Beetroot burger recipe

(bright music) (dog whining) – Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. You look like the sort of person that could do with a
beetroot burger right now. Or if not, after watching this video hopefully you’ll be like yeah, I do wanna make one. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, what’s the rest of that line? But soon, something like that? A healthyish burger. (kiss) Yes, this beetroot burger is gonna have beetroot in it which does make
your hands a little bit icky. Random fact, beetroot is used often, the juice from it, in food colouring. Red food colouring is
often beetroot juice. Not Beetlejuice like that film. Never actually seen that. I get lots of requests for
vegan and vegetarian recipes. In fact, probably two or three a day. That’s a lot. The cool thing with this
burger is you can customise it and I’ve got some portobello mushrooms, the big boy ones like that. Some nice multi-seed soft baps. I thought I’d be a little bit different and reminisce of my old school years, I hope I’m not the only one that did it, we grew cress as a kid in school. Did everyone do that? Some people got to do it like really cool and made it out of a character
’cause their hair grew up. I just pretty much made
my own little one of this. And then they all made
us eat cress sandwiches. So rather than lettuce or rocket salad or something like that in this burger, which is generally most popular, I’m gonna put some cress in there. I’m gonna stick some
halloumi in there as well. Chilies and avocado. For a sauce I just thought I’d get a jar of mango chutney. And other than some
generic household basics like eggs and breadcrumbs, I’ve got some beetroot which is the main thing of a beetroot burger. True story, I picked these up from the basket in the supermarket and one of them must have exploded because there was just
red all over my hands. I was looking a little bit sinister wandering around the supermarket. But those are your core ingredients and you don’t even need to use all those. If you want you could just literally make the beetroot burger and have it as a purple
chicken nugget without chicken. (blowing) Right, unless you can
get ahold of pre-grated or pre-shredded beetroot, which I think you can get in
some supermarkets to be fair, this step is probably gonna
get quite messy for you. So get yourself some gloves. I’m just gonna use one glove. ♪ One glove for the mother’s pride ♪ Anyone remember that song? I’m gonna grate the
beetroot with one hand. It’s gonna be great. But whatever you do, don’t wear the sort of gloves
that you wear at the park because well they keep your hands warm, but nah, it will soak in. (groaning) Oh man, look at the juice
coming out of it. (chuckles) It’s a CSI Weston-super-Mare right now. As some of you guys will know, I used to hate beetroot until
I did a beetroot food fear. This stuff is delicious roasted. One clean hand and this
is my beetroot hand, it’s already got a few specs on it. So grab your beetroot, I’m gonna start with the smaller lump, and then I’m just gonna grate it. You could just do this in a
food processor if you want, but I’m always trying to show you like the proper way to try and accommodate as many people that wouldn’t have it. And now I’m grating my fingers, amazing. And that (humming) (laughs)
beetroot sandcastle. Loving the colours. The great thing about gloves
are just washes straight off. That ain’t going in your
fingerprints, all right. (snap) This is a tin of chickpeas and I’ve pretty much
drained them as best I can. The most important thing
with this recipe, folks, it’s gonna be quite most anyway, you wanna try and get a lot
of any of that moisture out. So drain your chickpeas, get all the juice out of your sinister looking beetroot area. So I’m just gonna take a potato masher and just squish the chickpeas. Ah yeah, don’t need to be too crazy. This makes it smell like cat food, but also ’cause the middle is a lot drier, the mixture as you can see
it has thickened considerably which is what we need. Nice. These are some onion granules. I’m gonna add in about
a teaspoon of those. And about the same of paprika, you know I love that. (sniffs) Smells good now. From cat food to smoky goodness. So let’s just push in our beetroot. Ah yeah, loving the colour contrast. I’m bringing my glove back in, because when we mix this to get rid of it you can either doing it
by spoon, a wooden spoon, or you can get in amongst
it with your hands. That’s what I’m gonna do. I want this to have a little bit of heat so that is a chopped
chilli with the seeds. Some of you are gonna ask me this, of course you can omit that. You don’t need to put the heat in it. Or even if you want just a little bit maybe some mild chilli
powder would be good. We’ll add in some parsley. I talked about this in
another video recently, this is stuff that I keep in the freezer. An egg and 50 grammes of breadcrumb, which is about one slice of bread if you just wanna whiz it
up in a food processor. I thought I was gonna have to do that, but I found a tub of
breadcrumbs in the cupboard. But that very interesting
concoction is our beetroot base. Base, base, base, for our burgers. Egg shellent. Man, my puns are terrible today. I’m sorry, it’s Monday morning, I sometimes get excited. I just love my job and thank you for making all of this a reality. I love what I do, I love inspiring you guys. Isn’t that right guys, huh? Yeah. She always sits in front of him. Loads of people have been asking me, I had like a flurry of messages last week, Amy yes is Boston’s mum. And we got her like I think
six months after we got Boston. He came out of her. So Karate Kid style, wax on, wax off. That makes no reference
whatsoever, but look. We’re now gonna get our hand in there. Oh yes, oh yes. Folks, use the hand 100%. Use the force, Luke. All that stuff. So we’re just bring all
of our mixture together. Scrape down the bottom so stirring through that seasoning, the herbs,
the beetroot, chickpeas. Ah yeah. Now the egg acts as kinda like a binding, bondy, gluey thing, it’s gonna help hold this all together. And the breadcrumbs, oh that’s really annoying me, I’m not gonna pick that up with this hand, the breadcrumbs kinda fill
those little small gaps. They’re kinda like the guy in the middle that’s like hey come join me. They also help hold it together. There we go. So basically what’s gonna happen now is we’re gonna mould those into patties. But there’s no real point doing that unless you wanna firm them up, you can put them in the fridge to do that or you can even freeze
them now at this point until you’re ready to do it, make them ahead, make a batch. I just love this sound, it reminds me of the Adams Family. (screeching) (laughs and hums) (snapping) Whoa. All right, so I just sliced my bun and place it face down
and just toast them. It won’t take long. I’ll let Homer keep an eye
on that whilst I sneeze. (sneezing) Sorry. (sniffs) I did cover my mouth though. I think this helps just stopping getting any sauce seeping
into the buns as well, gives it a nice effect. So we’ll keep our pan warm. And this battery is about to die so I’m gonna change it over. So again, no oil. These are some of those mushrooms that are like Batman signs. (chuckles) No oil again, I’m just gonna
sweat out these mushrooms. They should shrivel up a little bit. (sizzling) And you can see like those
mushrooms were massive before, but look how much they’ve shrivelled up. So these are all done. I’m gonna do something a little different and it might not work, it doesn’t matter. This is some oil, just enough to just touch
nearly all the bottom. Rather than shapen those
beetroot patties as they are, like with my hand, I’m just go do it in the pan and shape it together like
this pushing the sides around. There we get some spoons and
shape the sides a little bit. Yeah. (sizzling) This oven is so not level, the oil is just pushing it’s
way to the back. (laughs) That is great though. You see the parsley, you’ve got the chickpeas,
the chilli, the beetroot. So we’ll just take this out. Oh my gosh. Just down on some kitchen towel to rest. Keep this oil warm because
we can fry the halloumi. (sizzling) And that’s it, nice
bit of colour on there. And even a little bit of
the beetroot burger as well. Why not. So let’s serve this up. Toasted bun, ah yeah. Just gonna put some mango
chutney on each one. I was really tempted to use
orange marmalade actually, I thought that might be a different twist. Lovely jubbly. I’m gonna take my punnet of cress that I’ve just washed and
just trim that on there. A little bit in a minute as well so it’s gonna stick the to the mango. Oh look at that, straight on top. Teeny bit more mango
chutney to act as a glue, bit more cress. Part-time hairdresser mode here. That stuff is so cheap as well. We should start a
campaign, bring back cress. We’ve got our halloumi, I’m gonna go for two pieces. Ah, beautiful. Just drape those mushrooms over the top. Ah ha. A couple of slices of ripe avocado on top, squish it down a teeny bit. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing. Not gonna lie, I was just looking around going
have I forgotten anything? Just the lid. And straight on top that goes. Ah, now that is a burger. There are so many ways
you can customise this. I really wanted to add sweet corn in it, but at that same time I feel like I add sweet corn to almost
every vegetarian recipe I do. But the chickpeas make up for that. (chuckling) Oh my word, mmm. I tell you what, that mango chutney in
there just cuts through with that little bit of
sweetness and the texture, there’s a little bit of heat, you don’t really get that
chilli kick in there. So that’s fine. So that is me done. Mission accomplished. Boom. And now it’s your turn. Just like you guys have been tweeting me with pictures of your
millionaire shortbreads, that is so cool. I love seeing that how we can inspire you guys to get in the kitchen. Right, Homer? Right, Boston? Right, Amy, who’s laid down
by that chair right there? But that’s it. Remember to subscribe for regular videos, press the bell button so
you’re notified of new uploads. Follow us on social media @myvirginkitchen for all the behind the
scenes bits and bobs and knowing about stuff
before anyone else. It’s kind of like a secret club, bit like a secret vlog club. You now who you are. And of course, let me know down below
what you wanna see next and I will do my best to make that happen. Cheers.

  1. Mary Reed

    I’ve never seen beets packaged like that. Are they cooked and peeled? If I can only find raw here, how would I prepare them? Boiled like a potato? If so, for how long?

  2. notthere83

    Beetroot? Vegetarian?! Something that doesn't make you gain 20 pounds 3 seconds after you swallow?
    Am I on the right channel?! o_O
    (I'm of course kidding – it's great to see that Barry actually cooks healthy things here and there (that frying with lots of oil aside) and this looks like a delicious recipe…)

  3. Kevin Liddle

    Any suggestions on a substitute for the breadcrumbs? Daughter has celiac disease and I'm always looking for healthy options. My go to is rolled oats but there is always a risk of cross contamination at the manufacturer.

  4. Kerry Neal

    It looks delicious. I normally only eat pickled beetroot but it might be different in a burger. Might give it a try sometime.
    We used to grow cress in egg shells at school and also beans on wet paper towels in a jar.

  5. Catherine Hawkwind

    I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I always enjoy the creativity of these sort of dishes! Definitely not opposed to seeing more, plus they’re always so colourful!

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  8. HonestSpiritual

    Just wanted to point out that this is not a vegan burger since you added an egg to the burger mixture. Vegans eat strictly none animal based food. Vegetarians are more flexible in eating foods with eggs, butter, or milk. So this can be a recipe for vegetarians or a healthy alternative, but not vegans.

  9. hazem81

    Burger is wonderful but can you put in the oven to become more healthy?
      And always put us more health recipes thanks for your efforts

  10. Kristen Thomas-Rivera

    Hello, I was wondering why you didn't cook this on the griddle on your stove. If you use cooking spray on the griddle you can cook all parts of this dish and toast the bun at the same time.

  11. Hannah-Louise Dunlop

    Honestly, I think this looks like one of your best creations yet and you've definatley inspired me to give this a go tonight! Don't have breadcrumbs, but I'm pretty sure I could get away with using a bit of flaxmeal. Keep recipes like these coming Barry!

  12. Jason Allen

    Barry really should have put the gloves on before chopping the chili. The capsaicin in the chili tends to stick to the skin even after a quick hand wash and you stand the chance of essentially macing yourself if you touch your eyes. I personally prefer using disposable nitrile gloves for handling chilies, raw meat, or anything messy/sticky. You can usually find them in the medical section of your favorite discount store for about US$10 for a box of 100.

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  17. Station Plaza

    The egg is a good idea. Especially if you want to make a batch of them for freezing. They could then be cooked from frozen under a medium heated grill for about 8-10 minutes either side.

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    Believe it or not, a few tablespoons of the liquid from the tin of chickpeas (aquafaba!) makes an amazing egg replacer!! Sub the egg with aquafaba to make these burgers vegan! 🙂

  20. Victoria Thomas

    Probably already been mentioned but if you kept the chickpea water you drained (and I think you whip it) then use it to replace the egg this recipe would be vegan.

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    Here in the states, it was all of us grew up growing alfalfa sprouts and making homemade butter and/ yogurt…well, if you were in private school anyway…

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    You're so neat when you cook, what happens when you're testing gadgets?? like, you didn't even spill anything in this video!! I'm impressed.

  23. Evelina Mewa

    Yes! Thank-you! Something I can make Vegan! Thank-you so very much! (yep, I'll skip the egg, and use 1 tbs flaxseed soaked in 3 to 4 tbs water, it'll bind it well enough, maybe add a sprinkling of black salt to it to get that eggy flavor in there). I watch all your recipes, knowing I can't really make them, so it is a happy surprise to find one I can eat. 🙂

  24. Jacq Paschoud

    Made these today. Did not put in a bun but served with baked beans and sauté potatoes and a bit of seracha. Pleased with myself that I managed to make them without touching with my hands at all, so no rubber glove required! Grated beetroot with the food processor and shaped the burgers with a straight handled Indian ladle. I think an ice cream/mashed potato scoop would work too. I had held off making these because I thought it would be a messy process but turned out no mess at all! And they were really nice to eat.

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    2 things my brother HATES- beets and chickpeas: but I will try this recipe, and see if he notices- heheh Thanks Barry! Will let ya know how it will turn out. I want it with golden beetroot and candy cane beetroot; those have been available at the farmers markets for awhile, and I wanted to try them.
    Any suggestions on freezing them: do you need to thaw them out before you cook them? And how long do they last in the freezer?

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