Hey guys, it’s Dani. And today is day 30 of the
food styling challenge. We made it! Today we’re talking
all about slow cookers. So let’s jump in and share
our best tips and tricks. Tip number one is add fresh vegetables. Just because your slow cooker dish looks kind of all cooked
and mushy at the end doesn’t mean that that’s
how you have to style it. It’s totally okay to take
some extra vegetables, blanch them, and add them into your dish if you’re trying to make
it look photo-worthy. People want it to look delicious. They understand that it’s not necessarily gonna come out looking just like yours. So blanch some veggies
and then once you add them into the dish, you’re gonna
wanna take a little paint brush. And take that paint brush in and just brush on some of the sauce that you’ve already
made in the slow cooker. That’s gonna make them
look like they blend in a little bit better while still giving you those beautiful pops of color. Tip number two is use a slow cooker liner. These are amazing. If you’re wanting to
take a shot actually in your slow cooker and show
that for your blog post, you’re gonna wanna make sure that your slow cooker is super clean. Otherwise it looks really gross and messy. But they inherently get dirty. So use a slow cooker liner, then pull the whole thing
out once you’re done and pour it back into the slow cooker. And then take your pictures. Way easier than sitting there
and scrubbing baked on food off of your slow cooker every time. Tip number three is make it interesting. Add some cilantro, add some
kind of color to your dish somewhere in there, even
if it doesn’t necessarily look that way, add a little
bit of pop of color in there. It really does need it. The other thing you can do to add interest to a slow cooker shot is to use a ladle. You can scoop out the food and still have it in the same frame. Pull that ladle right up
to the front of your camera and get a close up there,
while still capturing the fact that it was in a slow cooker. And finally, tip number four, is just take it out of the slow cooker. If it looks awful in the slow cooker don’t feel like you have to style it in the slow cooker just because
its’ a slow cooker dish. It’s very easy to take it out and style it just like any
other dish that you would do. You can add all kinds of
different colorful toppings and if you wanted to, you could even just toss the
slow cooker in the background so that you can really
communicate to your readers that it is indeed a slow cooker dish. Thanks for watching guys. I hope that was helpful. If it was, leave me a comment
below and let me know that. And also let me know
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