I visited a traditional Korean market first to buy fresh mushrooms. Now to the mart~ Isn’t it look fresh? It’s all ready to cook! Wash mushrooms with clean water first. It’s easily breakable so make sure you handle them gently★ Cutting mushrooms. If you cut too much of its bottom, the mushroom might all tear apart so be careful not to cut all the bottom part. I made a cross shape with a knife. Gochujang Mala lajiao jiang Corn syrup Korean red pepper powder Chili oil There are no measuring amount here~ It’s all up to your taste★ This is a mild spicy carbo fire chicken sauce. Slightly cook mushroom in boiling water. And pour the sauce, then evenly spread the sauce. And when it’s all cooked, you can eat it straight away~! It’s so easy right~? Hey, Hongsi! Let’s dig in quickly because we all hungry~♥ My favorite, enoki mushroom first~ ♡First bite Hongsi♡ It’s really well seasoned. Sea breeze mushroom This mushroom only grows from a pine tree that’s grown with a sea breeze. King oyster mushroom The texture is heavy compared to the other mushrooms. It’s really delicious. White mushroom I cut it in half to get them well soaked in the sauce. I can feel the white mushroom’s flavor well. Million mushroom Doesn’t it look like a thick and short version of enoki mushroom? The texture is more hard and nutty compared to oyster mushroom. Shiitake mushroom The unique flavor of shiitake mushroom goes well with the sauce. Enoki mushroom and mala gochujang sauce are a perfect match. Most of all, I can taste the sauce the best with it and the texture is great. Oyster mushroom Just to add, if you can’t eat spicy food well, you can skip the fire chicken sauce. And use a less spicy Gochujang and red pepper powder. Mushrooms are good for your health and also helps with a diet so I eat it often. If you make the cross shape using a knife to shiitake mushroom, the sauce goes in better to it. But always be careful using a knife. It’s not too spicy so Hongsi who are weak at spicy food can also enjoy this taste. I saved the delicious enoki mushroom to the last hehe. I never get tired of mushrooms even if I eat it every day♥ I really enjoyed it! See you again next time! An nyung~!

  1. Joy sakoy


  2. nurr rasya

    Hmmm yummy..looks like very delicious..i want to eat mushrooms but not all avaliable here ini Indonesia if there is anyone can tell me what kind of
    Souce that you eat sist?🤤😋😋

  3. Dede Elina

    Aku kira jamur jamur yg dimakan itu matang ternyata itu mentah 🙄 apakah jamur itu benar" aman d makan sebelum d masak
    Please tau komen d bawah

  4. Choiri Bin Choirul Arifin

    Ya ampuuuuuunnnnn….
    Itu lipstick atau apa an siiiiiiiihhhhh…..
    No Drop, Nipon Pain, Avitex and Jotun kalah……
    Ampun daaaahhhhh…..

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