1. SochiT Tsochi

    Food waste – food safety – make sure people evaluating the food are not mentally ill.

    High quality standards or same and first day delivery at high standard chain grocery stores are needed when donating or giving food to poor people.

  2. Rock Stone

    From my experience among Asian student and immigrants in Canada, they waste a lot of food, due to cultural obsession from fresh food.

    Problem is that most people are so busy with school and job that they hardly have time to notice tiny decay in the food.

    Many young Koreans and hong-kongers live like little princes in North America, thanks to hard working parents at home who like to spoil their only child.

    I have seen formidable waste among them but nothing can beat restaurants, all of them waste.

    Tim Hortons throw out their donuts, coffee, bagels and sandwich daily after midnight, and I won't name other big restaurant chain like McDonald.

    Now imagine wealthy Manhattan in New York, you multiply the waste by millions

  3. Crood

    Americans should learn that a bread made today is good enough for atleast 4 days. You see delis, bodegas stores throw away bread from the same day because certain special people will not eat it. Just go at 4am to a store and you will see a ton of bread thrown out. Same with the banana when it gets a small dark spot or a lime when it gets a yellow spot.

  4. Crood

    The store owners should by law donate this food. To people that actually need it. Or educate people that food should be not wasted because it looks wrong.

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