Amazing Weight Loss Story – Personal Trainer Food

My name is Niki Thomas and I am 27 years old I’m a Texas girl and I was always kind of a chunky kid I was the cute chunky though, nobody would have looked at me and been like oh she has… a weight problem, I was just chunky. I love food, I was addicted, that was my comfort, it was my love and I started gaining a lot more weight. You get so ashamed at a certain point when, you know, you should want to be the typical girl who wants to go shopping and I was scared to death to just even be myself. The moment I realized I needed to make a change was when the doctors kind of put into perspective how this could just be deadly and I was just living to die. My journey started eight years ago and that’s when I really got into the nutrition side and saw that meats and veggies and healthy nuts, thats where I was truly going to impact my life, was when I changed my diet. I slowly started walking, I would walk to the end of my block and back and I was climbing mountains in my opinion. I was almost dying but I did it, and it was every day. I just did my walk and then when I realized I wasn’t dying anymore at the end of the block I went around the block, and then when I realized the weight was actually coming off it just motivated me even more to keep going, and I started eating the meats and veggies. There’s the protein shakes and the candy bars the protein bars and all the pills and there’s so many different people saying this works and this works and it’s just not realistic in the long-run. Personal Trainer Food is so easy and realistic, it’s simple. You can still have a social life and go to a restaurant with your friends and get a great steak and some steamed veggies and stay within the program. It’s still sometimes like… holy crap! This is my life! I’m doing this? In my generation skinny jeans are ‘the’ thing. I would look at other girls and I would just dream about wearing those jeans what I could do, where would I go if I could wear that outfit and I went to the mall and I got three different sized jeans to go into the dressing room and I put on the first pair and they were parachute pants, and I put on the second pair and they were still too big, so I put on the third pair and they fit perfect, and it was a one-digit number, and I just cried. I think I stayed in the dressing room for almost an hour, I took a hundred pictures and I just sobbed. The way I feel is indescribable. I live a whole new life. I’m almost thankful for everything I went through and every ounce that I weight at once point to be who I am today. I… People always say you’re put here for a reason I found my reason I want to help the entire world lose weight, in any way, shape or form, or even just live a healthy life.

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