1. Gabriella Florentine

    As much as they play this game im surprised they havent gotten any better at dart throwing, and rhetts stare after the oyster joke 😂

  2. Dalton L.

    As someone who grew up in Myerstown PA and lived in Wilson, Nc it’s hilarious anytime I see something from my home state when I lived only a short drive away from where y’all are from 😂. Scrapple is amazing but so is nahunta sausage 🤷🏼‍♂️.

  3. crazycatgirl18

    I'm from Tennessee and I've never heard of that pork speghetti but now I'm wondering why I haven't thought bout doing it. Gonna bring it up with the grandma.

  4. Shitty Beatles

    Link, Not even one state on that map that is a choice is part of New England. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not part of New England. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Connecticut and Maine are New England

  5. kassafrass

    Rhett: spends ten seconds saying he thinks the sauces are important
    Link: ignores him
    A few moments later…
    Link: “oh you think the sauce helps?”
    Rhett: “😐….. no.”

  6. the_nikster

    ummm…since when is the Tri-state area part of New England lol also, scrapple is delicious and this is coming from a vegetarian hahaha you're welcome America!

  7. Connor Beem

    To people saying they didn't sing the theme its bc they never sing the theme in episodes like this there are many episodes like this where they don't sing the theme

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