Americans Try SPICY Japanese Curry (18+)

Okay, yeah that’s really hot It looks like Golden Milk I’m starting to feel it now Okay, now I would like to make this… uhh 18+ Chicken Curry This is what I’ll be making today “For Adults” it says Right here: “For Adults” It’s for adults! Is it really that spicy? This is a legit made-in-Japan product My friend literally came from Japan to
my house with this in her suitcase Ahh, I can’t wait This is insaneHow do you pronounce these characters? “Tsukara”? “Byokara”? Isn’t it “Tsu”? “For adults” My friend also brought me this white rice to go with it Thank you so much, Heather! So I’ll prepare both of these and then give them to my American friends I’ll record their reactions as well Wow, it hurts! Wow, this really looks like… poop OMGosh This is SO SPICY I love it Tears… Tears… I’m tearing up I truly… LOVE this curry Wow It still hurts There are some warnings PLEASE READ Because 18+ is extremely spicy, please do not eat if you are under 18 People with high blood pressure, bad stomachs, and other bodily conditions
should not consume this product If you can’t handle spicy foods,
please take care in consuming this product If you are experiencing problems
eating this product, please stop immediately OMG What the crap… This is actually crazy My full name is William Jose Perez McKenzie Anne TurnerWatching it on Facebook That’s allNothing That it’s different from Chinese food That’s all I knowNope No I like currySome kind of chicken? I’m not 100% sure It’s spicy That’s all I knowI don’t mind it. I like it Eh, I’m a mild personYes To a certain pointOkay Okay Okay It smells nice OkayUm, it looks like a drink that I’ve had before It does! It looks like Golden Milk It looks like… my mom’s gravy-on-rice It looks familiar––like regular American food right now… at the moment It smells like chili The sauce is a bit different than I usually see The meat looks like it’s been simmered…
or however you wanna call itPretty much just like chicken-on-rice With spicy stuff Well since I’ve had that drink, I keep thinking that it’s going to taste like that and I know it’s not Like you said: hotBoth together? I’ll do half and half on the spoon Wow Okay, yeah… That’s really hot It’s really spicy That’s really good The meat is nice The rice is nice and cool and not too hot It gets a kick It definitely hits you with spice
as soon as it hits your tongueMm hmm I like it. I like it a lot! Yeah, it’s good I like how it just kicks you with that punch and mixed with the rice and stuff, it’s really good but I can’t eat a lot since it’s really really really spicyUm, for what I’ve tasted in my life, I’d give it a 7 8 9.5Yes…This is why I don’t have a YouTube channelMm, it’s a good warning for them Out there That’s a valid warning It’s spicy I think they’re on the dot with the heart conditions Your tongue will burn My lips are burning really badlyYeah Just to see their faces Depends on their age Old people? No They can’t handle this Well yeah ‘Cause I think that people should always
try different ethnic food to gain experience and know things about the worldNot an every-weekly thing But on a certain occasion, yeah Yeah, probably With a lot more rice Yes, but only a couple spoonfulsMy tongue hurts It burns It’s done!

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