Today you are about to witness history. Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried to conquer food, mostly through YouTube challenge videos. But today I will attempt the challenge so huge it has not been taken on by any woman or man in history. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 30 kilogram seafood boat challenge. Myself and a small team of four will have 30 minutes to eat 66 pounds of seafood, ranging from lobster to king crab and everything in between. If I am successful, I will win $1,000. And if I fail, I will be lambasted and ridiculed for eternity through YouTube comments on the internet The challenge is about to begin, but first I’d like to talk about how we got here Even among all of VietNam’s delicious seafood: shrimpy, spiny lobsters and snails. One intrepid restaurant is taking seafood to a whole new level. Welcome back to sky guarden. Last time I was here, Andrew, and I took down a mammoth seven pound lobster cooked fiveways. This is the best moment of my life.
Oh my god. This time, I’m coming back for more. For this challenge, I will assemble an army of eaters, starting with a ferocious deep stomached ally. Not you. Thảo Are you ready?
Yeah, I’m ready. Thảo, what is the most, for example, spring rolls you ever eaten at one time? Five? Five, four or five.
How many kilograms do you think that is? I think it’s just about one or two hundred grams. Yeah.
Today, I need you to actually eat, like, five kilograms of meat. It’s 30 kilograms total. I’ll eat 10kg and each of the team members eats five. Between the five of us if we can take down 30 kg or 66 pounds of seafood, we get $1,000 This is no joke for me. I’m gonna buy new eyebrows, because I don’t know what happened to mine but they’re not there anymore. Can you guys see them? Is this male pattern eyebrows baldness? It doesn’t make sense to me. Have you ever had king crab?
No! Not yet How big is it? I don’t know. Should we go find out?
Okay. We are gonna meet the rest of the team later, but for now let’s go meet our meal We are headed to the aquarium now to pick out our food. Let’s go. Let’s do this.
We have lobsters, we have a king crab.
If we want to enjoy this meal today, we have to kind of earn it by catching our own food. Have you ever caught a lobtster? Yeah I… Not really? But you think you can?
I like that confidence I’m gonna go first. The king of all… do you see these claws? Hey quick talk, the lobster has rubber bands around its claws. The crab does not have rubber bands around his claws. I’m not okay. I’m gonna grab it by the butt. I’m gonna grab it by the butt. Oh no it tries to pinch me. Ah! Sonny the aquarium pro coming at ya.
BAM let’s put on the scale, let’s see. Haha, just to put it in perspective That’s two and a half kilograms, after we eat this we still have 27.5 remaining. Could just do you eat this? Because I need you to eat five kilograms of food. I will try my best. Oh there you go. Bye crab! We’re making the world’s biggest seafood boat. I need you to catch a lobster. Wait why are you so good at this? Why was that so easy for you? Let’s check the final number: 1.8 kg. So together this lobster and that crab, 4.3 kg. You would need to eat a whole king crab and a whole lobster. Are you feeling hungry? Erh… just a little bit. Perfect Cooking is underway for our Titanic seafood boat challenge. Today’s menu will include: 1 Alaskan king crab, 1 large Canadian lobster, 10 smaller lobsters, snow crab legs, vietnamese sea crabs, oysters, mussels, scallops, octopus, squid and shrimpies.
But while that’s underway, let’s meet the rest of the team. I’m gonna be honest, you all looked a lot bigger in your application photos. Vy has joined me on many of my eating and escapades throughout Vietnam.
Vy, have you ever eaten lobster? I never. Really? That’s really special because you’re gonna have to eat as much lobster as you can in seven and a half minutes. That’ll be really enjoyable. I think, yes? I guess so…? What is your strategy for today?
Maybe one kilogram is three minutes? I gotta be honest, that’s not good enough.
I will eat 10kg, and you all eat 5kg each. Yeah, I can do that! Okay, perfect.
What is the most food you’ve ever eaten? Rice? Rice. Well maybe she had like 2,000 pieces of rice. You need to have a cool, dangerous name, that’s like: The Bottomless Pit Oh, that’s my name. Sonny – The Bottomless Pit. Go!
Bing Bong. Good.
I’m gonna be The Grandmother Lobster. Seafood killer? All right, I’ll just go with YumYum because I can eat anything. They are still underway preparing all this food, but we’ll be starting, very shortly. Stay tuned, even if there’s a commercial that plays right now. Watch all of that, and come back to watch it this show too. Cooking continues in the kitchen, where it’ll take over two hours to prepare this mountain of seafood. Steaming is a primary method of preparation, and these mouth-watering creatures of the sea will be paired with salt pepper lime sauce, a (??) green pepper sauce and my personal: favorite a huge bowl of straight-up melted butter. Since the owner of sky garden has allowed me a support team. He’s also implemented an anti support team: The Food Bro. When I see a poser like Sonny come out here and think he’s got 66 pounds of seafood. He’s wasting it. There are better people for this job. Discovery Channel, what’s up? You might remember my food reviewing arch-nemesis: The Food Bro, from our numerous run-ins on my channel. You’re doing a point of view for food that doesn’t even belong to this restaurant. You’re just in a random restaurant! That makes a lot of sense. And today, he’s here to discourage me from completing this challenge. Also, he’s a d*ck. Sonny cannot do this. Anyone who tries to coordinate their shirt and headband colors, their heads not in the game though He does not have the stomach for this. He’s gonna have a lot of leftovers, it’s what he’s gonna have. Finally, with everything steamed and ready to eat, it’s piled onto a boat and carried into the dining room for a weight-in. The moment of truth is here, our food is prepared, but we need to know officially if it is actually enough weight. We can’t break World Records, just saying it looks like 30kg. Do you know what I’m saying? Just the boat alone right now It is coming in, 8kg. We have our full seafood boat now, and they’re gonna swing around and they’re gonna put it on the scale. Careful. Uh Oh What if it’s not 30kg? It’s only 22 kg! Put more seafood?
Do you want to come over here? Yeah, what should we do?
What sea food do you want to put it here? Lobster? We can do crab? We can do another couple of crabs? Okay!
Well, no problem. Even more seafood, including another king crab is piled on, ensuring we hit our world record breaking number of 66 pounds. We have added even more seafood to our boat. We’re gonna weigh it again, right now. Let’s see what it’s clocking in at. It is… Oh! 38 baby. 38 minus 8 pounds for the boat, and we’ve got 30 kg of seafood. That’s a ridiculous amount of food! I’m gonna eat 10kg myself, and here’s the trick, you guys are probably thinking “This is impossible” I don’t have to eat the shells. I only need to eat like a pound of food! This is gonna be impossible isn’t it? The time has finally arrived. When the timer begins we will have 30 minutes to take down this seafood feast. Bing Bong, Grandma Lobster, Seafood Killer and YumYum will have 7.5 mins each then switch off. I will be here the entire 30 minutes. It’s time for this history making event to begin. Frickin hate that guy. We have the remaining team members right here. We are all ready to kick some butt. We’re gonna begin! 3, 2, 1. Let’s go! Go, go go go! Scissors, thank you. I don’t know, I think I got a squid? Guys! Let’s go! Let’s go! That squid was delicious, in this giant bowl of melted butter here. See, he’s getting buttery and salty just like when he gets nervous. There’s a lot of food left, I’m gonna be honest. We’re not even close ! Sonny hasn’t seen this many crabs since spring break, am I right? You said you never had a king crab before?
Yeah! There are 2 over here.
My god! I think you just opened the head like…
Yeah, pull the head! There’s a lot of stuff in there.
Look at this crab meat! Oh my god.
I promise I’m trying to rush, but it actually tastes amazing. Yeah. You go for it! Eat it. Now can you eat it, like, way faster?Because we’re trying to win $1,000 here. I need some new eyebrows. This is like watching an episode of the laziest catch. Honestly I didn’t even think about having to get all this food out of the shell. That’s for you Your first king crab ever. Take a dip In butter. Yeah, go for it, the whole thing. I think we’ve kind of made it dance(?) so far, we’re doing pretty good It looks good up until he puts his hands and mouth on it. Sonny, be a gentleman.
Oh my god, okay. We gotta cut it open. Go! we gotta hurry. 4 mins have gone by, you only have 3 mins left.
Yes. That’s got to be at least 100 grams right there. It’s pretty boring to be honest but I mean, there’s free beer. Can we get a one minute warning?
Thank you. I don’t even know what to do with this head. I’m putting it back. Oh, man. That’s good.
Keep oysters in the Sun, it’s a very important part of making sure your food is fresh. Are you full?
Not yet, not yet. This is sea food heaven. I hate that guy.
I hate him so bad. What a lot of people don’t know is that food poisoning is a state of mind. 1 minute left. 1 minute! Okay, you have 1 min left, 1 min.
I want to save this for later. Baby lobster!
How do you even eat this? Break it in half Ten seconds. Keep going. 4, 3, 2, 1 Chew, chew. Okay! You gotta go. Okay, Vy come on! All right, we gotta eat it. Here.
Okay. I can eat more but I don’t have enough time! Start with the big stuff and work our way down. We’ll be fine. Even if you choose a better partner, you’re still a loser. Doesn’t matter. Oh my god.
My claw just gave birth! CrossFit it. Use your CrossFit strength.
CrossFit it. There you go. Oh no, there’s 5 minutes. You got 5 minutes.
Don’t eat this soft stuff, eat some shrimps. I didn’t realize there were shrimps. Okay, here. I got you some Lobster. Our hands are clean everyone.
Did I…? Yeah, I didn’t touch my face with my hand I’m gonna breathe for 30 seconds. Hey! Eat something! Stop talking! All right, I’m back. We got a crab here. I mean look, there’s so many bones and stuff, Smells nice.
I don’t know how to eat this. What do you eat in the crab? We got some kind of shellfish right here. It’s scallops. I can now down, like, 50 scallops. I think we can do it. We still have over half the time left. We’ve already eaten at least a quarter of the food here. Look, I want you to enjoy it, but like, can you enjoy it faster? I could watch him eat sea– I’m sorry. I could not watch him eat seafood. Oh god. It’s disgusting 1 minute, you got 1 minute.
I need you to eat 5kg of food. I’m eating 10. It’s not pretty back here men. You’re gonna have the body. Let me get this gross claw here for you. What is that? Can you even eat that? That looks like the alien from Independence Day when they open up its head. Salty? You want to try some of this king crab?
Sure! There’s more bottom sack, if you want that. Tear that apart.
Tear what apart? This one apart? Oh my God! You are the seafood killer! Let me open this for you.
Yes but faster. To be honest, it’s hard to even tell that we’ve eaten anything. I’m never gonna eat seafood again after this.
I don’t know if it matters if I go faster because I’m full. I shouldn’t have eaten two lunches today. But she’s doing great. Check this out. Just watch him. He’s just not well kept. What even is that? if you want to be a winner you gotta have the mindset. Let’s leave that fight now I really want to come back there and eat! Hey, if anybody is watching and saying: “Oh my God, I’m so jealous”.
No, don’t be. Oh God! We’ve got one minute remaining! What’s important to remember is that Sonny is wearing skinny jeans, and they’re really not doing their job. But hey, go Sonny. You’re coming up next, I hope you’re hungry. Starving, starving. Okay All right, you’re outta here. Get outta here, go go.
Okay, you in. Let’s go, all right. You’re the last.
I got you a lobster tail. It’s always a good sign when your food leaks. I got you a lobster tail. That’s a full lobster tail. I’ll suck this meat out. I gotta eat it all, okay? I’m taking one for the team! I’m eating whatever’s in this hole. I got it all.
Don’t throw up. Do not throw up. Cheer!
Oh, that’s nice. I’ll cheers to him feeling sick I’m back in the game. I’m feeling better. We’ve got less than 5 mins remaining in our 30 mins time limit.
I think you’re the strongest eater so far. Keep chewing. We can do this. I will not be ridiculed and made fun of on the internet for not being able to finish a measly 66 pound meal. 2 minutes? Oh god. Keep it down. 1 minute remaining!
Really? Keep it going, there are squids, Those are squishy.
You’re our only hope, come on. I’ve got no room, if I put 1 more bite in, I’m gonna throw up. We’ve got 5 seconds. There’s so much in your hands! Oh my god we did it. He just lost, what a shame. t’s hard to say if we’ve won or lost. When I look at the results, it looks like we almost ate all of it…?
Yeah! We ate a lot! I think he came in weak, and he ended weak. I think he relied too much on his help and that really alters your mindset in this kind of game. But I don’t think the skinny jeans helped either. I think Sonny tried his best. You know, when I did my box(?), Sonny was already full so he didn’t eat much. I think he did eat good. What would I have done differently? I would have won to begin with. But with me, you’re gonna need a bigger boat to be honest. We may came up a little bit short today, but I want you to remember to always go for your dreams. And maybe if your dream is to eat 66 pounds of seafood, pick bigger friends. I’m not blaming it on you guys. I was terrible. Thank you to the team, you guys killed it.
None of it is gonna be wasted, we’re about to chow it down again now. Not me, I’m gonna go the bathroom and throw up. But everyone else is gonna chow it down including the crew. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to share this video with four of your friends that you would include if you did this kind of epic seafood challenge. We’ll see you next week.

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