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Greetings my beautiful lovelies hello. It’s Emmy welcome back to another retro recipe test today I’m going to be making 7-up salad So many of you chimed in via social media that you want to see this recipe made and tasted so here I am today with my jello mold Let me take you into the kitchen and show you what I did to get to this stage so in a medium saucepan We’re going to heat our 7-up along with our mini marshmallows We’re going to bring this up to a boil on medium heat and keep stirring This until everything is completely dissolved. So once our marshmallows have dissolved, we’re gonna add one small packet of lime jell-o Mix that up until the jello is well incorporated And then we’re going to add our cream cheese you might want to cut this up into pieces a little bit to help it dissolve And keep stirring this on medium medium-low heat until You have this Ectoplasmic ooze color and all the cream cheese is melted Next we’re going to add our crushed pineapple and our maraschino cherries Now we’re gonna take this off the heat and in a large bowl we’re going to combine our cool whip and our mayonnaise. Mix that together and then add our green jello mixture to that Then we’re gonna mix this all together And then we’re gonna pour it into our mold, We’re gonna place it into the refrigerator and chill it for at least six hours. It’s best to do it overnight and Dun Dun Dun Dun! We are with our jello mold. This is actually a pudding mold. That’s why it has this lid more like a traditional Figgy Duff or figgy pudding something like that or bread pudding. Unlock it and There it is Smells like mayonnaise I definitely smell some mayonnaise it smells just slightly vinegared. Yeah, but this is definitely going to be sweet There’s a ton of sugar in this. Before we continue I should mention that I have a retro recipe playlist up the link there and there, And if you’re at all interested in gelatin or ring molds that is definitely a place of much joy. All right Now let us try to get this out. In my past experience what I’ve done is I’ve taken a bowl of water don’t want it to be too hot. We’re gonna take a thin and paring knife and kind of Loosen it We’re trying to do is trying to get some air in there So it’ll release so when put that in there for just a few seconds One two three four five six seven eight nine ten Quick ten seconds that was just warm water here we go Let’s shake Did that come out? Nope No, Let’s try that again! So I’ve got some more hot tap water let’s try that again shall we Now let’s try this again, let’s do it for another ten seconds One one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand six one thousand seven thousand eight 1,009 1,010 Let’s do another 5 seconds just added measure A good measure, okay, okay now place this back on top like this and here we go oh All right Not coming out Come! Out! Of! The! Mold! Let’s try our knife technique. Oh you know why! I forgot to go around here Yeah, that’s why All right, let’s try more hot water let’s give it a longer bath Yeah, I think this is probably the most aggravating part of these jell-o molds is getting it out Cuz if you soak it too long you end up melting The exterior of your jello, which isn’t so fun so That was probably another 15 seconds All right, okay. Jello mold be good to me This is silly It’s definitely still stuck in there. This is so much fun. All right here we go It’s not coming out, let’s try an offset spatula Ooh ooh! I think I just heard it release All right, so I just heard it go, *slurping noises* and I believe It’s come out. Ready? Here we go That was the most satisfying sound ever! My jello just farted, yes! I’m so happy Yes! Look at that perfection perfection perfection Look at that my mint green tower of mayo So that a little bit of aggravation that happens when you’re trying to get the thing out well It’s worth it when it comes out like this Yes, so for a little extra holiday flare, I’m going to add a little bit of Holly. Of course you don’t want to eat the Holly, Holly is poisonous I believe. Who’s gonna eat the Holly when this is so beautiful? Alright alright. So happy that it came out Yeah, you know if you use Holly be careful because it’s spikey Wouldn’t Martha be proud of me? Look how beautiful that is it makes it look so elegant Dude Look at this mint green wonder! Isn’t it amazing? it is satisfying all of my retro recipe wishes, hopes and dreams alright. Let’s cut into this and see what it’s like I do have to say I’m a bit concerned. I can definitely smell mayonnaise I didn’t think I would with all the other things that are going on, but I do smell it. So down in the description You’ll find the link to the original post where I found this in that blog post she talks about not tasting the mayonnaise at all And that this dish is required at all their family holiday meals, and they’ve been making it for three generations So they love it so perhaps the mayonnaise can be excused let’s find out Whoo It’s definitely not as jelly as I expected you have to kind of use a sawing motion There is pineapple and a good amount of cherries in there so Oooh boy Alright here’s my plate of seven up salad! Alright. Let’s get a bite with everything. Happy holidays! itadakimasu Let me try a bite without the cherry Yeah, it’s actually not bad not bad at all I mean certainly not delicious In my opinion, but it’s not bad if I can divorce the idea that there’s mayonnaise in here Then I’m okay with it. In terms of a dessert idea it kind of reminds me of soft-serve ice cream Kind of soft and level of sweetness about the same a little bit of vanilla flavor But this has got some lemon-lime things going on because we have the 7up and the lime jell-o But texturally it’s a little bit different because you’ve got the crushed pineapple in there, so it does require a little bit of chewing Yeah, so in that sense it’s actually not bad You really don’t taste the mayonnaise, but since I made it, and I know that it’s in there I really have to try hard to ignore the fact that I know that it’s in there. It has a little bit of salt to It and some added richness. I actually don’t taste the vinegar although I do smell it. It does leave a lime jell-o aftertaste that artificial lime flavor along with that distinctive gelatin flavor Which is a little bit odd, but there’s my lime jello in there, so I shouldn’t be surprised. In terms of flavor I don’t like the inclusion of the maraschino cherries. I don’t like the flavor nor the texture, but in terms of color I Think it’s great. It’s really a festive really appropriate for the holidays So there you have it 7-up salad if you’re a fan of ambrosias or those molded jello desserts with whipped cream I think you’re probably really like this or if you’re hosting a retro dinner party I think this would be amazing to serve because it has all the signature Qualities of a good retro dessert it’s molded it contains jello it contains mayonnaise Amazing. Alright! Thank you guys so much for tuning in I hope you guys enjoyed that one I hope you guys learned something be sure to share this video with your friends Follow me on social media, so you can see what videos I’m up to and yeah have a happy holidays And I shall see you in my next video – take care

  1. rainy night

    I probably wouldn't eat this unless it was made with ice cream or sherbet instead of mayo, but it's very nice to look at.

  2. Laura Rodriguez

    These retro recipes help me to understand that generation better. Also- it’s amazing that many lived (or are living) into their 90’s. So much mayo!

  3. Apple Song

    Hey with that mold there is a hole/indent down the center… Water can't reach the top of the bowl because air becomes trapped. It has a lid so I recommend pouring wam water in the hole for a few seconds too

  4. Giuseppe Turitto

    The best of this video is Emmy fighting with the Gelatinous concoction. Not sure why I am watching this since I am mentally allergic to Mayo.

  5. akarpowicz

    I recall eating jelled entrees like this as a child, and whether it was sweet or savory, it was always served on a big bed of lettuce. Not eaten plain. Maybe that was just my mother inserting more nutrition, or a California thing, but it was tasty with lettuce.
    Kraft company ordered their food staff to create recipes using as many of their prepared products as possible, and this is the result? Seems awfully sweet, but think it would be fine without the cherries and served on lettuce.

  6. Amanda Lynn Music

    I'm pretty sure my family continued this tradition until the early 2000's. I gagged just watching her mix the ingredients. I remember the taste and the texture all too well. It's burned into my brain. Yuck.

    There was also a radioactive orange one with random chunks in it that we used to have. Ugh

  7. Benjamin Liang

    Mayonnaise isn’t that weird. I made a chocolate cake with mayonnaise in it. It came out super fluffy and moist. And no mayonnaise flavor.

  8. Jesse Bowen

    I love vintage retro jello. My grandmother use totell me Get a washrag rub it in vegetable oil rub the mold before placing ingredients in most. Also have after doing the knife around the rim lightly tap with spoon bottom so that the vibration slips the ingredients out

  9. THEbadlnb

    Maybe it tastes better if you down a few martini’s before you eat it.

    I can see it in my head:
    Somewhere in 1958.
    Bob comes home from a hard day at the office sits down to smoke his pipe and read the paper. He asks “Barb, what’s for dinner?”.
    Barb comes out of the kitchen with a martini shaker, a small plate with several olives and a large martini glass and says “Good afternoon dear! We are having meat loaf and mayonnaise infused lime jello.”
    Bob replies “That sound swell Barb. Better make me another shaker of martini’s.” As he knocks the first martini back.
    Barb, pours Bob another martini and retreats back to the kitchen with the shaker as she replies “coming right up”.

  10. emily best

    this is the first time i’ve seen the captions actually correctly say “itadakimasu..” and not eat the ducky moss, or greet the donkey sauce 😂😂

  11. Marquita Walton

    Fun fact: The dye used to make maraschino cherries is a carcinogen. Its not allowed in foods. Maraschino cherries are sold as a garnish to get around that law.

  12. Alma Martinez

    God this reminds me of a similar dessert my family does for Christmas. We’re Mexican but I guess the jello obsession was universal.

    We call our own version “ambrosia” and it’s more of a paste/mashed potatoes texture than a proper jello mold.

    And I hate it! 😂😂😂

  13. David O Donovan

    3 minutes, 57 seconds into this video: That's what he said…he needs to go to the GYM…cardio man…cardio.
    (No, I'm not calling Emmy a man. It's just a joke, play on words. Please don't take any of this seriously.)

  14. David O Donovan

    Four minutes into this video: am…O.K….this joke just went into a radically different direction….oh wait, he's trying to cu……..I probably shouldn't type anymore.

  15. Colleen Kenny

    My mum used to make orange jello carrot salad and I didn't totally hate it as a kid. I'm assuming she got the recipe from her mum lol

  16. Micheal McLaurin

    I would of been the idiot that would have busted the plate when trying to shake it out of the mold after accidentally hitting it on the table.

  17. dayae kwak

    Hi Emmy! I’m a Korean-American and until I was in college my mom and I went to a church with many many white grannies from the 50s-60s. I grew up eating a lot of these retro recipes at potlucks and I actually like a lot of the jello recipes. Definitely had no idea what the ingredients were or that mayo was possibly involved L M A O. Honestly if you try most of these retro recipes completely out of context they’re a weird and new mouthfeel at first but then you just get used to it

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