10 EURO GREEK STREET FOOD Tour in ATHENS: Where to Eat in Athens Greece

Good morning. Good morning, everyone So this video we are going to do something different That’s right. So Athens has a lot of great cheap eats in the city So we’re gonna do gonna take you on a tour of a lot of classic street foods here in Athens But the catch? We’re only gonna spend 10 euros altogether. So let’s see what we can get for just 10 Euros. Excited. It’s too early. Bright and early Yes, we’re ready for breakfast. So our first stop here is gonna be for one of the most popular street foods here in Athens It’s called koulouri. You may remember the koulouri from our Greek food episode in Queens We’ll link that up in the card. Probably gonna do it a few times in this episode But we’re actually at the source where most of the koulouri in Athens are sourced from. It’s called To Koulouri Tou Psyrri So this is the factory for the koulouri. We smell it from down the block. It smells amazing. Oh we’re starving. Let’s go Oh my god This spot so you see they have all the motorbike deliveries that have the little box in the back to deliver to all the stalls around the city. The vast majority come from here. So let’s take that bite Did not expect how crunchy that bite was. Really totally different from like the one that we had in New York. This spot is open 24 hours a day They’re making these all day long making them fresh. That’s why we came to the source. And the cost for this It’s only 0.50 € for this. It’s a classic Greek breakfast to go with your coffee. That’s where we’re gonna head next We’re gonna get some freddo espresso. Need it. Need freddo espresso badly. It is just What 7:00 o’clock in the morning on Sunday morning here in Athens. We have been in Greece for a little over a week and today we are spending more than 24 hours in Athens. That’s right. So Athens has a lot of significance for me. I have family here. I’ve been here many times over the years I love this city. There’s a certain energy to it. It’s got the history the graffiti and importantly, some awesome food. That’s what we’re gonna focus on today Alright, so this is my first time in Greece. Second time in Athens Greg is going to take me to one of his favorite breakfasts That’s right So this is very special. It’s a spot called Peinirli Ionias. So peinirli is – if you’re familiar with pide like the Turkish bread and it’s also similar to the Georgian khachapuri So it does have roots in Asia Minor. You know there’s a lot of history. We may not go into all of it and it’s a very interesting controversial difficult history. But there were a lot of Greeks in the Asia Minor near Constantinopoli (Istanbul) So Ionias is a Black Sea region. So the peinirli is a freshly baked bread with different toppings, different stuff. We’re gonna see what we’re gonna get here really good They’re only open here for a limited amount of time about 8:30 to 5:00. So we’re here nice and early. Yess let’s do it So we got here, we got our peinirli. So it’s shaped like a boat This one looks very similar like a pide or a khachapuri So it’s beautiful. This one has soutzouki which is a cured beef. And there’s a cheese inside as well. And on the outside, she brushed some butter on there That’s why it’s glistening here in the light. And she threw in the oven to make it extra warm Feels very sturdy crispy. I can’t even talk about it anymore, let’s just bite right into this. That soutzouki comes out right away It’s got kind of a cuminy, almost pastrami like flavor too. And that cheese adds a little bit of funk to it But the star of the show here is that dough. They put a high attention to detail and focus on the quality of this dough. Big fan of pizza, you know we have a lot of pizza videos. You can check them right up here too, we’ll link them up there. With pizza, you have to have a great appreciation for the dough and the flavor of the dough So I really want to take a good bite of the dough in this peinirli by itself Oh it has a lovely sourdough flavor to it. Not overwhelming, but you can really if you let it sit on your tongue for a little while. You can taste those pick up that sourdough. Aw We love sourdough bread sourdough pizza. So just tasting this here it just – it takes it to another level. And then you blend that with the cheese and the soutzouki and then the butter brushed on the outside. This is just. How can you go wrong for 2.70€? You can’t. That hole structure It’s amazing – it’s just perfectly crisp. They’re just making these fresh all day long. That’s the beauty with a spot like this. They’re not open 12 hours a day. They’re open from 8:30 in the morning. 8:00 8:30 in the morning until about 5:00 5:30 in the afternoon. So They’re focusing on the quality It’s great stuff right here. Wow What’s awesome about this place? They’re making everything by hand. So you see they’re patting out that dough. They’re shaping it up They’re putting the toppings on. You see all the bags of flour there. It’s a really high attention to detail. We love it And it shows in the quality of the peinirli. It is delicious So if you love something like pizza or anything baked with some cheese And meat, or even with some veggies. They do veggie toppings too. Come to Peinirli Ionias You will not be disappointed So we are here at one of the most grittiest parts of Athens per local and tourists. That’s right So we are here at Omononia. Omononia has a notorious reputation in Athens, but they also are known for having two incredible places. That’s gonna be our next two stops for today They serve two of the best of what they offer in the whole city. Maybe the whole country too? All right, so we’re outside of our next stop. It’s called Lefteris o Politis So Lefteris means Victor in Greek and O Politis means from Constantinopoli. So the interesting thing is it is a souvlaki spot right here It’s not the typical souvlaki you might think of. Like the kalamaki on the stick style. Totally different We’re gonna show you exactly what it is. It’s one of my favorite places here. I came three times on my last visit to Athens. That is the best (it’s the best of course) All right Let’s do it So we’re here outside of Lefteris o Politis They’re known here for they call it Constantinople style meatballs style souvlaki. So what it is, it’s minced beef. It’s grilled on a skewer. So it’s very similar to a kofta or an adana kind of kabob So you see it’s a minced beef patty, so they wrap it up What’s beautiful is that they have the minced beef on the grill and They put this fluffy pita on top of the meat to absorb the juices a little bit and they throw inside they have some fresh chopped tomato, onions parsley and the extra special thing they have here is this cayenne pepper the special red cayenne pepper in here. That’s I was so addicted to this on my last trip. Came here three times Could not get enough. And the beautiful thing about it? This whole pita is only 1.90€. You can’t beat that. But now Less talking more eating you’ve got to see why it’s so special Let’s see Since it’s my first time here, let’s see what Greg has been telling me about Let’s taste it Way too delicious Flavorful Well that paprika adds that spice to it. But wow so good. Gonna enjoy this What I love about it. The meat is very simple. It’s not overly spiced but it’s very juicy. So it’s just sitting on that flat top. So it’s not grilled on charcoal. It’s grilled just over a flat top But what adds the flavor to this is that you have some salt on here and you have that spicy cayenne pepper powder it is amazing. It’s like it has a little paprika flavor, too I believe there might be some with the cayenne flavor Then you have the fresh tomato and you have that crispy onion and the pita itself. Let’s talk about that pita. The pita is fluffy. It’s got a little char on there from being put on the grill and the flavor of that beef Oh my god This thing is a flavor explosion. Unbelievable value. There’s a little bite of that parsley. Parsley gives it a really fresh kick too. You cannot come for me to Greece without having Greek yogurt. That’s right So our next stop, third stop Yes, our next stop is called Stani. Stani is a classic here for Greek yogurt. It’s actually right around the corner from Lefteris o Politis And it’s got a little chili kick in that souvlaki we just had. So it’s gonna be nice to have something cooling and sweet. It’s the perfect transition So excited! You know Jumi and the sweets. Yes! Dessert Queen Let’s go So we’re here in Stani. It’s a classic dairy shop here in the center of Athens in Omonoia. It dates back to 1931. But the first location was in Piraeus near the port and now they relocated to Omononia in 1949. So we’re here very classic feel very. Love it. It’s just got an elegant feel to it. Everything here is just classic. So I also came here on the last trip here. Ate this about two or three times also. Just like Lefteris o Politis. That’s how much I like it So Greek yogurt was a real craze for a while in the US in the early 2010’s But they were usually using cow milk. The big difference here This is sheep’s milk. And we have it covered in honey. Gonna mix it up a little bit Smell that creaminess already. This one I didn’t put too much honey yet. I kind of want to taste the yogurt by itself a little bit more That sheep milk really comes out. It’s got that Kind of tangy Slightly sour but a pleasantly sour. You just really taste that earthiness like, you know, this is definitely not cow’s milk They do offer cow’s milk yogurt, but the sheep milk is the way to go. It’s got such a unique umami to it too. You know when you come to Greece you have all the sheep milk goat milk cheeses. Now you gotta have the yogurt too. Wow A little with the honey Greek honey is just delicious. Usually it’s made with a lot of different pollen from different herbs. It’s sweet, but it’s not cloyingly hurt your throat sweet You combine it with that that tangy sour sweet combo. It’s really really good. You have to come to Stani when you’re in Athens. Here, this plate of the yogurt and the honey is 3.20€ So for the sake of this video and our budget of 10€ we’re sticking with this. But for 0.60€ more you can get it topped with walnuts which is the way to go if you want to tweak and maneuver your budget and maneuver your dishes you could do that too. So a little story here, when Greg and I started dating he always Gets Greek yogurt Fage Yogurt and puts honey in it, and it’s so good Having it here in Greece for the first time even more delicious Mmm I love the creaminess It has to be I mean Greg was telling you that you can get it with walnuts, but for me the simpler the better So our final stop on this 10€ crawl, we’re at the Agios Nikolaos station. It’s on the one line the green line here in Athens. And what do you end the full day of eating with? You tell me, Jumi. Dessert. That’s right. So we’re going to a place that I tried at another location So this spot is very famous for one Greek dessert Jumi’s favorite. Will tell you what it is in a second, but there’s several locations here in Athens that dates back to 1961 First heard about it. My dad when he came to Athens last he asked a taxi driver where to get the best galaktoboureko He said this is the spot. So yes, we’re gonna get it right now So we’re here. We’re outside of Kosmikon. Kosmikon is very well known for their galaktoboureko This is the original location here in Agios Nikolaos. They have six locations throughout the city. And a fun fact I actually brought some galaktoboureko back home on my last trip to Athens for Jumi six months ago from Kosmikon at a different location. I actually risked almost missing the flight home for it, but you know That’s love. That’s love. That’s right. So very excited to have it here The original location. Galaktoboureko is our favorite Greek dessert So for those who don’t know what galaktoboureko is. Galaktoboureko – think baklava. So it has the phyllo. Layers of phyllo dough and then there is a bouncy custard inside and There’s usually a lot of butter involved. There’s honey Sometimes there’s cinnamon. Sometimes there’s also emon or orange rind in here, but we have to see on this one We’re just going to have to tell you as we eat it. So there’s definitely many styles of it, but always delicious All right, look at how creamy that is! Honey. Milk. Cream. Oh, it’s so good and Greg will tell you more about it All right, let’s get into this galaktoboureko here. So even the name. So gala is milk in Greek and bourek. Think burek like flaky pie Burek like Turkish burek, Bosnian burek. So it’s very similar style with all the phyllo layers Try to get a bite with all the phyllo. And a little bit of that custard. Making a mess. Let’s just get in there Oh, yeah, so very very creamy that custard Its got the milkiness not too much. Definitely taste the butter. The honey is not too sweet We love the desserts that aren’t too sweet. Slight hint of citrus. We’ve tasted other galaktoboureko that are more heavy-handed on the lemon or orange rind But this one is very well balanced. Could see why they say it’s the best galaktoboureko in Athens There’s too many to try I can’t say it is or not. It’s amazing though Hmmm that custard really is special on here. And here’s a little piece of the phyllo Oh, it’s so good you taste that bake. So, of course since this video’s been about staying within that 10€ guideline Let’s get down to business at what this one costs. One slice of this galaktoboureko just cost 1.70€. So that brings our total today to 10€ on the dot. We left nothing behind We left it all on the field today. Very proud of what we did. So we hit up in total five spots Five dishes. So, you know we could have gone cheaper we could have added more stops But you know we really wanted to bring you some of the best that Athens has to offer and just show you how affordable food could be in this city at high quality. We covered five different delicious dishes today. Say galaktoboureko So we just wanted to show you some of the best that Athens has to offer. We did five classic Greek dishes today Five great classic spots in the city and we spent just 10€ on all five. On the dot. That’s right We wasted nothing. We left it all in the field very proud of ourselves It is just to show you that you can really get great dishes with your 10€ It sounds intimidating because it’s 10€, but it can go a long way.

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