#14. Asian Buffet—Taste of Asian Food!

Hi everyone Today is Sunday. We are here for this Sunday buffet at the Asian restaurant After mass, this is our Sunday routine. We come here every Sunday, almost every Sunday And take the kids here to eat after church. This restaurant is really good, and has a lot of buffet selections Here is the name of the restaurant, Royal Buffet & Grill. The cost for Royal Buffet on Sunday is adults $13.99 Kids from 6 to 11 is $8.95 Kids from 3 to 5 is $5.95 Kids under three are free. so Karlie, unfortunately, she is three now; so we have to pay for both girls And she has been eating free for about 3 years and now….not about 3 years, 2 years She started eating at 1 year old. Before that she was sucking my bottles. That’s what they call. So, I love to come on Sunday, Sunday afternoon When we got off from church I think that’s the best time to come Because, everything, all the food are so fresh and it just starts out of the day so it is fresh and nice if you come around that time. We have experienced When we came the all the times. The food are not as nice as fresh as the time that we come on Sunday This is a salad bar; and they have very good selections here Well, I normally don’t eat this much different selections. All the soups are out here. Wonton soup, egg drop soup Seafood soup Over here is Miso soup. Hot & Sour soup Melted butter There are four or five or six sections. White rice, steamed rice This fish is so yummy. so yummy… I love this kind too and different vegetables This section, chicken… French fries and my kid love this call “chicken stick” All the food names are up here. and all the buns I love the buns There are a lot of different selections here. Next one Salmon Macaroni & cheese Seafood bun stuffed shrimp, cheese broccoli, grilled mussels Pizza, pizza This section is primarily kids Right here is sushi area popcorn for kids. cotton candy too This is the fresh food section cold, fresh food This is Wasabi I have a very very interesting story about Wasabi; first like 20 years when they started introduce Sushi in the State College area And when I was in State College doing my Bachelor’s Degrees And my friends invited me to the Sushi dinner. When I walked into the Sushi area, since I love avocado, so we I looked at this thing, I thought it was Avocado so I took the whole small bowl of Wasabi And I went back into my table And I was saying “Oh my God”, I have a taste for this for so long So, you know what I did right?… I just stuffed myself (my mouth) with avocado. Oh my goodness, after one big spoon of Wasabi My face was turning red and I was about to throw-up. It was so crazy, but I survived…. From there on, I would not touch that Wasabi; whenever I see that Wasabi, I wouldn’t touch it again So, that was my story about the Wasabi.. A lot of fresh fruits selections here. Chocolate fountain The area is very nice and clean big area Over here is the private room you can rent the whole room Here is the dessert section. My kid loves this bun It is a donut bun There is also a big room back there near the exit sign You can hire/rent that room for a wedding Actually, our 10th anniversary We were renting this place We took the room back there for our party This section is for Hibachi You pick your own ingredients from here And then bring it over and the guy will cook it for you. So, this is a Hibachi section All these dishes stay on top of the ice to keep them fresh Alright, that’s all for today. I’m going back to my kids Here are my kids Keira, why don’t you feed yourself? Why you want daddy to feed you? Keira, why do you want Daddy to feed you? Feed me daddy feed me daddy Because it’s fun So daddy, how do you think about her? I’m feeding her because it’s fun. Feed me… feed you too. Is this fun for Daddy or it’s fun for Keira? Fun for Daddy Okay Keira is a type of girl that needs somebody to feed her while she works and while she is playing game If someone wants to be her boyfriend in the future He needs to be able to feed her while she’s working On the opposite side of Keira, Karlie likes to feed herself Right Karlie? Normally Karlie likes to do everything by herself Normally… But today, she wants her Daddy to feed her Because she saw daddy feeding Keira and Keira said it’s fun Karlie You like ice cream? Is that yummy? That’s enough That’s enough What are you eating Karlie? Ice cream What kind of ice cream? Vanilla ice cream with cookies in it Cookies in it Oh, Vanilla ice cream with cookies in it Enough Enough Is it cold? Yeah, this girl is very good at whenever she is done eating or she has enough She would say “It’s enough” Even with sweet… Yeah

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