All You Can Eat Buffet at Suket Resto | Restaurant at the Rumput Resort/Hotel | Indonesian Food

I agree with Marty so good yeah hopefully I replace it so we can get more hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog it is actually evening again but we want to take you to this restaurant that was recommended to us it is the tsukete resto I said it healthy and clean eating sounds good huh who doesn’t like healthy clean eating look at this place it looks nice too wow that is a cool Wow look at that well let’s cruise on in and see what’s healthy you clean the floor is clean that’s for sure Wow nice look at that it’s a cool game fold game okay okay cruise on in nice oh yeah they do huh and that’s cool Wow [Music] alright guys so here is the menu here this is actually a vegetarian restaurant so they’ve got salads they’ve got soups they’ve got raw desserts like carrot cake woo delicioso they’ve got main dishes here different types of food Japanese and teriyaki and stuffed vegetables all kinds of good stuff look at that look it looks like pancakes which is what’s on the back drinks all kinds of drinks here but guys right now they have a promo going and it’s like around $2 for all you can eat vegetables I think we’re going to that so she’s giving them instructions on how to eat here it looks pretty cool huh all right guys so what do we got here we’ve got rice we’ve got white rice and red rice they call it here we might call it brown rice in America then they’ve got this is going to be like a soup here gonna be like I don’t know what kind of soup but this looks like the Jews rawa they use mushrooms because it’s all vegetarian cool okay and then we’ve got some like angel hair noodles or rice noodles tempeh we’ve got a little bit of sushi here but of course no fish we’ve got brown bread and some kind of little some kind of little pancakes mini pancakes we’ve got granola also that looks good almond milk different types of drinks here and then here guys they’ve got a bunch of different vegetables and so with this packet you get like a bowl of soup broth and then here you can come and pick out your vegetables or they’re going to bring the vegetables to the table I’m not and it wasn’t clear on that part yet but we’re gonna have some kind of soup broth with vegetables – good and for two dollars two dollars a person yeah two dollars per person yeah and it’s clean and healthy all right guys let’s look and see what we got here we’ve got some granola I already had a little bit of that I just couldn’t wait it was super good I don’t we’ve got some sushi we’ve got these little tiny mini pancakes some tempeh over there and then this type of soup right here which I haven’t tried yet Jose what are you liking so far well I’m loving know what yeah hopefully they replace it so we can get more out and I got this water it’s infused water infused with strawberries and it’s there’s like no attic sugar in it it’s really good seven what you liking right now we’re all really good yeah you put almond milk in yours yeah [Music] that’s sourdough bread it’s like sourdough wheat bread brown really huh oh maybe I have to try that but right now I want to try this soup [Music] that’s what’s good might be a little spicy for you maybe oh and I put some below my yeah I forgot sorry I’m just loving the granola all right let’s try one of these little sushi guys this is actually a mushroom sushi get away that wasabi sauce but I have an evil snobby sassy but it’s still really good and we’ll try this sempai looks like it’s cooking over a fire yeah that’s good team puts a hot sauce on it now what about these little the emitter looks like this got maybe a banana maybe or Apple maybe [Music] yeah [Music] it doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor okay that’s good Jules wants to try it I agree with them sushi thank you so the other part of the meal that they brought out here is actually different types of bra and so we go forward different types of broth here then in the kitchen and that refrigerators a bunch of different types of vegetables so you just take this bowl in there you fill it up full of vegetables that you want you can take the broth put it in the bowl and then you’ve got fresh vegetable soup try to solve it’s all [Music] so guys I know you’re gonna want to know how much this costs to eat here and I think I pulled you earlier but I’ll tell you again two dollars per person all you can eat is time guys let’s go see if the bathroom is clean that crews out here okay Sara’s gonna lead us to the bathroom it’s nice here man it’s really pretty this is the hotel two guys just in case you want to stay here look at that it’s beautiful I know cool huh all right Kristen downstairs already oh it’s over here right here huh right there we go look at that you know nice and clean clothes there’s even the shower that’s cool you think you shout go ahead all right guys sugan resto was pretty good food yeah yeah definitely pretty good and guys if you want to see a good place to see in Jogja and see not so good places to eat we can be your food tasters for you all you have to do is hit that subscribe button guys we make new videos for you every day take it all around junk Jess so you’re all different kinds of things we have a really great day [Music]

  1. iman tosh

    Suket (Javanese) = Grass (English)
    i can see those are Vegan foods from the Resto name.
    cause i didn't see any meat-based ingredients there while you guys enjoying your meals.

    nice review Mr. Martin and family, keep up the good work!

  2. David Yohan B.

    Pak martin udah gua like video ini, bagus. Tolong bikin vlog di krisbow atau ace hd, soting peralatan yg di jual, beserta harganya.

  3. Igoy Donovan Hirai

    First impression of the video : take a look at those wet roads, how lovely they are, I really love rainy season.
    So this place is basically is a hotel? No wonder the place are looks really cool, and the price are so cheap for all you can eat vegies, I wonder does Bandung has a place like this to visit.

  4. HippieTomatto

    Pak Martin, have you and your family ever visit Surabaya? There are a lot of nice places in the city…. Ayo, Pak Martin, ditunggu di Surabaya… Keep smiling, everyone!

  5. Nikky Wijaya

    After you shaved you look younger then usually but you can shere with me how to have beard? Maybe can to be next topic video? Thanks

  6. marya nugroho

    Suket resto ini satu manajemen dengan Hotel Rumput tidak ya ?
    Suket dalam bahasa Jawa, artinya rumput. Tempatnya mengingatkan pada Hotel Rumput

  7. Lyly Graffam

    Hi Pak Martin,

    My friend owns a restaurant in Jogja. Great food, and friendly staff. You should give a try.
    It is call Ndoro Ajoe Resto.
    The address is Jl. Kledokan Raya No. 3
    Setutan, Depoak Sleman.

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