5 Best Crystal City Restaurants [2019] | Getting the Beach Experience in the Middle of the City

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Bob & Edith’s
Diner, located in Crystal City, is your go to place for
classic diner cuisine. Serving up fresh, cook to order meals, the staff is ready to serve you their most famous pancakes, french
toast, and so much more. Open 24/7, Bob & Edith’s
is ready to serve you. So stop in for a visit. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Thank
you for taking the time to speak with us today, Freddie. I really appreciate it. So tell us a little bit
about Freddie’s Beach Bar and why you decided to open this. – [Freddie] I had a little travel trailer in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and it was, I did a courtyard out
back and it was decorated like this and we had a little tiki bar with twinkle lights and stuff out back. And everybody would come up and go, “Wow! This is awesome.” And so I thought, well, Crystal City doesn’t
have a beach bar. Why not? (upbeat music) – So we’re here at Federico’s restaurant with Freddie Lutz, the owner
of Federico’s restaurant and Freddie’s Beach Bar. What inspired Federico’s and
why you decided to open it? – Before I lost my mind and
opened Freddie’s Beach Bar up the street, I was maitre
d’ here for 25 years, and after 25 years, I
started to get a little bored and that’s when I went
and opened Freddie’s. I tried to purchase a place 15 years ago and another couple came
along and sort of out bid us, but we were able to finally
take it back a year ago and reopen it as Federico. – [Narrator] Originally
starting in one small room, the Crystal City Sports Pub has grown to three floors and three bars. Making enjoying a sports game even better. It’s been rated as one of the top sports bars in the country according to Sports Illustrated, CNN and AOL. Stop in for a visit and watch
your favorite sports team. – [Man] Highline RXR is
Crystal City’s newest addition. A fun and comfortable bar and restaurant that serves as Arlington’s
new social anchor. Located right across the
street from National Airport, Highline RXR is the perfect place to come relax after a long flight with 30 plus beers on tap, loads of games, and a casual American menu. Highline is what Crystal
City has been missing. (upbeat music)

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