1. Family Fizz

    Another great video Dr Greger! I would really love to know what effect coffee has on the microbiome if there is information available on it? I know you have lots of positive pieces regarding caffeine and coffee on your website, but has it been looked into how it affects the gut bacteria due to the acidity etc? Thanks! -Darren.

  2. TheStewieGriffinShow

    I'm going to put my salad in my Vitamix right now. Hmmm, let's see, how about some kale, oranges, apples, beet powder, hibiscus flower, bee pollen, acacia fiber, orange juice, and banana?

  3. Turtlefoot69

    I once made my mum an organic rainbow salad. She got full in 5minutes and didn't eat all day after that.
    She usually smashes 3-4 plates of the regular food she eats like meat/bread/dairy/cookedveggies/pasta ect..

    Shows nutrition is key and organic is actually cheaper because you get full with less.

  4. Frank V

    A lot of times I just mix my salad greens right into my food. Like if I eat chili, then I just mix handfuls into the chili as I am heating it up and let the greens wilt into the chili. I don't need salad dressing and I get filled up on the greens as much as the other food ingredients of the meal.

  5. WellingtonBikeCam01

    One bit of advice I heard, for people who want to "control" their weight: If half of your plate is covered in green vegetables, you can eat as much as you want.

  6. greventlov

    how did i get to this pseudociene bullshit video? Is this dude really a doctor, sounds like quackery to me, the syllogism is flabbergasting

  7. Marni M

    +NutritionFacts.org Would be great to see a video on ideal macros for strength trainers, focusing on ideal sources (plant based vs junk IIFYM) Thanks!

  8. Stuart Shepherd

    So what did the Jews eat on Passover? What did Abraham eat with the 3 angels? What smell did God find very enjoyable? What did Jesus eat after his resurrection? A careful study of the Bible reveals that God is pro meat and dairy. But we know from Scientific studies that the Vegan lifestyle is the most healthy. So what can we conclude? The Bible is BS because God does not know about a healthy diet.

  9. Patricia Frisch

    So digestion of celery is net +2 calories, what does washing and masticating consume? Are other foods near net zero? That would be a good ranking video.

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