Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

  1. minulee100

    After that video I know why I'm never be able to be as skinny as they are. Salad with chicken, no cheese, no tortilla, no dressing?

  2. rung rungratcha

    The chicken bowl Kelsey had looks like Thai food. The rice is cooked with chicken broth (+fat in it). Not a diet of anyone's dreams but dang delicious 😂😂. That one bowl could take up to 500 kcal LMAO 🤣

  3. Mary Margaret Donegan

    I love Michelle but she is the only indian who doesnt eat indian food everyday. I'm half indian and I eat indian food at least 4 times a week

  4. nothing idk

    this was an actual good pairing for this challenge because they follow similar diets and are ACTUALLY friends. they both actually tried everything and didn’t cheat (except for the coffee) unlike the others who’ve done this

  5. Dorian

    Even though the rules still weren't followed perfectly, the difference in effort between this episode and the one with lara is massive. I loved how kelsey thought to at least ask michelle what she would order when she was having to go off the meal plan on that shoot. It's so much more enjoyable when they actually try and go in with an open mind

  6. Sunni Quin

    Kelsey: I would actually do it again (Looks at Michelle with a grin)

    Michelle: I would be interested to swap diets with another person (looks straight forward)

    I'm crying. Why does it feel like Kelsey was friend zoned

  7. TheJeanean

    As someone who is trying to lose weight, it’s nice to know that I’m not missing out on something skinny people are enjoying. But at the same time, it depresses me that I have to eat mostly beige and bland food to stay skinny.

  8. Annbrial Lawrence

    I swear I'm weird sometimes, especially watching these vids lol. Like for 3-5 days I'll eat quite unhealthy and in large amounts then I'll go through a period of around the same length of eating very little and quite healthy. Like da fuccc wrong with me.

  9. Callie Souza

    2:18 Watermelon is like a "sponge" water for me because you can't chewing. It's like 99% water and the taste really isn't surprising at all.

  10. Lxnny zZz

    this comment probably wont even get noticed, but they have different body types and different work schedules compared to everyone else in this comment section, so they need a specific amount of nutrients and calories along with the type of work schedule they have which explains why they eat what everyone says is “boring,” it’s a routine and it fuels them while matching their taste buds, eating so healthy also makes your tastebuds more accepting if you will of what everyone else considers bland, it’s probably boring and tasteless to you if all you eat is sugar and salt in excess which makes your tolerance for it super high

  11. Sandra Carli

    Eggs have even more cholesterol than steaks. I don't know why Michelle is eating such unhealthy food. The amount of chicken she consumes is also scary.

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