5 Common London Hotel Mistakes (That Will Cost You Money 💷) | Book Your London Hotel series

If you haven’t booked your hotel for your London visit yet, don’t do it yet. I’m gonna tell you the common mistakes that tourists make when booking a London hotel that actually costs them money. By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess and I make videos for people who are coming to visit London and this video is part of my ‘Book Your London Hotel Series.’ (Music) Mistake number one is coming at the most expensive time of the year. If you come to London in the summer and you’re expecting to find great deals on hotels, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to be disappointed as that is a most popular time for people to come to London and so the hotel prices are much higher. If you’re flexible on when you come to London, I would recommend coming in January, November or the beginning of December. That’s generally speaking, one, you’re going to be able to get the cheapest hotel rates Mistake number two is booking last minute. Once a while if you booked a hotel last minute, you can get a really good deal but honestly, you don’t want to risk it. The best thing to do is to book as far in advance as possible. That way you will have a big selection of hotels for your price range and you won’t have to worry about the best hotels getting booked up first. Meaning that you kind of get, just get stuck with the leftovers. If you do have to book last minute, make sure you check hoteltonight or lastminute.com. Sometimes, they have good deals on decent hotels that are just trying to fill up, those last few rooms that are empty. I’ll leave links to those resources in the description of this video. (Music) Mistake number three is staying near the airport. All of London’s airports are nowhere near the center of the city and a lot of them aren’t even in the city. So unless you have a flight that departs really early in the morning and you want to be at the airport nice and early then I wouldn’t recommend booking a hotel near the airport. (Music) Number four is not checking for direct deals. I usually use booking.com when I book my own travels, but I always check the hotel’s direct website because sometimes you might get a cheaper rate or they’ll give you something extra for booking directs like a free drink at the bar or something like that. Mistake number five is wanting to stay near the major sights. If you expect to book a hotel and when you wake up in the morning to have a view of the Tower of London or Tower Bridge, you totally can do that but just know that you will be paying a lot of money for hotel rooms that have those kinds of views and also that are just really close to all of the major sites and attractions. So if you’re on a budget, just make sure you manage your expectations, you’re gonna want to stay a little bit further outside of the city center to get better deals. If you need some hotel recommendations or you want some more resources for help with choosing your hotel, I have lots of information in the description box of this video or you can watch the rest of my ‘Book Your London Hotel Series’ by clicking the box that’s popping up right below me.

  1. Diana Sarg

    Have you heard about Imperial college that use the empty dorms during the summer as hotel rooms for visitors? Such great affordable prices for the Kensington area!

  2. Moacir

    Hi Jess! I'd like to know how to visit the big ben. Do we need to buy tickets? Is that possible to get inside the building? How much does it cost? What times is it opened? How to get there? Etc…

  3. Ray Rojo

    What do you think about park plaza county hall?? I’ve booked my stay there for next month and it’s my first time to London..

  4. The Horror Miser Monty G

    My wife and I just booked our trip to London this week. We'll be there from May 22nd to the 30th. We got a good deal at the Heatherbank Guesthouse.

  5. Baking Sweet Hope

    We never stay for less than a week and so we typically rent a flat. “Living” in different neighborhoods in London is one of the favorite aspects of our visits.

  6. Benjamin Lee

    Hey Jess, thanks for your videos, I'm travelling to London next weekend with a travel agency and they've booked a hotel beside Heathrow. I have a free & easy day on the next day and I'd like to ask if travelling to the city centre in the morning by Uber/train will save more time?

  7. liar fighter

    We stay in the west drayton area, very affordable bed and breakfast in area, good restaurants, good train and bus connections. Best part is that it's not touristy at all.

  8. High Himalayas

    You are really awesome!! What are the tube stations nearby city centre to get most of the sightseeing attractions? Thanks so much in advance!!

  9. Steven Cassidy

    I wouldn't stay near Westminster (it's not designed for tourist only politicians) or the tower (its stuck in the city or near the docks). I would stay in the Notting hill, Kensington or Gloucester Road area

  10. Lonie Schlefke

    We stayed at The Sanctuary House Hotel on Tothill Street about a block from Westminster Abbey. It was Fabulous and very near the Thames, Trafalgar Square, St James Park, Parliament. The tube was a half block away, the price was pretty reasonable considering where it is, AND there were not hoards of other tourists in our "neighborhood." Also, the briefcase people, as all Londoners, are very polite even while drinking in our pub.

  11. Gene

    The St Giles Hotel on Bedford Avenue is in my opinion the perfect compromise hotel, decent rooms good facilities, but the best thing is the location! It's in the heart of the West End within walking distance of Liecester Square, Picadilly Circus, the British Museum, Soho. And it is literally a stones throw from Tottenham Court tube station.

  12. atlladyleo1

    Can you do a video on london flats for longer stays? Eating is expensive, so next time, I'd like to book a flat with a kitchenette.

  13. Runar Andersen

    I would recommend The Queens park hotel, close to Bayswater. They do not smile at reception, but it often have a good pricing, rooms are okey and it is a good location with 3 mins of walking to the Tube (Queensway station) and Hyde Park.

  14. Laura Halliday

    Last time I went to London I stayed in Earl's Court, which I've always found a decent compromise between cost and being in the city centre. Just around the corner from the tube.

    June wasn't the cheapest time to go, but since I cashed in credit card points for my plane ticket I wasn't worried so much about other costs.

  15. Laurie Freese

    I stayed at the Comfort Inn Buckingham Road last June and loved it! Great location , great price , nice room , friendly staff!

  16. schumi246

    I’m coming May 6-12, and looking at hotels in hounslow, I know it’s close to the airport, but it’s the same thing I do in Chicago when I go, and that’s worked out great. Besides, one day, I want to take a day and just go to the park and just walk around a suburb, not the center city. Plus, my flight on the 12th is at 11:30 am, don’t want to be too far from the airport.

  17. Lewis

    Hi Jess – love your channel. I am visiting in June and want an affordable hotel (<300 USD) that is close to central London and has a classic English feel (I have never been to England). What would you recommend?

  18. Steve Reitman

    Just got back from a week's visit in London. We stayed in Canary Wharf. Access to the DLR and Jubilee tube line were less than five minutes from our hotel. Pretty good value and most of the tourists sites were less than 20 minutes by train.

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