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Today on Tasty Tampa we’re here at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe in Seminole Heights! The reviews of this place have been AMAZING and what it sounds like is it’s an eclectic cozy hangout with an amazing atmosphere and even better food. They’ve even won an award for their Bloody Mary I’m stoked to try it out let’s go. We just wanted to create a space here where people felt comfortable like it was their living room, like big comfortable booths, comfort Food, big cocktails live music and of course all the artwork part of our name; Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe and the neighborhood just took a liking to us immediately and we’ve been going for over 10 years now. You can expect to leave here full and if you’re drinking you’re probably leaving in an uber. We have a huge bourbon selection but we’re most proud of our house aged bourbon and Solera aged Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and small barrels upstairs. Every drop of our house bourbon has molecules from every bottle we’ve ever put in there. The Bloody Mary is our most popular selling drink particularly on Sundays when you have an option of getting a Hickory smoked pork rib on top but what makes the flavor so good in the Bloody Mary is we infuse the vodka with ancho peppers, chipotle peppers and garlic for a month. So if you’re looking for Ella’s come down to To visit us, get some great cocktails some great comfort food, watch the live band, check out all the art on the wall and we can’t wait to see you here. Alright, here we have the “Kiss My Grits” this definitely looks like it has some Soul. There’s grits, some sautéed shrimp, collard greens without bacon you can get bacon in these collard greens if you want, there’s like a tomato jam in here that looks really interesting, the Mexican Street corn looks amazing this has a Lime Crema and Chipotle Crema there’s cilantro, some feta cheese this is awesome alright let’s try it. Oh. My. Gosh. These grits are so buttery and creamy this Tomato Jam gives it the perfect amount of savory to these grits this shrimp is just an added bonus Mmmm..these Collard Greens, their a little bit sweet definitely has a little kick to them oh yeah a tomato jam on top of it, this is a big party. So as you can see this might not be the perfect first date dish but I guess to find out if he really loves you Wow okay so every time I go for brunch I always have to get the chicken and waffles here at Ella’s they have a special Buttermilk Tarragon marinade for their chicken and then instead of just a basic syrup they have a Bourbon Caramelized Honey, I’m excited to try that and then for good measure because it’s brunch they add a deviled egg all right let’s dig in that bourbon caramelized honey oh my god is so good it’s not too sweet and this chicken you can definitely tell that they added some soul into their fried Chicken. The tarragon marinade is everything it’s enough crispiness but not too crispy the chicken is still nice and moist in with the waffles the buttermilk Waffles, Oh God it’s a perfect combination Sunday brunch is not Sunday brunch without a Bloody Mary and this Bloody Mary looks like the Bloody Mary of all Bloody Mary this has a rib on it, it has the rub that they put on the ribs on it a hickory rub, the vodka that they use is an ancho infused vodka so it has garlic and a bunch of other delicious things that they actually marinate for 30 days no basic Bloody Mary here holy Mother Clucker take it easy it’s actually the name of this chickpea fried sandwich here at Ella’s so it has a green apple coleslaw with coconut milk instead of mayonnaise and the mustard has a molasses base to it, so it’s like a sweet mustard. It’s really crispy that Coleslaw gives it the perfect crunch That it needs. It’s really moist on the inside it doesn’t taste like I’m eating just vegetables it actually tastes like I’m eating a chicken sandwich, anybody would love this dish and for the side dish of macaroni and cheese, I know what you’re thinking bacon it’s not it’s Fakon but look at this the creaminess that looks cheesy it looks so good let’s see if it tastes like the real thing So this has a soy-based vegan cheese which most soy-based cheeses it’s really hard to get creamy, this is creamy deliciousness in my mouth alright and now we needed something sweet so we have the key lime pie here a southern staple oh it’s so good definitely some comfort key lime pie this is the perfect closure to a soulful Sunday Thank You Ella’s alright so there you have it not only was the Bloody Mary fabulous but the key lime pie was EVERYTHING so if you guys have a favorite restaurant in the Tampa Bay area that you think we need to try comment below your favorite restaurant and your must try dish so that we can go check it out be sure to follow us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube see you next time [Music]

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