3 Simple ONE-POT Pasta Recipes

pasta is something our family cooks for
dinner at least two or three times a week it’s fast satiating and completely
customizable in this video you’ll find three different options all made in one
single pot and the flavors and combinations range anywhere from super
healthy to a little bit indulgent so whatever type you’re craving I’ve got
you covered cooking really isn’t that hard it just
takes a little creativity to keep everyone happy
this is Sisi, Rolly, Nate’s behind the camera and I’m Dzung. we live in LA and I
love sharing my approachable family meal ideas with you we’re all busy people so
if I can whip it up from my piggy family quickly
so can you whatever you make though just be sure to mix mix mix the first one pot
pasta we’ll be making is a healthy salmon with vegetables I combined
nuggets of salmon with fresh spring asparagus that’s sure to become part of
your weekly rotation so first we’re going to start by cooking off our salmon
and asparagus here I have a little more than half a pound of salmon that’s
already been skinned and I cut it into large chunks in my pot I’m gonna add a
little drizzle of olive oil let it get hot on medium heat and then we’ll cook
off our salmon I’ll add a hint of salt and pepper to taste let it cook for a
couple of minutes until it’s nice and opaque on the outside I’ve been cooking
the salmon and making sure to be super gentle so that the pieces don’t break
apart too much and then I’m gonna add 1 cup of asparagus that I’ve also chopped
I’ll continue cooking everything for about 3 minutes until the salmon is
mostly cooked and then I’ll scoop it out into a bowl now we can begin cooking our
pasta since salmon is pretty oily it relieves
a lot of its natural oils and I’m gonna use that to saute our garlic I have two
large minced garlic here that I’m just gonna add in and saute it for about a
minute until it’s nice and fragrant and now using my favorite jarred marinara
sauce I’m gonna add in about two cups you guys know I am obsessive about this
marinara sauce and so happy that they finally have it at Costco and then to
help the pasta cook I’m gonna add 1 cup of water I’m using 1/3 of the pack of
here so about a third of a pound and this will make enough for two servings I’ll break it in half add it directly
into the pot making sure it’s completely submerged under the sauce
I’ll bring the sauce to a boil and then turn it down to a simmer and let it cook
for 12 minutes until the pasta is nice and al dente at this point you can
choose to cover the pot or not but since I’m wearing white I’m gonna cover it
minimizes the splatter you know it smells so good let’s check on it real
quick I will go ahead and give the noodles a stir so that the ones at the
bottom don’t burn let’s do quick taste test to make sure the pasta is al dente one more minute once the sauce has
cooked down I’ll add back in our salmon and asparagus along with some chopped
tomatoes and fresh basil and then a hint of freshly grated Parmesan if you want
specific measurements to all of these recipes be sure to check out my blog
where I will have everything written out for you now gently mix in the salmon and
vegetables it smells so good you guys so earlier when I said this would make two
servings it really it depends if you like to eat a lot of pasta than
definitely two servings but for me I think it could very well be three
servings I’m gonna scoop a little bit into my bowl make sure you get some
salmon chunks and vegetables and finally I won’t garnish it with a little bit
more cheese and a sprig of basil right on top the salmon is perfectly tender
not dry because we cooked it ahead of time and we added it right back in
before serving and then the asparagus still has that nice crunch to it which
is what I prefer and then the pasta is nice and al dente this one pot pasta
combines all of your favorite Mediterranean flavors into one simple
dish it’s the spaghetti alla Puttanesca and if you happen to be an olive lover
this one’s for you so it’s really quite simple I start by adding a drizzle of
olive oil into my pot and then I am gonna turn on the heat to medium and now
I’m gonna add some coarsely chopped garlic all I did was just smash it down
and just rough chop the garlic and this will really infuse that nice garlicky
flavor into our sauce without burning it when we saute and now I’m going to add
some anchovies I like using anchovy fillets
if you haven’t really used any before I highly recommend it I like the ones
packed in oil it just adds so much umami and flavor into your dish and it’s quite
big so I’m going to add maybe four pieces the anchovies are really delicate
so they break down very easily with the oil and the garlic so just kind of mash
them down with your spoon until they become kind of like a paste
alternatively you can always use anchovy paste about 1 tablespoon or fish sauce
now I’m gonna add some capers and the capers will give this dish that defining
taste it’s a little bit briny a little bit vinegary and it blends together
perfectly with our olives which I’m gonna be using two varieties here a
black one and a kalamata the black one is a little bit more mild whereas the
kalamata that was soaked in olive oil has that kind of more pungent Keke olive
taste then to finish off our sauce I’m gonna add one large can of crushed
tomatoes 1 cup of water and finally our uncooked spaghetti I’m using half a
pound here or you can just measure with a pretty medium size handful I’ll break
the spaghetti in half and then I’ll just submerge it into the sauce and let it
come to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes or until the spaghetti is al dente so
just be sure to occasionally mix the spaghetti so the ones at the bottom
don’t burn also if you see that the sauce is absorbing too quickly and the
spaghetti is not fully cooked yet just add a little bit
water almost ready this is so good our noodles are fully absorbed and cooked
yet you still have a lot of sauce left over for the final dish what I like to
do now is just drizzle it with a little bit more olive oil so it gets nice and
glossy along with a hit of parsley chopped so that we add a little bit of
freshness one more mix and we are ready to serve if you wanted to have a spicy
cake you can always add a pinch of red chili pepper flakes which I’ll do to one
of them and then I like to add some shaved parmesan right on top and then
another fresh sprinkle of parsley I’ll be honest I wasn’t always an olive lover
but this dish right here really changed my mind I work at a pasta restaurant in
college and I resisted it for the longest time because I didn’t like
olives and the thought of anchovies kind of scared me but when I tried it my mind
was blown let’s see if it’s blown again mm-hmm it’s salty is briny and I love
the fact that we cook the spaghetti in the actual sauce because it absorbed all
of the flavor and it’s perfectly al dente and soft just how I like my pasta
hey oli ready go that’s one pot pasta hits all the right
notes if you’re craving a cheesy alfredo or a mac and cheese except we elevate it
by adding a creamy and savory bite from the gorgonzola it’s for one of those
more decadent dinners you know so we’re going to start by blowing off our pasta
and I’m gonna cook it in salted water for 12 minutes so technically it’s not
all made in one pot all at once like our last two but we’re still just using one
pot here and it’s really simple I’m gonna cook 2 cups of shell pasta in
boiling salted water for 12 minutes once it’s done I’ll drain it and set it aside
and now our one pot magic begins using the same pot I’m gonna add 1 to 2
tablespoons of butter let it melt and then I’m gonna add in 2 cloves of minced
garlic and let it cook for about 2 minutes until it’s nice and fragrant
once that’s done I’m gonna add 1 tablespoon of flour
let it cook to get out that raw taste and then we’re gonna pour in our
half-and-half slowly the reason why I’m pouring the milk in slowly is so that we
don’t get any clumps so while you’re adding the milk make sure to whisk and
stir and it clumps up the flour out I’m making a cheesy smooth sauce and this is
where the cheese comes in I have 1/2 a cup of shredded Parmesan and then I’m
gonna add half a block of our gorgonzola cheese now this is where you can kind of
eyeball everything if you don’t like it too pungent you can just use a little
bit but if you like it a little bit stronger go ahead and use a little bit
more our sauce is starting to thicken so now I’m gonna add the shells back in and
then to make it a little healthier a giant handful of baby spinach and some
chopped tomatoes it’s all about balance here some salt to taste and we’ll give
it a mix mix mix mix all right this is perfect let’s eat
for this one a little bit goes a long way so this size is perfect enough for
me the sauce is cheesy with the kind of a
nutty sharp bite just how I like it another option instead of using shell
pasta here is to use ravioli cheese ravioli goes so well with the sauce
right here goes beyond that anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the three pasta
options they’re all pretty healthy and very simple to make all in one pot if
you guys recreate any of the dishes I would love to see them on Instagram so
tag me at honeysuckle cuz it’s my favorite thing to see and be sure to
give this video a like don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next
time bye good all right this one was excellent but
let’s move on to our next one

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