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[Music] [Music] [Music] would it do my mommy so we got another mom mucho much is here for you today mix it with young anyway wearing jamming here in Vancouver and we are here without water not with 3/4 of what is a member missing we are here at Queen mystery live yeah that we’re so excited this is our first time here in Vancouver and they open up their schedule just to spend time with us and showing us around and we’re so happy and humble and honor to be here with them like seriously yeah so now we get to do my multi munchies with them let’s turn the camera around on them because they do with something that it should be less worry whatever they’re doing they’re filming behind the scenes of the behind the scenes Canon c100 the film song what’s up guys how’s it going I’m super excited to be here with Lyle Zimmerman and today hopefully the enjoyment of you doing us so we’re missing one so listening with my brain to see you guys the third member is gonna be really cool but now he has time to eat obviously it’s time to eat we’re ready [Music] [Music] so how delicious does explain that we have invited you yet obviously but you’ve seen the food you see her beer own I would have made it longer but I’m ready these yes like the chicken is waiting for us so I got the chicken french toast and just to ask for something friend I got the chicken pancakes no the chicken waffle it’s too beautiful sorry for those waffle lovers out there I know there would be like waffles are not the same a spanking anyway I got the chicken and waffles let’s check what news – bad a sea with Ganga so this was my suggestion for us to go to jam happy that we I get ya try Leesville probably you got you got the charlie ball I got this Harrison sample smoked salmon some nice toast egg salad I’m trying to be a little healthier after our challenges this way too much keep it down all right so guys tell me the track [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’re bien the original one is actually in a bind Victoria on Herald Street My partner opened that one in 2012 we’ve been in the restaurant business together for gold going on it was 20 years now that we’ve known they’re always wanted to do breakfast I actually had been away traveling but I got back to Victoria or back to Vancouver I went over and saw Jim he’d mentioned that there was a spot available we’ve looked at it I actually opted to come back to Vancouver and he opened the original channel itself as soon as that one was open we talked about possibly further looking at moving the company into a so for me I had actually been building Japanese restaurants and worked for a number of bars chain so I was traveling to Japan and to Toronto back and forth all there’s some great spots yeah some great spots well Jim actually contacted me and just said you know are you kind of done with the traveller be ready to do some eggs and I agreed I know quite a bit about what he done and what we’ve set up over there so we decided it was time and it took us a number of months to find the location that we originally wanted which was the the first location to make over on the industry this one open hole six months ago in November 2008 and this one took us two years to find out the original and it opens begin was very difficult in this area and from there it’s just morphed into something bigger and bigger every time yeah we even got our our our business model sits around 50 seats this one’s about 65 which is kinda nice because it allowed us to get a few more people and it leaves a line quick there gives people more options at the bar but our biggest concern was always the consistency of the food to maintain the consistency in the food to make sure that people were developed within the company and then everything you see in this restaurant design-wise is my partner Jim his wife candy does all the painting and then we just kind of build it ourselves one of the stories Jim always likes to talk about is jet jams Jim and Mike it’s not we at one point when we talked about breakfast was restaurants that even talked about green eggs and ham Wow there’s probably legalities and when I’d left he was throwing around peanut butter and jam and all kinds of things he wanted to keep it simple family members sat down with him and they drew up the jam symbol and just said what do you think then because of the rustic appeal the rustic feel to it and something with the kind of the brand that went with it I bought it off and it really worked it’s being great and it’s one of those symbols that’s become well-known that we can put it on things people really like it it’s kind of got that distressed look at times and yeah so far it’s been great I’ll tell you our our BB Street Cafe I have 47 seats in our line has hit 98 people in line before people are that’s one of the reasons we wanted to get in here and people I’ll tell you they’re willing to wait I love their eggs [Applause] and the chicken the Charlie Bowl this hold that Charlie Bowl my partner Jim and his wife they have their eldest son is Harry middle son is Jack youngest son is charlie the Charlie Wall comes from Charlie who loves to eat everything in a bowl so that’s kind of where that was named after the cracker jack is after Jack and then the Harrison scramble is after Harry so anywhere you look around the restaurant we have the periodic table down the wall here so our periodic table breakfast you’ll find their names some are secreted in there yeah it’s been great so if you have to say what is the one thing that makes us you know I don’t know if we can point to one thing we tried to keep it very unique when we first toured when Jim first got it up and we got going the Charlie Bowl was a very well known item it’s a great item I don’t think it’s it’s the best on the menu in terms of other items is one of my favorites but at the same time I would suggest other things that make it a bit more interesting fried chicken anything you fried chicken the chicken french toast the chicken and waffles the chicken Bennie’s and our pancakes really those are the ones that really tend to pop with people so what’s your favorite good my favorite dish the Buffalo blue beignets yeah so that’s our fried chicken we top it in a buffalo sauce that we do a homemade buffalo sauce in the back you’ve got your eggs on top of that or hollandaise we’ve got the pickled cabbage and blue cheese so it’s got a real nice bite to it so yeah I always recommend that to anybody has a buffalo if you like a little bit of spice to it it’s out of this world I’m with you on that one I love it thank you so much pleasure I really appreciate you guys coming down and I’m so glad you enjoyed it as well you’re back in please drop it in my we very coming down I’ll make sure that one of the locations come see ya so it was amazing experience we got to talk to my which was great but there front of this was like the best place to start walking back there the food was delicious the people is amazing and Snap is awesome yeah presentation itself was so good like I said they’ve got everything set up on you like people thinking it is almost like a Mexican feeling if you get an actual cook breakfast for you so next time we come back we’re gonna have to try his favorite dish but guys you definitely gotta make this visit if you’re here in Venice come over here jam cafe I don’t and even saying we’ve seen the pool you seen one of the others this is the spots definitely start your day off wait like how we’ve done today in that food mister alive is gonna drag us all around Vancouver try some more food lose some weight in the process hopefully by walking but that’s gonna do it for us give this video a like if you like breakfast you like jam cafe you like peanut butter and jam just like jam but so peanut I really still don’t like if you like food period subscribe the travel more and as always run live the life you want love the life you live in travel [Music] so history now that you guys know that the rally before midday is paid okay this is there’s a word racket I never see myself and I gotta focus on this one on this one yeah don’t look at that [Music] we got councils [Music]

  1. Toronto Eats

    Chicken and waffles is always a good choice. I noticed the eggs must be real organic because they had orange yolk. Here in Toronto it is extremely hard to find that at a restaurant. Mostly we see yellow yolk. The prayer at 4:05 had me laughing out loud at work.. lol

  2. Five Minute Sneaker TV

    Another nice collab guys! Next time I hit up BC, I am going to try this place. My favorite brunch dish is chicken and waffles with bourbon maple syrup but I would probably try Charlie bowl given the popularity. Love the interview with the owner. Seems like a very cool guy. I didn't catch the name but I also wanna check out that fried chicken dish with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese yummmm. Funny b roll at the end too ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Ross and Bek

    OK, chicken waffles might be enough to convince you to move there ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ Damn, we haven't had a great brunch in ages, but now I feel inspired (aka hungry) ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  4. Destinations Chronicles

    OH MY WORD! That food looks incredible. And the portions? Crazy! glad that Food Mystery Live didn't do the kissing ritual LOL

  5. Maria and Nabol - Food & Travel Videos

    Love the vibe of this place! Yeahhh, behind the scenes of the behind the scenes. Whoa! That chicken! No salmon for me. Hahaha

  6. Maria and Nabol - Food & Travel Videos

    Oh, nice interview. Cool dude. Buffalo Blue Benny sounds real good. I might take the blue cheese out too. LOL Another great video guys!

  7. Peter and Yen

    Hey it's FML ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘‹ great food suggestion Mike. Everything looked tasty and if lieles enjoyed the food then you're winning. So awesome that you're continuing to get the owner's on and sharing their stories ๐Ÿ‘

  8. DavidSriracha

    Did Lieles take an editing class on the cruise or something ? It's getting better and better each vlog looks delicious ๐Ÿคค

  9. Only In Australia

    Very nice place for brunch
    Our all time favourite food "salmon"
    and that smoked salmon looks very delicious
    the chicken and waffle look amazing
    Well everything looks great
    We love the interview session
    Thanks for sharing guys
    Have a great weekend

  10. Two Girls One Mukbang

    Hey Mamuchos!!! That's awesome that you took us to Jam cafe for brunch… the decor in there is so cool and quaint.. LOVE that the owner sat down with you and gave you so much information on the starting of the restaurant to where it is now!! Your fried chicken and waffles looked DIVINE!!! And so did the french toast and fried chicken.. We could eat Fried Chicken every day of the week if we had an Asian metabolism! LOL The plating was also on point!! Great that FML could take you guys to this brunch spot!! Great video and we hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love to you both! <3

  11. Pogiboy Productions

    Chicken french toast.. chicken waffles! I should probably try the smoked salmon with salad and try to be more healthy like Mike lol.. always love your sit down interviews with the owner.. so cool guys! ๐Ÿ‘

  12. Two Hungry Diners

    Love the chicken and waffle ๐Ÿ˜
    Awesome brunch spot in Vancouver guys ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Love that you guys pray before meal ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks for sharing the story from the owner too, good insight!

  13. Food Mystery Live

    Oh boy this place is SO good, you know itโ€™s always gonna be good if you have to line up for 1hrish for amazing food! It was a blast taking you guys on this bout guys! Everything was perfect until… we blew the tire ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  14. Celestial Way

    Awe you guys are so lovable! Amazing couple eating together all the time is really a couple goals! I really think that chicken waffles is absolutely delicious! Amazing collab with friends and fantastic interview! Must visit Ontario now

  15. Vagabond Culture

    Hey my amazing friends, the food all looks sooo good. I haven't visited Canada in forever. I used to visit them often when I lived in Michigan, that was before you needed a passport lol. Thanks so much for sharing!

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