🇮🇳 Cheap and Best Hotel in Jaipur | Nahar Singh Haveli | Tamil Vlog

A4F: I am fine, How are you?
Man: If you are fine then we are fine A4F: What’s the name of the Hotel?
Man: Nahar Singh Haveli A4F: Where is this located?
Man: Bhani Park A4F: What kind of Rooms do you have?
Man: Semi-Deluxe, Deluxe, Super-Deluxe, Royal-Super-Deluxe A4F: Well what is the difference?
Man: Amenities will differ A4F: What is the starting Price?
Man: 600 INR, 800 INR, 1200 INR, 1500 INR A4F: How long are you running this Hotel?
Man: Since 1956 A4F. and you are renovating everything?
Man: Yes, we do renovate every year let’s check the room now look at the lighting so it’s really
awesome and we can see some historic paintings on the walls its too much decorated and you can find the dolls in every room in front of the door
that’s quite amazing let’s go back to see some rooms we have a perfect lobby here in the reception which is quite good so here we have some luxurious look as
you can see they have invested a lot look at these guys it’s really amazing that light that’s the thing, look at this
Oh I like the Lighting’s very much here it’s simple paintings but after all the
invested a lot let’s go see some rooms here, Wow! so I got the room 205 and we have a man
I think it’s a manly room but we will ask why they put dolls and everything in
front of the room and this is the room actually we have a nice king-size bed we
have an a/c we have an additional fan so if you want some kitchen service you
can have your food here right now and there’s a menu I ordered Veg Biriyani and its very colorful I am feeling the smell of Pulao Rice tastes like Fried Rice and is not Spicy and now we have here Egg Pakora Egg Pakora with Chaat Masala is good and now I have a Panner Parantha I think with Panner they added Chaat Masala and I can feel the spices and it is good and let’s see the view, here have lot of
trees can’t see much and let’s go see the bathroom
I think they provide for every room kind of slippers like this. This is the
bathroom it’s quite simple and decent no stinky smell nothing we have a shower
right now here and they are providing a soap there is a small mirror
air freshener and room freshener and you can see the ventilator we have an Indian
toilet of course we have also the toilet paper if a foreigner needs it we have
two towels here and we have a bucket and mug or whatever you call it’s quite
decent and we have a mirror so once you are going out of the room to visit the
city you can look at how you look yeah and that’s the room so we got an opportunity to show one more room in this floor and it will be Room 305 it’s quite fancy and it’s kind of
vintage type see the room again the trees and again you can see the slippers
over here menu card and here looks quite similar even the room number 3:05 right
now where I’m standing and we have again the mirror and that’s quite similar with
the rooms so that’s it with 305 and we have some interiors also over here which
is quite good oh this is quite amazing we have a
bell here they are working I think soon you
will find some rooms or I don’t know whatever but something will come they are working on it so right now we are in the rooftop it’s a kind of restaurant here
you can see wow that’s that’s cool here that’s the best part I can see can just
relax and enjoy over here watching the city view so we are in Jaipur so you can’t expect
much like you are watching the city from the fort but in middle of the city all
you can see is less the buildings but it’s good for a summer time to chill out
relax and everything but somehow they are selling
lassies and some kind of drinks which you can afford and yeah
as I said with friends and family it’s a good place to enjoy in evening not in
the hot weather in the afternoon have lot of ways to book this Hotel, I
think this will be a best option for Jaipur A4F: Why is the city called as PINK CITY?

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