Bike and brunch club gains speed in Youngstown

The Bike and Brunch club took their frist ride last month. The group started with a few friends but grew quickly. With over 30 riders the group continues to attract new members. They meet up at the Covelli Centre for each ride. At the end of the ride they meet up at downtown eatery for brunch. During brunch they discuss ways to improve Youngstown. The group includes people from every walk of life. KELAN BILAL WHEN WE STARTED WE WANTED TO BRING TOGETHER PEOPLE YOU MAYBE YOU WOULDNT HAVE RAN INTO BEFORE…LAWYERS BARBERS WHATEVER YOU MAY THINK OF, PROFESSORS TEACHERS THEY ALL COME OUT AND RIDE WITH US AND AGAIN ITS AN ENJOYABLE RIDE ITS NOT LIKE WERE DOING 25 MILES AN HOUR OR ANYTHING The goal is to promote health and networking in Youngstown. Anyone is welcome to join all you need is your bike. Find out how to get involved on our website at WKBN dot com.

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