1. Justin Brown

    It’s really enjoyable to see two people having as much fun making this video, as the people watching it. I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth that they had with each other! From Eastern NC, please bring her back!

  2. Filip Neminarz

    i can't believe that Josh missed the opportunity when Emily said ,,this tastes like my childhood'' after she pour half a bottle of whiskey 😀

  3. Amanda McRoberts

    Starbucks barista here: our pumpkin sauce has 2% pumpkin in it so the whole "there's no pumpkin in pumpkin spice" thing is a myth when it comes to starbucks drinks

  4. albemar78

    Josh is a great asset and loved him in this video but typically not a huge fan of his ego about his body and condescending responses. Otherwise find someone without as dry and condescending humor and I'd love the show.

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