3 Chicken Nugget Recipes COMPARED

Paes how’s it going we’re sorted we’re Cooper mates from London looking for exceptional things in food that will make a difference to you or just make your knives some of the sous chefs the rest of us we’re normals but every video we make always starts with a suggestion for you [Music] I’m Jamie and this is Barry now who’s ready for some chicken nuggets in front of us we have three different types of chicken nuggets and three different dips and for people that doesn’t work so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna taste them all we’re gonna compare them but before that we’re gonna check make them and we’re out first it’s time for some baked nugs we’re gonna tell you three things about these nuggets number one they’re baked and not fried number two they’re stupidly simple and number three they come with a delicious punchy tomato dip and here’s will be using chicken breasts chicken breasts panko breadcrumbs flour eggs and garlic granules after the dip you’re gonna need some chili garlic 2 chopped tomatoes olive oil balsamic vinegar brown sugar and some mustard seeds and we’re also using one of these bad [Music] we’re gonna start with our dip and it’s really simple we’re going to peel and roughly chop garlic and chilli we’re gonna chuck it into a pan with some olive oil then throwing the mustard seeds until they start popping in go the tomatoes a little bit balsamic vinegar sugar and we’ll let that simmer for half an hour listen oh it’s not full hour it’s just just half it’s just half of course 20 minutes 20 minutes whilst that is simmering it’s time for our chicken nuggets and they’re very simple to Jamie oh I see what you’ve done yet thanks for that mate first up we need to preheat our oven to 200 degrees Celsius check and then we need to dice our chicken breasts into nugget sized pieces that’s quick you need to wash your hands check next that we need to coat I’m not it’s in bread crumbs which is a process called panning or Pinay no penne we’re gonna add garlic granules into our flour along with some salt and pepper and then we’re basically gonna pass the Nuggets through flour make and break backgrounds for the final stage we’re going to drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the top of our nuggets season them with salt and pepper and then bake them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until they’re golden and commit so our source is now done announce this he planted into death [Music] we using a hand blender because oil makes life easier and put it strains and hot pop let’s wash it up that’s done mate that’s done yeah [Music] I mean that is for a fat chicken nugget some dip but I think it’s Jamie you can be 27 here we’re gonna share to make a gluten-free version traditionally Nuggets are coated in flour and breadcrumbs which obviously means gluten so we’re doing a dirt and free version that is seeds nuts and spices that coat the chicken is dead here’s what we’re going to use for our Nuggets we’re using chicken breasts but we’re swapping out flour for corn flour for our dukkha mix we use some sesame seeds and pistachios and then a whole bunch of spices and the whole thing is served with a fresh yogurt II dip with lemon paprika cumin fresh coriander and to keep things nice and easy we’re gonna use this dynamic cube [Music] first step when making the Deuter couldn’t be easier we’re throwing all of our nuts and seeds and spices pre-weighed out into the food processor Matt get your nose in there oh its flavor yeah tastes more than breadcrumbs smells more than breadcrumbs less gluten than breadcrumbs now you could chop it all by hand or in a pestle and mortar but well ever for the chicken itself exactly the same as last time we’re gonna dice the chicken into nugget sized pieces and then we’re gonna pass them through corn flour eggs and our dukkha mix unlike the baking of the previous recipe these do Cano gets our fried so shallow fried little bit of olive oil in the pan so it chokes the bottom of the pan and two or three minutes on each side why don’t you come over here with me for a second oh hi whilst Ben’s frying off the Nuggets why don’t I show you how to make our dip try and tell me how this could be simpler we’re gonna put yogurt paprika paprika cumin lemon zest little bit of lemon juice and some coriander into a mini chopper and zoom it up we’re only making enough for these Nuggets so this mini chopper should be more than big enough [Music] those J Karla texture smells that beat the one you just dumped no I want you to tell me which ones are you looking for let’s try all of them no you have to pick one B smell better smell better I breathed in a bit too quickly that was how good they are they’re so excited they smell great but hello fried chicken nuggets with garlic mayo it is time to get chef e then are you ready to get chef eat so really not so really thought you’re gonna give a bit more Matt we’re still going chicken breast we’re still going to go Nuggets but this time we’re gonna marinate them first then dredge them in flour then deep-fry them and we’re serving with the homemade mayonnaise that might sound a little bit hard and a little bit sheffy but it’s actually super simple here’s what we’re gonna use for the marinade buttermilk and hot sauce with a whole bunch of spices for the dredging which we’ll explain in a little while we need plain flour Asian spice and salt and we’re still servi with an awesome dip this they garlic homemade mayonnaise you need egg Dijon mustard oil and garlic and to simplify the mayonnaise making process we’re gonna use one of these might be mini but it sure is mega [Music] first job I’m gonna dice the chicken into nuggets and I’m gonna make the marinade for the marinade we are combining buttermilk and hot sauce with celery salt and turmeric and fenugreek and then we are grinding in black pepper and adding a little bit of salt and lemon zest piling in loads of flavor at this stage but also the buttermilk and the acidity of the hot sauce starts to break down the chicken – it is super succulent when you cook it but it’s also super tasty like you can actually taste the hot sauce so when you marinate things sometimes you can which is why we’re gonna need this to marinate for several hours in the fridge with our nugget sized pieces and the best bit about our recipe or the other two is that we’ve got one that we marinated earlier which means we go W Moche I did that on purpose pow look at that we need to do then is take out the individual pieces wipe off excess marinade and then dredge it in the flour so dredging basically means coat it in flour this is where the flowers dry they will stick we’re just adding a little bit Asian spice and salt with the flour excuse you Oh squeezing rubbing out excess marinade and letting it drip through your fingers attractive right and you wash mine when you’re over there as well no so the flowered Nuggets into the oil the always about 180 degrees and they will need four or five minutes to cook through go crispy on the outside golden and look at that the flower goes lovely and crispy come with me and let’s make a mayonnaise oh hey so making mayonnaise is not difficult it’s three ingredients plus I’m adding a clove of garlic to the mini-chopper I’m gonna add the clove of garlic with Dijon mustard and the egg yolks I’m gonna blitz all of that together and then I’m gonna slowly drizzle in the oil super important with Mayo you have to season it you have to season it it needs salt and while you’re seasoning add a little bit of lemon juice it’s perfect for freshening it up [Music] deep fried nuggets and homemade garlic [Music] ultimate right epic give me that they look impressive can we come you know taste them all yeah let’s start this end is it just grab and dip please we’re gonna cheers Cheers what a crunch what a time that equivalent to the tomato ketchup kind of dippy thing it’s tangy and spicy and sweet and delicious and then you get through to the meaty meaty note how’s it comparison involved in the yogurt I can’t wait for this one Cheers you know it’s good taste so different from each other and they’re the same animal that’s spice mix is amazing a whole new level of texture and flavor and smells keep going and this is probably the one we all associate more when it comes to chicken nuggets oh all right let’s definitely do a cheer this time Cheers I like the way it scales from like quite clean but tangy tomato dips are kind of a fresh yogurt lemony herby thing and then you end up with that which is just homemade Mayo that sticks to the roof of your mouth but is garlicky and delicious so it’s filthy it’s a more garlic than there is eggs there is a lot of garlic doesn’t because it’s raw it has the potency but just one thing if you have the time to go the extra mile and marinate it that buttermilk and hot sauce is so worth doing it doesn’t scale in quality like they all serve their own purpose completely for me it’s that sauce that makes all the difference with this one I will never be satisfied by a normal ketchup ever again would it offend anyone if I was to do this that’s most sauces to stand I’m doing that I’m gonna pick this one it’s my favorite and I know I know it’s coming now on but I just think the indulgence a combination of mayo and chicken is just so good you’re saying is if you’re gonna go there go Testament it’s naughty so he turns up after everyone else comes in right turns up cooks one dish and then says that that’s his favorite we could sit here all day and argue about which one we think is best but nobody really cares about our opinion we care about your opinion please comment down below let us know which one would you cook which one would you eat I’m gonna say any loves do you like chicken nuggets did you like our chicken nuggets if you like our long it’s all chicken nuggets give this video like right now and don’t forget to subscribe and ring that Bell so you notified every single time we upload video which is every Wednesday and that’s always been a Sunday hasn’t it four o’clock as we mentioned sorted is just run by a group of friends so if you like what we’re doing then there are loads of ways that you can support us and get more involved everything you need to know is linked below thanks and see in a few days weekend mmm baby shows oh I know what they just put with the babies only just looking

  1. dubykk

    I made the dukkah/yoghurt dip nuggs last night and it was AWESOME. I'm on the low-fodmap diet for IBS and all I had to do was sub out the pistachios for peanuts and almonds to make safe deliciousness.

  2. Jubul Dowthitt

    id make the classic one, but maybe make some different sauces to dip em in, the garlic mayo would of course be one of them though lol

  3. Nancho Party

    Those aren't nuggets, they're boneless wings. The distinction to remember is that nuggets are exclusively made of ground chicken, not small bits of whole breast meat.

  4. Yaria Samavan Carlan

    I would marinate like #3 and use the #2 corn flour pistachio crumbs combo and fry it. Then dip it in that garlic mayo. I'm making that!

  5. glovesandtea

    i get that comments are interactivity are better trending videos etc. but asking viewers what their favorite food that they can't smell/eat is still a weird question xD

  6. Garth

    And the people still have no clue..Honestly they have the tools they could have made mayo in 20 seconds..Gawd do I have to do everything!!!!!

  7. Melody Welsh

    I am beyond thrilled for this Gluten-free chicken nugget recipe. I just recently found out I am sensitive to gluten and finding fun new recipes is allot harder.

  8. Butterfly Flutterby

    please do some dietary recipes not all of us can eat garlic peppers and chillies, yet all chefs now seem to not to be able to cook any dish without these. Plus they seem to be every persons go to add in ingredient to make old recipes trendy now…

  9. Desuix Media

    Can I be super controversial and say, the marinade from number 3, the coating from number 2, and the dip from number 1? To be honest that sounds amazing!

  10. Dave! Yognau(gh)t

    It's 5 past midnight right now. Why am I doing this to myself?! Bloody starving right now.
    As always though, you guys came through. This episode had a bit of a fun feel to it. Even more so than they usually do. A lot more causal. Strange considering it's sponsored too XD

  11. Zadkiel343

    I can't believe you repeatedly cut raw chicken on a wooden cutting board. Seriously, this is basic food hygiene stuff here… Even if you are spending the time to properly clean and sanitise them afterwards, you're showing recipes with the intention that viewers follow your instructions…

  12. Tuffsmoygles

    seriously…unless you have celiacs, you are not allergic or "sensitive" to gluten. Double blind studies have proven this over and over again. Just stop with the gluten free.

  13. Ben Hadfield

    I personally wouldn't pair deep fried nuggets with mayo, fat overload. I think the contrast of a sweet tangy ketchup complements them better

  14. NerdGirl2592

    You know what makes it even easier bread them in something called fry magic and dip them in Maple syrup and it is delicious.

  15. Jorell Gary

    Ok people are just assholes oops I mean hater's for not liking these guy's. They are wonderful n always cheerie I eat every night with these guys.πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜š

  16. KungKokkos

    I do care about YOUR opinions, I dont give a flying fuck about random people who didnt get to taste though. New viewer here, prolly watched like 200 episodes from when I started 2-3 weeks ago. WP guys!

  17. Charles Rae Clark

    Don't have panko, or breadcrumbs? You can crush crackers (I personally like Ritz, it a buttered cracker) and use that as a substitute.

  18. Clinton Hopper

    I'd like to get a tour of your set, with its fake sink and cabinet walls that occasionally fall down. It's very warm and hip but show us the behind-the-scenes view.

  19. Patrick O'Brien

    I really want to try the middle one with the nuts but the last one with the mayo is classic and would probably be my favorite. And that mayo sounds amazing.

  20. Peter Smafield

    In the United States, only about 8% or the population have any good reason to eat a gluten-free diet. Everyone else is forced to pay extra for all of the gluten-free products. I resent that a lot.

  21. Teejay Kaye

    Ever since I tried making the first recipe it's become one of my favorite things to make. I just happen to add about 800% more garlic powder to both the flour and the breadcrumbs xD

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