Best Southwestern Quinoa Salad Recipe

Chef Buck here… serious business today bones see I got on the chef’s hat I got Kenny G blowing in my ear we got a smooth jazz kitchen in full operation cuz today we’re cooking up a Southwestern style quinoa salad not even cooking it up because the only thing you gotta cook is the quinoa then the rest you just throwing the bowl stir it up delicious easy to make you know you’ll be with all the crew kids you know riding that hipster trendy bandwagon all the way to health Ville I did not like that intro at all but Kenny G liked it look at that he’s giving it the big thumbs up thanks Kenny so what you want to do is you want to take one part quinoa to two parts water you know that’s all there is to it boom rinse your quinoa throw it in a saucepan you know throw in twice as much water put it in a little salt if you want you know bring it up to a boil reduce it down to a simmer and you don’t let it simmer away for about 15 minutes you know at that point the water will be absorbed and boom there you have some piping hot quinoa which is a little too hot to use for quinoa salad so we’re gonna leave the quinoa salad long and while your quinoa cooling you can go ahead and get your other ingredients ready for your salad and after your quinoa has cooled down we’re going to go ahead and throw it in a bowl I got like a two cups of quinoa right here two cups of cooked quinoa I’m gonna throw in a one can of rinsed and drained black beans the only thing you have to cook for this salad is the quinoa this is about half of a yellow bell pepper traditional southwestern style dish is going to have a little bit of corn in it sweet corn whatever kind of corn but corn sucks so I like using this stuff you know I cut it up in a little squares if you squint you know it kind of it’ll look like corn but it’s better for you than corn you know you don’t have to throw any kind of hot pepper in there if you don’t want to but I like using a little pickled jalapeno you know just because I like that I like that a little heat I’m going to take some of my pickle juice from the the jalapeno and throw it in there you don’t have to do that it’s entirely up to you dude this here was a lemon well I mean it still is a lemon but I vested it here’s the zest I’m going to add that because I hate wasting uh I hate wasting the lemon zest so I’m gonna take one half of my lemon right here and I’m gonna go ahead and squeeze it on here and get that juice in my bowl here with these ingredients boom boom boom and it doesn’t matter when you add that I just happen to be adding it right there there’s a like four green onions but use as many green onions as you like or not I reserved a little bit of the green on your tops you know for a garnish look at that boom just a smidgen but you know if you’re not in the garnishing mood you don’t have to worry about that I got some chopped cilantro same thing I’m gonna throw a bunch of it in here and I’m gonna save a little bit you know for the garnish on top of the salad what about a little olive oil you know why not a little bit of salt and pepper to taste you know as much as you like now I got a couple more ingredients to add you know my avocado and my tomato but before I throw those in there I’m gonna go ahead and get this mixed up because I don’t want to mix it up too much once I get my tomato and avocado in here okay delicioso that looks I like to use these little cherry tomatoes you know it seems like they have more flavor you know I just sliced them in half but then that way you have a lot of skin on the tomato and you know that helps to hold the tomato together and now I’m going to go ahead and slice my avocado you know I waited I waited until I was ready to use it because you don’t want to slice it you know ahead of time you don’t want to peel it and cut it up because then it’s going to get discolored so don’t don’t put it in your salad until you’re ready you know all this other stuff I cut up ahead of time but this I wait until I’m ready and also here’s a tip here’s a tip for you when you’re buying an avocado when you’re selecting it at the market see this little nubbin thing here I don’t know what that’s called what is that can you see it is it focused and it’s probably not going to focus let’s see if I get out of the way with a focus who knows that that’s terrible cameras very frustrating sometimes but anyway you know what I’m talking about this little nubbin select avocados that have this little do-hickey in there see because it comes out boom see how I pulled it out there and now you can see the avocado in there but if you buy these at the market and it doesn’t it doesn’t have this loop whatever the hell this is in there then the sole of the avocado will escape you know so essentially you will be eating a soulless avocado and then by association you will yourself become soulless and I’m not saying that if you eat a soulless avocado you’re going to go to hell but I’m not saying you’re not either alrighty boom there you have it my nice freshly sliced green avocado and now I’m going to take my remaining half of lemon and go ahead and squeeze that directly over my avocados and that lemon juice is going to help to preserve the color the lustrous beauty and magnificence of my avocado so we’ll stir in our tomato and avocado and then that’s it you know we got a lovely wound of our southwestern style quinoa salad SuperDuper healthy super duper flavorful SuperDuper delicious easy to make ma’am if you couldn’t see my face right now it’s just a big smile in fact I can move this camera up then you can see them hold on let me wipe my mouth with southwestern style quinoa salad you’ll give this very easy flavorful healthy recipe a try let me know what you think and Bon Appetit thanks for watching if you want to print this recipe go for mine from channel comm you’ll find all our recipes over there print them up have a print party if you don’t know what an actual party is but I really appreciate you watching sharing the video thumbs in and up subscribe and being a good citizen of the internet enjoy your day and we’ll see you in the future I’m getting tired of this can do nothing we’ll listen to some mini Punk yeah

  1. Sketch Marks

    I was so happy to finally see another upload from you! I misses your videos! This salad looks delicious, definitely going to try it and have myself a print party 💃🏻

  2. Mark Oliver

    Glad to see you back bro! I have never had quinoa to my knowledge. Once we get past easter and it warms up a bit I'll have to try this. Looks great.

  3. Christine B Meatballsammy1234

    YUM! I bet that is so good that they changed the expression "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" to "when life gives you lemons, make Chef Buck's Southwest Quinoa Salad!". P.S. I call that thing on the avocado an avocado nipple lol. Thanks Chef Buck!

  4. susi q

    Chef Buck,  I like all your healthy recipes………..but could you show us what to do with some short ribs??  Please?  Just for old times' sake?

  5. PBottomPoochies

    Thanks, Chef Buck!  I made this today.  As you say, easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.  Except for the cleanup.  Never liked that part…..

  6. Te Oxysoft

    hey there, I made a big batch of this recipe in this sunday and I was wondering, will it remain good and fresh for at least a week? I started college last week and I'm intending to make a batch of this every sundays and bring it for lunch over the following week since it's healthy, tasty and easy to make. I left out the avocados because I know these tend to go brown really fast.

  7. Markrista Brooks

    I tried it and loved it. Just wanted to let you know all your recipes, that I've tried have been so good. The flavors you create are amazing!

  8. Max Wigant

    Anyway, really nice como, high-protein salad. The cilantro is important. Good dressings. No junky dressings, thank you. I'd like to try it with the beans as a paste – my favorite way of eating beans. Bon appetit, everybody! Thanks for the recipe, Chef!

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