🛎Must try French toast recipe better than brunch cafe | Pumpkin flavor【En】

Pumpkin Pumpkin, Egg Pumpkin, Egg, Butter Untie a pumpkin Cutting off both sides Then cut it in half Some water for steaming Let’s prepare toast dipping My favorite part while cooking Blending Milk Salt Cooling down pumpkin Pressing it blending it Let toasts well soak with mixing Let butter dancing on pan Time to put the first toast Getting brownish ^■^ Ready to eat Serving with Honey Fork is extra lol Delicious A good recipe worthly for share Pumpkin do makes toast much
gourmet Happy time always going so fast Here’s the last bite Mmmmm unforgettable tasty food Today I have apple as dessert An apple a day
keeps the doctor away A nice fruit for every choice Especially I only have toast
today WHAT !! Oh~ where are you going Going to finish Hope you guys enjoy
cooking and eating with me If you did. Don’t forget subscribe the
channel and giving a thumbs up. Looking forward seeing you
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