Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Teddy Shows He Is a Changed Man (Episode Highlight)

– Say what, now? And he was right. When we were going
together, I was boring. It took our breakup
for me to realize that. So you’re not still mad at me? No, no, no, you changed me. I found my wild side. My girlfriend and I do 5Ks now. We took a two week trip
to San Diego last year. The energy of that
place is electric. But, back at the
precinct you said, “I hope I don’t
bore you to death.” That was a joke. Humor is the tool
of the interesting. Right, tool that you
have clearly mastered. Oh, get this. My lady turned me
on to something called adult coloring books,
which we do at– wait for it– jazz brunches. What? Wow, it’s like, brunch
is crazy enough on its own, then you throw jazz in the mix. It’s like, why are
we even doing this?

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