1. Farseer1995

    An utterly newbish BBQ enthusiast here. I have a simple, yet problematic if not solved, question. When grilling indirectly, do you place the thermometre (that's in the lid opposite the upper vents) above the chicken or the coals? If above the coals, do you adjust the temperature from that place? The readings are naturally much higher straight above the coals, but if placed above the meat, the heat will travel straight out the vent! Thanks BBQ Pit Boys!

  2. M Francis

    Hi Guys,
    I think I know the answer to this question already but I just want to make sure before I poison anyone. If you cook chicken thighs, legs, breast to a temperature 165f, then leave to cool down in the fridge. The next day you wish to heat those chicken pieces on a bbq grill, do I have to get an internal temp of 165 again to be absolutely sure of food safety?

  3. dualactionsurgilator

    I've done chicken like this on my Weber Genesis with a wood chip box on the Flavorizer bars full of Applewood, burners on low. around 350F. Love it

  4. goonygoogoo2

    loox goo… 🙂 I would have left them in hotter coal to oven crisp the skin sticky …maybe added some hot pepper ( Carolina reaper) flakes and sprinkle some chives for the loox 🙂

  5. Adrian Badea

    Can you smell that? Smells sweet 😂 … I love sugar on my chicken,I love sugar in my beans, I love sugar on my smoked ribs,i love sugar in my soup, I love sugar on my stake,I love sugar in my drink,I can't cook without sugar,… sugar is my life and make my life sweet 😂 sugar power 😀… I'm the sugar superman 🤣 I bet that chicken taste like a candy 😅

  6. Adrian Badea

    I've been to an American restaurants here in UK …I did get smoked ribs coated with Heinz ketchup, pulled pork covered in sugar with soy sauce,some very dry and cold brisket, and a cheeseburger with no flavour…I was really disappointed, now I can imagine how does taste your food when you cook with sugar… you really don't feel the taste of the meat because of that sugar glaze… sorry guys I prefer just SPG on my grill.. I'm not a fan of sugar.👎

  7. James L

    Just simply slide the grill cover to your left into the built-in holder. You don't have to put it on the ground like back in the 80's.

  8. cordellej

    oh my god the skin must taste good but the center must be completely bland. u just basted the outside of the meat what about the inside of it theres no seasonings on the inside of the chicken. my mom would boot you out of her kitchen the moment u placed unseasoned chicken on the grill

  9. slick razor

    You guys really know how to grill, and barbie que chicken. I hope to try this recipe soon. Yeah, yall are the taste testers, so you don't have to apologize for it. By the way, I like your hats. I would like to get one. You guys keep up the good work. The chicken really looks very good.

  10. Eduardo Coronel

    Too bad I’m at work 😢, otherwise I would be grilling it up and tying this recipe!! Hope to try it soon! Thanks for the video

  11. Up To No Good

    Hey Guys! Awesome channel! Keep up the Great work. I've just found this channel. I know this video was 2013 but I searched for the Best Barbeque recipes and this came up. Looks Delicious! I need to go out now n get stuff to make it! Awesome!!!!

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