallops and clams were dry. Scallops were edible because it is chubby itself but the clams were ……(not great) It’s smoked salmon that just came out. The color is so great. Earlier, I said meat is great here. Lamb chops, steaks, LA Galbi, everything was perfectly awesome. The lamb chops were so tender that I could just remove the meat from the bone by hand. The ratio of meat to fat was perfect. As of steak, I could smell the unique marinated scent you can smell from a professional steak place. I definitely look like I was enjoying the food. Rice noodles, Malatang noodles, and Udon are also made on the spot as you order. Their brick oven pizza with a thin dough and lots of cheese was so delicious, And the chicken was so awesome as well. I’ve been told a lot that the Market Kitchen is well known for their desserts. They were good, but not as much as their popularity. Fruits were okay. There were more desserts like tarts and cookie cakes things behind. Lots of people took pictures in front of this chocolate fall. So I took one as well. The ice cream was so thick and delicious. As of coffee or tea, you can just order to the staff, then they would bring you some. There wasn’t any extra cost for getting iced one. I thought food from the Market Kitchen had too much seasoning, and I also read some of reviews about it. It wasn’t bothering me that much, so I enjoyed the overall experience. I think it seems friends or couples like this place. There are also some photo zones because of its beautiful interior design. It’s a good place to take pictures for memories. TOP. 3 The #3 place is La Seine in Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel. I mentioned the exact district not to confuse you because there is another one in Jamsil-dong Lotte Hotel. The price is 118,000 won, and the service hour is for 2 hours. I went there in the evening, so its lighting looked more splendid. I’ve had breakfast here before, but the mood is definitely different.(The evening mood is better.) If you like, I’d like to recommend the window seat in the evening. This is mushroom cream soup for soothing my stomach before the meal. It has a little bit of truffle oil. Wow.. it’s so delicious. Its strong but soft scent made me feel good. It would beat the mushroom soup from Outback. If you start with this soup, you would be pumped up for the rest of experience in La Seine. They cook only lobster tails. It has a chili sauce next to it, so you can just bring them together. This well-cooked white lobster looks like it has cheese on top. If you cook lobster well, it comes off of the shell well like this, but there are some that don’t, so I would say this is hit and miss. Its flavor and scent weren’t that strong, and it was edible. Snow crab here is also served cold. It didn’t have a salty and sweet taste maybe because they might have thawed them out under water for a long time. Most places usually made cuts on top of each joint for the customers to eat more conveniently, but this place didn’t. It was too much work to go get scissors, so I tried to do it on my own strength One of the staff saw me struggling with it and brought scissors to me. This colorful dish is Bruschetta. It’s an appetizer consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with various ingredients. I thought this would be good with smoked salmon, so I piled them up. There were so many variations, and almost everything was delicious. Of course, it’s way better with salmon. Now it’s the sushi section. You tell them how much and which sushi you’d like to eat. Then, they make your order on the spot right away. It had the perfect amount of rice and a great texture of fish. Sashimi order is also proceeded in the same manner. Then, they immediately cut sliced fish. This amazing looking meat is roast beef. It looked amazing but didn’t taste great. The meat was too tough 🙁 This is an Italian traditional pork barbeque called Porchetta. The video doesn’t show you the ingredients well, but this is a snail dish with onions. Steamed oxtail Steamed monkfish with pepper paste There are various fritters that seemed fried with clean oil. These are ginko and garlics to help me digest and balance out the greasiness. After this soft lamb chop, I could say I tried almost every type of meat. There are Indian dishes in La Seine as well. You can taste garlic naan rubbed with honey, thin shrimp curry, and tandoori salmon, not tandoori chicken, as well. As of Chinese dishes, there are Tangsuyuk, Fried rice, Beef pepper japchae, Mango shrimp with great sauce, and steamed fish dish. Let’s eat them all. There was nutritious rice, so I had lots of Korean dishes after all these times. The raw beef and Geotjeori were delicious as well. I don’t usually eat vegetables or herbs, but I enjoyed them all on that day. I made Bun cha, a Vietnamese dish, and had Jianbing, a Chinese crepes, for the first time in my life. After eating them all and the steamed dish without any oil, wrap it up with dessert. Cakes are almost out. If you tell the staff what you want, they get you the cake you want. Don’t you think this situation is like when you ask for a jewelry you want at a jewelry shop, and the staff take it out and give it to you for trying them on. As of coffee, hot kinds are free and iced one is 8,000 won*.
*6.67 USD The cake tasted good, and the Crème brulee of which caramelized sugar is the key point was amazing as well. Interestingly, it came out warm. I had only cold one. The ice cream was thick, and you can choose any topping. Honestly, when I tried to rank top 3 Seoul buffets, I originally ranked Aria higher than La Seine. I put my focus on the steamed snow crab because I love snow crab so much. However, the menu of La Seine outnumbered the one of Lotte Hotel, so I decided to change the rank. Although lobsters and snow crab from La Seine, my favorites, were a little bit disappointing. I chose La Seine as the #3 because most of the dishes were above the average, the mood of the place was nice, and above all the staff’s kindness was really impressive. It’s not that often to see each member of the staff even for cooking is nice. It was the moment I rather appreciated for their kindness. Their smile makes the memory of visiting with a significant other on a great day, that moment, better memory. TOP. 2 The #2 place is the Parkview in Shilla Hotel. The price for weekends is 118,000 won*.
*98.33 USD I went for Dinner part 1 at 5 in the evening, but there were so many people to get in even before 5. The seats were already assigned when making a reservation. So it’s not like you get in early and first come first served. How can I say… You know psychologically, everyone is getting in line, so I was in line unknowingly. The place was so big that there were separate rooms. It’s hard to get food as you enter since it can accommodate a lot of customers. The line is super long. Tuan, snapper, salmon Kuruma prawn an so on, all the fish for sashimi looked so fresh. There is a mountain of snow crab, a signature of the Parkview. Its plating is so brilliant that it definitely draws attention to itself. The staff immediately makes soy sauce and wasabi for sushi. A single person makes, so it takes a while, but it has her heart in it. She makes sushi right away on the spot. There are whitespotted conger, steamed shrimp, tuna, and olive flounder. The sushi was okay, and white-spotted conger sushi was novel. It was kind of crumbly, but I liked it. It was awesome that I could have three kuruma prawns at once, which I personally love. The yield of snow crab wasn’t great, and It didn’t have a strong flavor as much as I expected. This was disappointing, but other parts were amazing enough to make up for the shortcomings. A dish of clam chowder with puff pastry comes out per person. They bring it to you. The chewy pastry with delicate fragrance of Korean wormwood was so savory. In order to fill up my stomach, I went to the Chinese section to get beef wild chives fried rice, Tangsuyuk, Kansho shrimp, Malaysian fried crab, Guangdong steamed oxtail, and Beijing duck It has only delicious food. The meat section is next to the Chinese section. Fried chicken thighs were so tender and delicious. LA galbi’s sweet and salty seasoning was amazing. I got 4 giant shrimps I love. I didn’t really expect anything from the steak, but it was actually cooked enough, tender, and yummy. There isn’t usually much meat on ox tail but it’s fun to get meat off the bone. I liked the entire meat section overall. I don’t usually eat dim sum in a buffet, but it’s so chubby and chewy here enough to get bounced off the teeth while chewing. It’s seasoned enough and has a interesting texture, so I think I ate more. (Sweet potato cheese balls) (macha coconut fries) Japchae* was the most delicious Korean dish here.
*Korean food(mixed dish of boiled bean threads, stir-fried vegetables, and shredded meat) You know it’s the most inconvenient dish to cook, right? The ingredients in it were fresh and seasoned properly. The bouncy glass noodles combined with the nutty fragrance of sesame oil were so great. It’s so popular that it ran out fast. This is a live section where they cook Vietnamese rice noodle, Black noodles, and Sachun bibim noodles. I was too full to eat any, which was disappointing. In the section of western dishes, there are pizza, pasta, and gnocchi Gnocchi was really good, so I thought about going to a professional gnocchi place. There are thick gratin, Italian eggplant fries, and grilled tuna gills. Now it’s time for desserts. All fruits were so sweet perfectly. There were many various desserts. The cake was so tasty, but as I walked out I saw they were selling it for 67,000 won*. (OMG)
*55.83 USD I loved that the overall desserts were awesome. This chocolate souffle wasn’t as sweet or greasy as I expected. It was a fancy sweet taste, so I loved it so much. I added a little bit of espresso, which was just perfect. If you change to ice coffee, you have to pay 5,000 won*
*4.17 USD The Parkview in Shilla Hotel. It was just as satisfying as its fame and my expectation along with it. TOP. 1 The number 1 restaurant is! Playbuzz in JW Marriott Hotel. It’s 130,000 won* for weekends, which is more expensive than any great buffet in South Korea.
*108.33 USD There wasn’t any discount for weekends when I went, But thanks to the support from you, they initiated 10% discount when making a reservation through NAVER this August. Sadly, the weekend discount ended on August, but they said they would continue Naver reservation discount from Monday to Thursday until November, so keep it in mind! JW Marriott Hotel renewed in 2018 has a dark and simple interior design with a high ceiling that was stood out as I walked in. It’s also located near Seoul Express Bus Terminal, so the transportation is great too. As you go upstairs using the escalator, you would see Playbuzz. Here where you can see from the entrance is #1 to #10 seat, The table was big, and the chair was also comfy, so it was really comfortable to have a meal there. You can sit here if you select as you make a reservation. Also, if you sit on this table, this special person comes and passes on tips for enjoying the experience here. He is ‘Mr. Busulnam’ which means a man who explains about the buffet. He explains about today’s recommended menu and well-suited food combinations In Playbuzz, they also serve only lobster tails. The taste is similar to the one from La Seine in Lotte Hotel. They have a great taste when they give more eels than rice for a bowl of rice covered with eels next to the lobsters. Other than the grilled lobsters, there are chili lobsters. I liked the chili lobster seasoned more than the grilled lobsters, but on the second visit, they didn’t have any of chili lobsters. I asked why they didn’t have any, an they said it depends on the situation. They didn’t have the section of eel rice, It’s not like they don’t have eel at all, but they had a bigger section for eels rubbed with sauce in the Korean dishes section. If you want rice with eel, you can simply get a bowl of rice and eat with eels. There were big grilled abalone as well. I saw Shrimp in lemon mayonnaise sauce. The chubby shrimps and the sauce were so great together. Now I came here to have some meat. There are lots of sauce. LA galbi sauce was great, the meat wasn’t tough. It was just great. This is grilled lamb shoulder and didn’t have any gamey smell. The ratio of fat to meat was similar to the one of lamb galbi from the Market Kitchen in Four Seasons Hotel. (grilled shrimps) (Grilled Pork Rib ends) Since they cooked the meat right in front of you, it must smell like it, but I couldn’t smell any. They maybe use a strong power of ventilator. Ribeye roll was too tough, so I didn’t like it much. I liked this seasoned pork because it was marinated well. This Gratin had the interesting smell of blue cheese and thick sauce. This is called rigatoni gratin, and you can go get it 5 minutes after you ordered. The rigatoni pasta absorbed the sauce, so if you eat them together, it’s so savory. The snow crab here comes in a steamer like from Aria in Chosun Hotel They made cuts at the joints, and the crab was warm, so of course, it tasted so great. There is eel soup next to the crab. The soup boiled for a long time made me feel like I am getting healthy. The scallops as big as the palm can be ordered across from the lobster section by asking the people to cook to eat it warm. You can go get it 5 minutes after you ordered. I try not to drink any water or beverage when I eat at a buffet If I really have to drink something, drink carbonated water to clear the stomach. That’s because as the liquid enters, you feel full and satisfied. This is a small tip to eat a lot at a buffet. There are smoked Japanese sea bass next to smoked salmon. Mr. Busulnam recommended today they have great white fish sashimi, so here I am. White fish, tuna, and salmon, three types of fish were displayed like this. I just wanted the white fish, so I requested for some. There are three types like sea bass, snapper, and olive flounder The quality is just as good as in professional aged sashimi places. It doesn’t taste like live fish sashimi from a sea market, but it was great flavor of aged sashimi. It was the most delicious sashimi ever from buffets. I am going to try salmon more deliciously. Put salmon on top of the lettuce. Put onions, capers, and cream sauce next. Lastly put hot sauce which would improve the flavor multiple times. Now this is salmon with lettuce wrap with which you can taste lots of flavors. The chef just bakes breads and pizza in front of you. The pizza dough is so chewy, and it has lots of toppings, so it was yummy. (if you put rice galbi on top of it, it is a rice galbi pizza.) (pepper paste pork belly) (steamed oxtail) The Korean dishes ranged from light porridge to chicken and seafood soup, which is a health food. The chicken and seafood soup had shrimps and abalone that pretends being a lobster, and chicken. The flavor of the soup was closer to seasoned beef bone soup rather than the flavor of medicinal herbs you can taste from a professional chicken and seafood soup place. It’s so savory, and the soup is so potent. If you put rice in it and eat with salted seafood, that would be the most satisfying meal. Not many Chinese dishes were here, but they were totally going for the quality by using priceless ingredients such as tenderloin and wild pine. There are various desserts. There were two types of crepes and various kinds of cakes and cookies. Among those, I loved the combination of crepe and ice cream. I think it’s all up to ourselves to eat very deliciously even with the same types of food. In Playbuzz, Mr. Busulnam helps with that part. You can order coffee at your table. You can change to ice one for free, and take-out is even possible. Now I have revealed my TOP.5 Seoul buffet. I don’t know it’s because I’ve been to lots of hotel buffets, but all TOP.5 restaurants are hotel buffets. Honestly, I had to think a lot for #1 and #2 The Parkview… or Playbuzz… But why did I choose Playbuzz as the number 1? It was refreshing that someone next to you tells you great tips and the seats have enough space, so it’s convenient. As of the Parkview, the seat for two people is so narrow. In addition, Playbuzz wasn’t the hustle and bustle, so I liked it more. Thanks to you guys supporting me and watching my channel, I was able to do this buffet tour. I will look for more places and explore, and will direct a video about cost effective buffet rankings. Please recommend others my videos. Then, thank you for spending delicious time with me today.

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  14. 송원영

    제 개인적으로는 롯데가 1위.. 처음으로 10만원 이상 급 뷔페였던 신라호텔은 오도로.. 빼고는 어지간한 뷔페에서 먹을수 있는 퀼리티라 실망했는데 기대않고 갔던 롯데호텔뷔페는 음식이 다 퀼리티 높고 좋았었던..


    좋은 영상 감사합니다. 내년에 한국에 갈 때 많은 도움이 될 거 같습니다. 뷔페(여기선 버파이라고 발음)명이 다 영어라서 발음에 조금 신경쓰시면 더 고급질 듯 합니다. 바이킹 스워프보다는 바이킹스 워프, 플레이 버즈보다는 플레이버 스, 이런 식으로 띄어서  발음하시는게 좋으실 듯 합니다. 우리 아이들이 플레이 버즈(놀자 새들아!)라고 하시니까 엄청 웃었습니다. 기분 나빠하지 마시길 부탁드리며… 항상 좋은 영상 기대합니다. 호주에서…

  16. 김뚜진

    호텔뷔페는 이렇게 10만원이 넘는 뷔페도 있고
    6~8만원 사이에 뷔페도 있어요
    나름 먹을만 하고 그냥 가성비 호텔뷔페라고 생각하는데 나중에 시간되신다면 중저가호텔뷔페도 부탁드려요 ㅎㅎ
    노보텔이나 쉐라톤도 먹을만 하고 예약도 편해서 자주 가요

  17. Painted Bird

    오직 한국 부페에서만 그러니까 세상 어느 부페에서 도 먹지 못하는 한가지, 가장 매혹적인 음식 "여기에 밥을 말아 서 젓갈과 같이 먹으면" 저는 완전 죽음 입니다.
    젓갈과 말은 밥은 정말 매혹적인 음식 입니다. 세상 어디에도 그보다 맛있는것은 없다 자신 합니다. 젓갈과 말은 밥. ㅎㅎㅎ

  18. 친일파척결단

    2주전에 플레이버즈 다녀왔는데요 양고기도 별로였고 랍스터도 아무맛도없고 칠리랍스터 없답니다 대게도 아무맛도없고
    육회없었어요.장어덮밥도 없고
    숙성회와 가리비만 맛있었어요.
    대체적으로 별로더라고요.
    시티카드는 10% 할인해줍니다.
    랍스터.디저트는 더마켓키친이
    훨씬 나아요.

  19. Lyida Kim

    너무너무 좋아요!♡♡♡ 예산이 넉넉하지 않으니 한두곳 정도밖에 못가보는데. 고르는데 너무 도움이 됩니다. 감사합니다!!

  20. 강성우

    개인적으로 부모님 환갑생신 어쩌까 하고 머리싸매고 고민중이었는데 맛객리우님 영상보고 뭔가 굉장히 시원하게 풀린 느낌이에요~^^
    개인적으로 신선한 영상 정말 감사드립니다~^^

  21. Rosé Royalthschild

    라센느는 항상 갈때마다 별로던데.. 저번 크리스마스때도 명동근처인김에 다시한번가볼까 해서 가봤는데 여전히 별로.. 시간이 늦었어서 그런가 정말 먹을게 없어똔거 같은 느낌이였어여..

  22. Young Park

    감사합니다. 저희는 미국에서 가는대 꼭 플리버스 가 보고 싶네요.. 너무나 재밌고 차분하게 설명해 주시는 설명 정말 고맙습니다.

  23. 김지현

    여기서 구독 누르고 갑니다. 맛표현이 솔직해서 좋고 호텔뷔페 스시집 등등 궁금한 곳을 잘 가시는거 같아 좋습니다.

  24. 내딸50서영이

    13만원 1년에한번 크리스마스 시즌때 가면되겠내요 역시 우리나라에서 원탑은 리우누나가 1위로 선정한 플레이버즈 라고 생각합니다 저도 뷔페 막상가면 먹을게없어서 아 아웃백이나 갈껄할때 되게많은데 음식종류가 많은것보다 흔하게 먹을수없는 해신탕이나 장어코스요리 중국소고기 요리 송어구이 농어 양고기세트 소꼬리침 이런걸로 승부하는 플레이버즈가 최고인것같아요 나중에 꼭한번 가봐야겠내요 초대박이다 13만원 엄청비싸지만 13만원 값어치 충분히하고도 남는것같습니다 특히 가장좋은건 오늘의메뉴를 소개해주는
    부설남이 있어서 최고내요 굿

  25. 황지우

    지방에 살아서 실제 가볼수 있는 기회가 없는데~~영상 보면서 직접 테이블에 앉아 먹는 기분으로 봤어요~
    목소리가 좋아서 더 더 만족스러웠 습니다~~^^ 잘 먹고 갑니다~

  26. イズラブラオニャ

    몇년전까지만 해도 푸아구라(오리간)가 있어 좋았는데
    없어져서 슬퍼요…..
    맞아요. 더파크뷰는 2인석이 너무 좁아요.
    지난 번 어머니 칠순 때 예약을 해서 몇칠 후 예약 확인 할 때에 2인석에 배정했다길래
    기겁을 해서 2인석은 절대 싫다. 창가쪽 아닌 건 괜찮은데
    2인석은 자리 좁고 싫다고 말해서 넓은 좌석 받았어요.
    2인좌석은 정말.. 테이블에 여유가… 없어서….

  27. 우머

    맛객리우님. 회,초밥에 가장 중점을 둔다면 어디가 1위인가요? 큰맘먹고 한번 가려는 학생인데 너무 고민돼요!!

  28. 오발주 TV

    그랜드앰배서더-풀만 다킹스랑 푸드익스체인지 더마켓키친최고~~ 신라 롯데 라세느 더럽게 맛없음!! 1년에 호텔뷔페 매일 먹는 사람임!

  29. 블랙몽키

    1. 더뷔페 2.아리아 3.더마켓 4.파크뷰 5.라센느
    가 좋았던더 같네요~
    JW메리어트 아직 안가봤는데 꼭 가봐야겠네요.

  30. 바하라

    뷔페에서 판매하는 주류 종류도 소개가 같이되면 좋겠네요
    그리고 음식종류가 주중과 주말, 오전, 오후가 다른지도 알려주시면 도움이 되겠습니다

  31. 이혜정

    리우님 영상 보고 저도 다녀와봤어요!!
    먹방 여행으로 많이 가는 대만 호텔 뷔페 편도 찍어주셨으면 좋겠어요!!

  32. 내가 원하는 삶

    저 이 영상 보고 예약하려니 이미 대부분 마감되었네요. 또 12월엔 가격이 1만원 ~3만원 더 비싸집니다. ㅠㅠ 연말 크리스마스 즈음 엄마 생신 축하 가족 모임 가려했는데 가격도 그렇고 시간도 너무 늦은 시간 (일요일 2부만 남았네요ㅠㅠ) 이라 저희는 서울 다녀오기엔 너무 늦고 멀어서 결국 동네 5만원 미만의 부페로 예약 했답니다. 나중에 가성비 좋은 일반 동네 부페도 리뷰 부탁드립니다.

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