there’s so much things here in the city that with him that we don’t today we’re having brunch Hollywood holiday like diversity and everything hi my name is Daniel and I’m luxury real estate developer and agents I was born in Brazil where for 12 years I worked as an investment manager in DC’s thousand 14 I’m giving in selling luxury real estate here in South Florida so subscribe and follow my journey to Julius [Music] good morning bosses how are you doing in today I’m here in Hollywood Florida where I came to take a ride I have a one hour and a half training session today did 45 minutes see now I’m going to do 45 minutes back and this is just one beautiful day [Music] Hugh my legs after 1 hour and a half biking I went to the gym to work out this little sticks I need to be strong for the race man since I already decided race I’m gonna do now I just need to follow the plan right now my car is being washed I’m going to have breakfast here in Starbucks and later me and Fernanda we are going to brunch because there’s no guha sky than Florida [Music] all done the car is clean the tank is full ready to start a week now I’m going to an open house to see if I can do a million-dollar Shoei with four I want to take one of those energy drinks that I got last week when Fernando Dada CrossFit competition brownie is here just say goodbye say goodbye Romney you don’t be camera shy and now I’m going there for methodology and when she comes back we are going to have brunch somewhere okay I’m here let’s see their moment to do something [Music] [Laughter] [Music] look who’s here focus focus we are hearing in terraces in Hollywood where we are going to have brunch oceanfront branch that what Sunday has to offer to us here in Miami there’s so much things here in the city that with him that we don’t use today we’re having brunch Hollywood hollandaise what terrazas there’s a party and everything you wanted we passed that face so we’re just going to have some drinks it’s we two parts of my workers you just make I’m trying to get school so I have sausage and bacon and an avocado salad very nice agree I don’t know like every word is so sad tell me how you do it [Music] and that’s it for our brunch very nice to do different things in our own city our own town usually we do only the same stuff and we forget everything that’s important Miami particular has to offer to us and we live here now let’s go to it sawgrass because I want to buy a food [Music] everything is alright [Music]

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