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just not if it’s mean. Also guys, great news. James and I wrote a cookbook, woohoo. It is 112 amazing, bright, beautiful, new vegan recipes that
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that are in the cookbook. So please go and pre-order the cookbook. I’m so excited to share it with you. The link is in the Description box below. All right, let’s hop right into it. The first pasta that we are going to make is a vegan carbonara, traditionally
with Parmesan and bacon, but this one has none of those
things ’cause it’s vegan. For our bacon, we are going to
make an easy mushroom bacon. I had some oyster mushrooms laying around, so I’m just going to use those. I’m just toss one tablespoon of tamari and two tablespoons of olive oil, along with a little bit
of pepper, into a bowl, then add one cup of mushrooms,
toss them in the marinade and let them sit for about 10 minutes or until I’m ready to use them. And while it’s marinating
I’m just gonna bring a large stock pot of water to a boil, salt it, and that’s how we’re
gonna cook our noodles. While the pasta is boiling and
the mushrooms are marinating, I’m going to make the sauce. So instead of like Parmesan and butter, we’re gonna make a tofu and cashew sauce. For that I’m gonna use 1 1/2 cups of tofu, two tablespoons of nutritional yeast, 1/2 cup of cashews,
three cloves of garlic. You can mince them or peel
them, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all going into a blender. One teaspoon vegetable bouillon, and 3/4 cup soy milk. You can also use almond milk or rice milk, as long as it’s non-dairy, I don’t care. I just love cooking with soy milk. I like the flavor a lot more, and it is high in protein, ha ha. We have to blend that until it’s smooth. And then when our sauce is blended, we’re gonna cook the
mushrooms up really quick. Just heat a skillet
over a medium high heat and toss the mushrooms and the marinade right into the skillet. We’re gonna cook that for
about four minutes on each side or until the mushrooms
are brown and kinda look like little pieces of bacon. Once those are cooked
up, set them to the side. Using the same pan, because
I hate doing dishes, throw some onions in there and saute those for about three minutes or
until they’re translucent. Now I’m going to add the sauce, throw the spaghetti noodles
in there, add the mushrooms, and mix it all together. And that’s how easy it is to
make easy vegan carbonara. Pasta number two is one of my favorites. It is a sun-dried tomato
fettuccine Alfredo. Now I love fettuccine Alfredo,
but I love sun-dried tomatoes so I thought I’d just mash
them together and make like a nice, pinky-colored,
delicious, creamy pasta. Step one, bring more water to a boil. Add some salt, and throw
in your fettuccine. I’m using a brown rice
pasta so it’s gluten free, if gluten free, and it
takes about seven minutes. Now let’s make the sauce. The cream sauce is super easy. We’re just gonna heat up some
olive oil onto a skillet. Throw in some garlic on
there and a small onion, and let that cook for about
three minutes until translucent. Then we’re gonna transfer
that to a blender. To the blender we’re also 1/2
cup of raw, salted cashews, 1 1/2 cups of soy milk. I’m also going to add 1/4
cup of nutritional yeast, one tablespoon of lemon juice and, and this is completely
optional, it’s up to you, 1/4 cup of vegan Parmesan cheese. I love this brand. It is effing delicious, it’s so good. It tastes and smells
exactly like Parmesan. I’ll leave a link to it in
the Description box below if you want to buy it. And 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt, and you guessed it, blend it. There’s no whisking in this recipe ’cause I’m making the
blender do it for me. Once your pasta is al dente, drain it, and then use the same pot,
again, I don’t like dishes. I’m just gonna pour the sauce
in there and heat it up. To this sauce I’m going to
add some chopped, delicious sun-dried tomatoes, mix that together, toss the noodles in there, and voila, a easy, delicious sun-dried
tomato fettuccine Alfredo. Pasta number three, or tres, or drei if you’re from German-y, if you’re from the German knee. Pasta number three is done
in one pot so you only have one pot to clean, one, one. It is a delicious spinach
and sausage gnocchi. In a very large skillet, heat up some oil, toss some onions and garlic
in there, and saute them. Then I’m gonna crumble some
vegan sausages in there. I like to use just like
the thick more seitan-based sausages ’cause they crumble
really, really easily as opposed to the sausages
that are more hotdog like. So about four of them is a
pound, so that’s what you want. And just cut them in half or
use your hands, it’s easier. Break up each individual
sausage onto the skillet, and then saute that for a couple minutes. To that we’re gonna add
1/4 cup of vegetable broth, and one can of diced tomatoes. We’re gonna mix that all
together, and then we’re gonna add a package of store-bought gnocchi. Now read your ingredients, a lot of them are accidentally vegan. We’re gonna cover that and cook
that for about five minutes. Once that’s cooked for about five minutes, we are just gonna sprinkle
about three cups of spinach on there, a little bit of
pepper, mix that all together, and then cover it again
for another five minutes or until the spinach is wilted. And then we’re gonna add
some more vegan parm. Again this is completely optional. You can also use
nutritional yeast for this. Just toss that all
together, and oh, my gosh, this looks so good. Three pasta dishes for little ol’ me. Which one should I try first? Let’s do them in order. I don’t think I can fit
that much in my mouth. You know what, with pasta
I just go for it. (moans) Oh, my gosh, so good. The addition of the mushroom
bacon, it’s like salty, and oily, and it really cuts through like the creaminess of the sauce. It’s so good. Pasta number two,
sun-dried tomato Alfredo. It kinda rhymes. That vegan parm is so good. You guys, look at it. Do you want some? Can’t have any ’cause it’s
all mine, ’cause it’s so good. It’s on my face, isn’t it? I don’t know how you’re
gonna choose which one you’re gonna make for dinner tonight. They’re all so delicious. Honestly, if I could just
eat pasta all day, every day, for every meal, I would
be a very happy person. Actually, you know what, I kinda
already do that, it’s fine. I’m not worried about my weight. It’s not like I’m getting
married or anything and have to fit into a dress. Oh, my god, this is heavenly. If you like the tomato,
and you like the little bit of the spiciness of the
vegan Italian sausage, and then the freshness of the spinach, it’s like the perfect,
this is the perfect bite. This is the perfect
combination of flavors. And I have like no dishes to do now. It’s like win-win. And there you guys have it,
three easy, delicious, vegan pasta recipes that you can
make in just about 15 minutes. I hope that you like these recipes. I hope that you make them, and
then tag me on my Instagram. Also if you guys wanna
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you liked this video, and I will see you next week, bye.

  1. Mud Sock Girl

    I love pasta and all vegan foods of course. Growing up I loved pasta so much that I would only eat it plain–no sauce, no salt, or anything.

  2. Shirlei Emiko Ishizaki

    Please have user/watcher/subscriber-friendly videos. just jump to it and have ingredients and quantities on the screen. Making your description like actual cooking instructions are much better for the reader than a huge brick of text. Just constructive feedback.

  3. Henry Patiño

    wowwww thank u so much, my girlfriend is abroad, and if it wasnt for you I would be eating disgusting street food, and spending tons of money, thank u thank u thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. Jesus is King

    Why would anyone use tofu?? Its made with soybeans, soy increases breast cancer risks, it contains goitrogens which lead to depressed thyroid function. It also contains phytates which prevent absorption of life enhancing minerals. It is also loaded with phytoestrogens which sometimes block the hormone estrogen and have adverse effects on human tissue…ijs

  5. Erica Johnson

    Dishes all look great especially the last one 😋😋.. There's no doubt the flavors are there . but when i think carbonara or anything with Alfredo .. Im thinking creamy loose pasta that just melts in your mouth . when you tried your first dish the noodles literally clumped together and that was due to everything being dry . i would've added more soy milk to get a silker sauce. Good job .. Im a foodie so I'll eat anything if it looks good .

  6. Tempest Fury

    I see the common ingredient in these recipes is some sort of nut, is there another alternative I can use in place of nuts? I am allergic to nuts but I would love to try these recipes out.

  7. Curlieq55

    I have got to try the middle dish first!
    I have a recipe for super easy pasta puttanesca (whores’ pasta). Cook pasta and drain. Heat your fave marinara (homemade or jarred). Top with 1-2Tbs (or to taste) of jarred tapenade. I like Trader Joe’s. No fussing around with olives and capers (has anyone actually managed to get a caper jar open??).

  8. Alcor moog

    I am italian (vegan!) chef. Yes, okay, you manage the ingredients well, i like your fantasy but … That's not pasta !!! It's glue, watch out for cooking. Spaghetti should slip, more firm, even if they are inside a cream!!

  9. Samara Angelic

    Tried the first one and ended up have to throw it out it was so gross🤢 literally so sticky and weird tasting, have come to the conclusion that best way to do vegan is just forgetting of all the crappy imitation stuff and just do all natural.

  10. Laura K

    Ich mag wirklich deine Art einen an der Waffel zu haben… und die Pasta 😻😻😻

    And for the English speaking:
    I really like your kind of crazy… and the Pasta 😻😻😻

  11. Pooh bear Lofton

    It's been 6 years since I have eaten pasta and, trying any vegetarian ones at that. I'm going to try all three to see which one I like.

  12. Linda Parker

    Made the Vegan Carbonara today and it's amazing!! My mushrooms don't really have the "bacon" taste (and I added some liquid smoke and vegan Worcestershire) that I was hoping for, but that's ok, it's still delicious!

  13. some one

    I just started being vegetarian for the new school year and i dont know what to do at school because I dont want to tell them yet (they make vegetarians extra meals) because i dont know if i can stick with it. So do you have and kid vegetarian lunches

  14. Kenzie Power

    Wash dishes as soon as your done with them, and by the time your done cooking you wont have dishes to clean! Mama always taught me that.

    Or make your hubby do it cause' your feeding him goooot 😉

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