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it’s Friday so it’s time for our national town-hall meeting with senator
Bernie Sanders Sanders darts at that covers website and
he’s got a very very active Facebook following as well senator
Sanders welcome great to be with you tom thank you for joining us are a lot going
on in the country right now there is let me jump Ferguson the Syrian just they were there
are like everybody is appalled by the apparent shooting a ban
on on young black man arm this is just an issue we have cut a
deal with are all over the country are you there for the a Obama Justice to investigate are the situation are we can’t have a a hehe situation in the country where
young african-american male spore counts creates an worry about their lives but there’s a
point in the midst of all the focused on this incident so I think
has not been made and that is tragic as this particular
incident is there’s even a greater tragedy out there
and that is that you unemployment in the african-american community somewhere between 38 and 40 percent and I remember being in Detroit last
year talking to a whole lot of young
african-americans it is just enormous hard for them to chart and especially
drops to pay anything close to home from a living wage so if we are gonna do
something to prevent the loss of an entire generation of young people are we have got to be very aggressive
har in creating a jobs program that puts
people back to work and real unemployment in
this country is much much higher not only for the african-american
community for the entire are working for some the United States
real unemployment is not 6.1 percent as close to 12 percent if you include those people have given
up looking for work and those people working part-time but right now the situation the economic situation for young are
black workers is just dismal we’ve got a focus on that are and
do everything that we can to put our people back to work so it’s an issue that
concerns me are very much another issue out there palm arm you
know a very often which from what you have in this country is is special-interest in the media in general trying to tell
us how divided we are as a nation how their red states and how they’re all States another countries coming apart
because people can talk to each other all that stuff I’ve never believe that for one second
are and I think if you look at the polling out there the what you find is on most not all but most up the very important
issues facing this country there is I lot more are common belief are then the media would allow our a
spectrum is give you some examples I from the most important issues facing
this country with the overwhelming majority the American people whether they’re progressive conservative
moderate or whatever are in fact agreement for my mind love probably the most important
domestic issue that we face as a nation this campaign finance
because if we continue to allow the Koch brothers other billionaires
spend unlimited sums of money to look candidates represent the wealthy and the
powerful this country is going to be invisible
shape you know what poll after poll the american people
understand attacked by elections is not freedom speech and that they want strong our
campaign finance are restrictions to prevent big money from buying elections overwhelming
support among virtually all sectors of the american people arm right now in probably every state in this country
our infrastructure is collapsing thats roads bridges rail are airports water systems wastewater
plants dams you know it when the people of America whatever
their political persuasion are asked do you think the federal
government should invest in the infrastructure with people back to work in Creek
good-paying jobs you know people say across-the-board say
yes that is what we should do a common sense to take them force that is what we
should do again conservative progress apart that’s what
people think are when you ask when you ask people
about income and wealth inequality US come are whether or not you think it
is appropriate that one out of four major corporation space nothing in federal income taxes at a time when
ninety-five percent of all the way comes down to the top one percent you know what the american people say
Tom think guess what yeah the wealthy a large corporations process
of paying their fair share art taxes when you ask people across the
political spectrum do you think we should cut Social Security and Medicare and
Medicaid to help us with a deficit and what the american people take no we
should not have anything we should expand those programs are the numbers are a
little bit left are strong in terms of global warming
but strong majority of the American people understand the global warming is
real and they want us to cut carbon emissions
so my point is that yeah we can get divided on guns
would get divided on gay rights we can’t fighters on abortion a lot of issues
where in fact the country is divided by Ian troop on from a verrrrry most
important issues which will determine the future of the
American middle class there is widespread agreement and our
job is to bring people together around those
issues and two create an economy that works for
ordinary people and non an economy that works
just for the people on top so are I think that’s an important point
to remember are what we fear the so-called pundits
send in the media talk about how divided we r effect on many other very very important
issues are facing this country we are more united art and divided all one other issue that’s out there
obviously I think car anyone who is proving understand are eruptions and all parts of the world
right now it’s very dangerous time are and the point that I
made this week with regard to the situation
are in Iraq with the ices a movement which kinda want to spring iraq
back into work seventh century Caliphate are is that it should not be the United States alone are ices is in fact are incredible work to the region how you deal with it
is complicated are but the United States %uh is not the
only country in the world with an air force and what we need is an international
response are to arm what is going on there my strong view is we should not
have ground troops and I think in arctic my head home and I keep
thinking about all that business you know that push it really got us into
in the war in Iraq and what kinda devastating devastating a implications and that what brought
about and they’re part of it is almost is
almost never discussed today said I’ll paul Bremer on CNN and they were asking
all these questions in treating him like he was a hero he’s the guy who fired the entire Iraqi
army and the entire Rakhi Police Department well I mean look for corporate media
does it doesn’t matter whether you’re wrong wrong wrong you are are still an expert are you like
to do they keep trotting out all the folks who got us in to this war which is was devastating to of in terms of water supply from people
came home with all kinds of injuries horrendously devastating to the people
of iraq where I don’t know and no one really knows but
certainly hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives incorporated the kind of instability
which is now allowing the ice a and others to do what they’re
doing but you know the the the point here is foreign policy is very difficult and
complicated stuff before you go to war man you gotta think it through very very
carefully and understand what unintended unintended consequences of because
certainly that was a war that we never should have cut into arm from the other issue is that we are in a
lot of listen as you’re concerned about it arm we have worked with truck Senator Jon
Tester part lol Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin and we’ve managed to get 50
signatures half the United States had it right now on board effort to make sure that the
Postal Service barred got down from Haiti processing
plants around the country layoff 15,000 workers are as slow melt delivery the league
ballpark I hope we get from language from bill a to prevent them senator Bernie Sanders is with us we’ll
be taking your calls right after this international town hall meeting brunch with Bernie this is the Thom Hartmann program we’ll be right back I senator Sanders
website is Sanders that senate that God and welcome back and Hall in South Lyon Michigan watching
free speech TV and Dish satellite network you’re on the air senator
senators yes thanks for all your great work
center are there have been some so-called progressives including Pulitzer prize-winning
exaggerate ur claim greenwalds were saying Obama is trying to start another
war in Iraq I saving thousands of Iraqis
from being slaughtered by ice the president was against the war from
the beginning he ended the war and he has resisted
Republican a chance star wars in Syria Iran ukraine X cetera do you think Obama is trying to start
another US invasion of Iraq not tonight certainly do not pull but I
gotta tell you in terms of Syria many of us have to stop president and secretary Kerry from
doing what I thought would have been a very dangerous past are look these the situation where is dangerous and it is very very complicated are and I think with the
president is doing is thinking long and hard about what our
best policies should be I think in terms love are the
rescue operation are that took place I think that was the right thing to do when I support
that arm but again the point that I would make
are is to the degree that we’re going to use airstrikes it should not just be the
United States are there is no reason why we should not be working with other
countries are around a the world arm and our but to answer your question no I
certainly don’t believe that the president is trying to get another one K Hall and Farrell and Oklahoma watching free speech TV and
DirecTV you’re on the air sander Sanders more in German good morning first for my
thoughts and prayers go out to the people for reference and the what really concerns me about all that
military hardware experience given to the state is going
to southern state and we all know the radical States and there against Obama and what really concerns me is with all
these are your soldiers force look like soldiers and I i think a lot of my heart X you
also love because they can still go after military boots on what worries me is
this PTF the and those guys gonna flashed bang grenades that might trigger you
know some former remembrance for how they
were in Iraq and Afghanistan all we have just a just a minute senator
starts pool I i think when you see pictures love the typeof police response in Ferguson it very much reminds one over occupying forces not of police
officers who are part of a community I think of something we have to work on
is a nation police have God knows it’s a difficult job it’s an
enormously important drop but good police departments are
integrated into their community their part of their community and they’re not
perceived a metal community policing the concert
the community policing is about which we help bring about i was mayor your burly
could exist in many communities all over the country you do not want your police department
to be seen as occupying force happily armed arm putting down local inhabitants and
that’s not a peep from from the what it looks like the proposed will be back with more your calls for
senator Sanders right after this it’s 20 min best try as best they are welcome back it is
our boy lunch with bernie are senator Bernie Sanders taking your calls international town hall
meeting Cindy in waterville a Michigan you’re on the
air was under senators yes it’s water believe but water
believed by apologists in Southwest Michigan and in 2003 but Harbor Michigan had
riots exactly like the ones in Ferguson because of a similar situation over I police on a chase to motorcyclists and
kill them and the riots started in it too Mon to get things settled down arm in we have a lot of the same problem
sets one City that’s predominantly black and the
black yup you there are treated differently
than the rest of the county arm you’re talking about jobs programs
in this comes right into it are black youths have been fell on ice
for misdemeanors that the rest of the county
no but predominately white people would not
be so nice for and recently a church on their own had a program to expunge
the source felony so these guys would be eligible for jobs program for maybe even
get hired and a regular job and what I’d like to know from the
senator here is tomorrow funding for disc have a
program that would go with the jobs program would get somebody or felony saw for
these young people records so they could pursue the
education and the training and the job hopefully that’s a great question in terms of federal funding for jobs are I don’t have to tell you the with
Republicans in control of the house we’ve had almost no successful spotted the
immigration bill are which passed the Senate I managed to
get the one and a half billion dollar jobs
program for you from a jobs program for young people up with that bill has not going anywhere
in the house %uh but your point is a very very
important point is gotta lotta kids out there do something
stupid when the young and that still the remains with them for
the rest of their lives making it very difficult them to get their lives together and I
think there is growing consciousness are about addressing that issue whether
it’s in congress or at the state level arm the guy I think there is an
understanding that when young people to something
stupid a there should be a opportunity for us
to expunge summer that so they can get their feet
back on the ground Glen in Mountain View Missouri you’re on the air sander
Sanders good morning terrorist planners take one there i read your own great or thank you for all your good
work for rent rooms and all I ask you DVDR the also addressing a generalized to
disability claims to have been small firms stall holders Treadwell
chrome is where you’re all and no action are also where are you probably my life when I live in abject
poverty because I can’t work should really
helped us US take a lovely large orders were all very
basis and yeah I carry there’s no action
whatsoever all my disability trying alright this is
what I would suggest clip Klein are sometimes the truth of the matter is that the GA has arm provided a significant increase in benefits for many many more people exposed stage in arch it
started with a very narrow framework are but the arm eligibility level for particular types above
diseases has greatly expanded which was the right thing to do we’re
also dealing with a backlog in making sure that people can get the benefits in
a timely manner the well I would suggest that you do like
give your local congressman or your center they are in Missouri are give them a call telling you been
waiting for too long and see if they can help expedite your
claim Steve in Palmdale Calif you’re on your senator Sanders by Tom I hello senator Sanders regarding the postal services a financial problems with hundreds of
thousands of middle-class jobs in a vital government service at stake what is stopping President
Obama from eliminating the retiree health care pre-funding
mandate with an executive order well I don’t think you can do that with
a with an executive order you know he has tried to expand what he can do because of republican
obstructionism and do nothing -ism are in a number of areas but you just
can’t you know he doesn’t have the authority to do
anything he wants to now the point that steve is making is that every day not every day but
every couple months including just yesterday I think we keep a reprieve hearing reports about
how the postal service is losing all cried for money how they’re going broke possible reality
is that that is not acrid the Postal Service’s Steve reminds
us is force uniquely %uh any government
agency in american factor any entity in the
United States to pay for about five and a half billion
dollars every single year into a future a retiree our health benefit program
which a an account which towers over forty
billion dollars if you take away that requirement which the postal service uniquely have to love
with in fact the Postal Service this year
will make about one billion dollars in profits and we’ve got legislation
aimed Steve which has a whole lot of support and we
have over 30 cosponsors on that to do alway without onerous requirement and when you do that the
postal service will be in reasonably good financial shape right now what we’re
focusing on is to prevent the postal service
shutting down 82 processing plants throughout this
country 15,000 jobs to lay and slow down mail delivery surface we’ve got 56 which is half the
United States Senate is on board preventing the postal
service from doing that mark in Durham North Carolina you’re on
your senator Sanders I senator Sanders I in regards to
campaign finance reform are at I’m I’m curious what why would you want to interfere with the
best or dark money can pry ffffff well block a I think you’re a one to two reasons why
we won our interfere with the best oligarchy money can buy and the point the mock makes facetiously
a is not a party issue it is a deadly
terrific and I think arm public book and a continue that discussion after the
future got a break for it to break here we will pick it up on either side senator Bernie Sanders as well this is
our brunch with Bernie our here on the Tom Hartman program attorneys taking your calls and you
should check out his website centers that senator done before yeah demands am here with you and it’s our brunch with Bernie are
senator Bernie Sanders on the line with us you’re here with us under I am right
here in Tom let’s go back to more from North Carolina sure question
he was being facetious when he talked about not wanting to
heartless terribly the great oligarchy that we have right
now in terms of bringing about real campaign finance reform but obviously
this is not a laughing matter is the most serious issue that we face what was looking right now in this
country is almost all of the new income goes to
the top 1 percent we are focal test a inequality in terms of wealth with the
top 1 percent own 38 percent other financial wealth than
the bottom sixty percent on all of 2.3 percent not
gap between the very very rich everybody else is growing wider and then because I love
this disastrous Supreme Court’s Citizens
United decision arm that enables the Koch brothers and
other billionaires spend as much money as they want on the
political process so what oligarchy is about is when you have a few families or small number of people are reaping
the benefits up the economy that’s certainly the case
right now but it is also when you have a few families controlling the political
process and that is where we are rapidly moving
because of the Citizens United decision now the good news is that as i
understand that in September there will be a constitutional amendment
coming up be in the senate are to overturn begin the process of overturning citizens united and I
hope very much that all with this country people put pressure on
congress I think it’ll have a lot of democratic support I don’t know how many if any republicans will be
supportive of that effort but if we do not want to in fact be calm
a full-fledged oligarchy were a few families control
because on economically and politically we’d better overturn Citizens United we
better move to public funding of elections and will be some
fundamental changes in our economy to protect the middle class and not just
arguable the benefits for people on top on are
Lisa in Eureka California you are on the air
with senator Sanders okay hi my name’s we sell and I believe capitalism requires
capital why are we not taxing idle cash inflation is a tax on everyone with
savings I understand her to millionaires and
billionaires more but if with tax idle cash two trillion dollars sitting there doing
nothing incorporation offshore accounts I don’t care where on the globe they
spend it but when money works people work I’m waiting around for the
bridge to decide actually do long-term investments when they can
make money by just second high-frequency trading there’s a
reason why we have your own net capital investment mystery Stephen what the Bush tax cuts you could
make money shuttling paper what the founders checkered lisa Leslie it was like Bernie
responded that way typically Lisa makes a very very good point how to
function %uh finance in a sense a supposed to be
the grease the means by which the economy runs are but what has happened increasingly in
recent years is that Wall Street and the huge financial institutions yes we have indicates
become an island unto themselves and their goal if not to
invest in the real economy so the companies could produce products
or provide services their goal is to make money themselves
through all kinds of complicated I N N some cases certainly
illegal operations subprime planning b1 arm what I could tell you Lisa is that a we know that the United States Treasury alone not to mention what’s going on all
over the world but just the United States Treasury loses about all one hundred billion
dollars a year tax revenue because cooperation to spare
him the money in the Cayman Islands Bermuda and other tax papers we have introduced legislation that
wouldn’t that are but needless to say some of my republican colleagues and
some Democrats are not all that enthusiastic about it but lisa is
absolutely right I will ya gotta get money out into real economy are to create jobs and when you
create jobs people have a disposable income and they create more
jobs and we cannot continue to have a situation where Wall Street lives are into a world unto itself Claire in Barra boo Wisconsin you’re on the air
sander Sanders yes thank you karen senator i much say I think you would make and absolutely
actually next president and I hope you are still seriously considering that my my comment is about see over militarization these small police
forces all over the country if I recall
correctly that started with the Homeland Security a departments at the 10 10 33 program
started in the 1990s 7i think and it was to eat RA the war on drugs and an hour’s worth Justin okay to return isn’t just another example I’ll the military-industrial complex making money I’m fear work well let me just a little are I’m
gonna be in your town I think on september twelfth star but
Wisconsin beautiful town and the county fair
there’s gonna be a fight involved I look forward to to being there are you
know clear makes a good point arm and that is you know and ice because the former
mayor running Police Department on it. having good police departments on that
easy good cops on 96 up but the best police departments %uh
police departments in which people perceive them to be part
of the community had people when there’s a problem call
the police and expect the police to do the right thing are where you have policemen out on the
streets talking to people who may be grew up in the community well certainly have a car lot in common
a lot of sympathy for the people in the community fair police departments
are seen as oppressive are who are hiding me on a lot of heavy
duty military equipment is clearly indicated so I think that that is the real issue
and if there is a silver lining in this Ferguson Missouri the situation maybe
that’s a lesson that we can learn I’ll see here dick in Bettendorf Iowa you’re on the air
sander Sanders pic no dick Joyce in Kilmarnock Virginia you’re on the air
center centers yes good afternoon gentlemen from they can’t on that that subject from military weapons in me I’m many many cities in the country I’m
concerned about to the depleted uranium at least use to build a lot of these weapons for I Afghanistan and iraq fighting have these been vetted I don’t think
that is a major issue you’re jewish depleted uranium is a dollar each other we have to worry
about from killed call for so forth are but I think the two main
issue here is creating police departments but a
part of community and not seen as entities of power people not seen as a occupying for the custody
issue that police departments all over the country and in washington are we have to work on me John in Aaron New York you’re on the air
sander Sanders are high time senator Sanders are I was
one on this computer when you guys for the bar so we can talk call far sinister all
week three-mile released some like to honor
Rams of our radiation take em out are
supposed to same but I think whatever she was
removed score but the radiator hecka risk and I’m I reported to punch people migrate to
only friend ok ok but I wonder if you guys %uh
Virginia Barack so I I’m I fucked right now night me
neither arm okay see here Catherine in Corona Calif you’re on the
air center centers yes good morning senator Sanders thank
you for all the good for it you’ve done for us over the years I I
want and just shock at all this military
equipment and I guess it’s coming under this program
10:33 grenade launchers the you know detect
tanks with that a as make to hand I’m sorry I can’t thank all this
military equipment going to these police departments across the country been over four billion dollars worth
since 1997 yes and I need terrorism is down drugs
are down i mean all this crime is down and this is just frightening I mean even
enna a in a community when you see this on
the street is justice in america as I just thought I was looking at
italian-born town somewhere else York and its funny there was a comment from what are the papers fellow came
back from Afghanistan you know we won it was a very very
dangerous areas in Afghanistan with less equipment and what we start for from yeah I saw a
number tweets from military folks to that
effect in and now you’ve got Rand Paul and and a
number of democrats aimless and this 10:33 program where the federal government pays
military contractors to give weapons border police departments and it’s a it’s its it’s very very complex
situation arm a we just have 30 seconds I senator the widely through to go let me just pick up
on on 3-point I think these pictures going across
america all police departments that look like the
military forces occupying the neighborhood you start something that the american
people want to see or feel comfortable about and I think we
do have to take a hard look at that policy and and and the brokerage of up best police
practices and how we create Police Department that protect people and work with people
and tell people when they are in need deal with crime effectively rather than
being seen as a present yeah I have to say I didn’t even know
until this week about this 10:33 program and it’s just its it’s curling my hair art will be back to senator Saturday
answering your questions in our national town-hall meeting here on the time have
improved you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann
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Sanders dots on it doubt God and courses on Facebook you
can easily find in there and welcome back a Joe in Willow Creek California you’re on the air sander
Sanders Joe Joe is listening to his TV and not his
telephone Kathy in Valparaiso Indiana watching free speech TV and the Dish
satellite network you are on the air sander Sanders thank you so much for taking my call
mister hurt me good afternoon gentlemen I have a
suggestion for mister senator Sanders my idea was instead of
giving the police department military a tanks and things just why
don’t we do what we call recycle reuse and repurpose
and help our environment our industry parent restriction our jobs and melt
them down and use them for bridges the tires for roads and be more creative than you think I’m for fighting you some
for peace well I think you raise I’ll the Porsche about how
much money we spend on military in whether in fact we have
to spend the nation almost as much as the rest of the world
combined and how we get our national priorities
right now why we are not investing in jobs for young people rather than
trails are put them away in so I think are a
whole lot of interesting questions Jerry action in Gary in Sacramento Calif
watching free speech TV on the dish satellite network you’re on the air
center centers taco hi guys on all yes under Saunders my main question i’d
like to know what the latest news on Islamic terrorists I know you talked
about the other will arms and here in a couple a side note my most
farmhouse simon says Sanders more and I think up a great idea and of anything everybody’s talking
about the militarization the police forces a not
OK you’re listening as you know we’re
talking about television on your own site well you know anywhere strongly earlier
there are so many showing all felonies but felonies won the last a narrow
federal state level it’s almost like you know we want
everybody have a felony or moral we got him under control well you’re
ready for whole lot of questions we r in terms of the paratroop which obviously is about our trade
policy’s sign in common I have discussed for a
number of years now on the show we both agree that our current rate
policies are written for enable large corporations to shut down
in this country we’ve lost some fifty thousand factories in america
in the last 15 or so years millions of decent paying
jobs these companies go are the China Mexico world low-wage
countries in Asia them ship their products right back to the
country that makes no sense of what we have to change are our trade policies terms of the
presidential race are what I have heard a repeat it is
something that I am thinking about there are enormous
problems facing the middle class and the working class of this country I believe we could
public policy can create millions of jobs that we
desperately need Arctic we should be raising the minimum
wage to a living wage I am I am embarrassed that
the United States is the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee
health care for people who like to know if we end up
spending much more per capita on health care than than every other country to know I think
our kids and our grandchildren will look back on earth with the may are see how we have not
acted like like a trickle those probably issues I’ll play live
somebody at least the gotta be talking about a fight will be back with
more senator Sanders home are non our national town-hall
meeting one should bernie weapons 10 minutes before Genesis 4dr time in every year senator Bernie
Sanders online is it our brunch with Bernie our and choc in part tell Zoe on I’m a
sinner a check thanks for listening to XM radio there are you actually gallery thank you print a coupon for taking my call arm my
question is what can we do at the federal level to
address justification because I were probably 50 miles would purchase and were they
have Pirates and it does not look anything like Ferguson
is a different country there is lily-white you would never find a single black person anywhere near
where I live but you go fifty miles and it’s a hell hole
anything Wilson North County why is it such a disaster
and work in the federal government well what the federal government can do is to understand that we have more people living in
poverty today than any time in the history of this
country are that while the media may not necessarily
reported everyday you have millions p.m. million for
people who are struggling hard are just to keep their heads above water
how the party related to crime because kids are dropping out of school there’s nothing for them and then they
do destructive with self destructive activities then they get arrested make it a felony
in the for Julia possible for them to get a job growth their lives so I think
the what the federal government can do is
make a commitment to do everything that we can to make sure that all of our kids
regardless love are income get a decent education
focuses on the need for jobs all over this country are especially with young people youth
unemployment today is 20 percent as I mentioned earlier african-american you unemployment is
much higher than that somewhere between thirty and forty percent and as a nation what we have got to
learn what many other countries on earth have already learned is that if you
invest in your young people in terms of
education in terms of a job training in terms of nutrition in
the housing you know what you don’t have to quit invest quite as
much in putting people in jail we have more people in jail in the
United States of America any other country on earth including China a
communist authoritarian country has fewer people in jail then we
have and actuated suggest that we do some very fundamental
rethinking about our national priorities intestine the kids Nottage else Henry in San Francisco you’re on the air sander Sanders hi that senator yep I mister hartman thank you very much for your programs I
like all your programs and senator thank you for talking to me I just wanted to mention that the real
problem in this country as they are top bottom access is not really we’re
all being confused and everybody focus on the left and the right line but I see the problem everything else
causing all the issues in this country is actually the top bottom line that’s nope economic
collapse you talk to henry was absolutely right and there is a reason Henry that we’re
not focusing on it does work you know to a significant degree the people who own
the video of the top one percent that they don’t want us to focus on on that what they want to do is talk
about the issues with people have different points of view not to fight but on issue after issue as
I mentioned earlier in this program whether you’re conservative whether
you’re a progressive people understand there is something profoundly wrong want few have so much and so many have so little other fighters for more
missile this is an economic issue because if you have tens of millions of
americans with no money in their pockets to spend you’re not gonna create the jobs that we
need you’re spending is my job people spend
money take lead in the economy in terms of
goods and services which create drops and there is just a
limit to how much the rich are going to spend so this issue income
and wealth inequality which Henry refers to you the major
issue facing our country and its overall of course into politics because you up
families like the Koch brothers who were some eighty billion dollars the wealthiest second wealthiest family in America are
now spending hundreds of billions of dollars to elect candidates who make the rich
even richer and these are the candidate will cut
Social Security Medicare Medicaid education and give more tax breaks the
billionaire and are if we don’t get a handle on that this issue I’ve income and wealth
inequality are it will lead this country into a
oligarchy both economically and politically George
in Aurora Illinois you are on the air center centers a good
morning gentleman senator Sanders as a retired letter
carrier I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for the postal service and I’d like to alert you to another
problem that may be coming down the pipe that will affect the postal service there are reports among our union’s that Postmaster General donahue is planning another pre-fund this one would put money aside for
future workmen’s compensation benefits payments and if that goes through that could that
would just destroy it think I clicked don’t have the paper and
probably but that is not gonna use idea that idea they came from are members of congress are and you’re
right it is absolutely not a good idea not for the
postal workers a month for the government in general father a federal employees
but right now our focus is are into areas someone to prevent a
shutdown of 82 processing plant 15,000 jobs which will
slow mail delivery liter kinda def spiral that many of us
appear in the postal service are acceptable most importantly get rid
of this onerous unprecedented arm is program by which the postal service has
to put five and a half billion dollars in the future a health benefits for
retirees so we can deal with those issues right
now I think we’re gonna Postal Service in a lot better position and in fact as I mentioned earlier if
you exclude five-and-a-half billion a prepayment for future health
retirees possible service which you will make
about a billion dollars in profits and that’s the direction we’re gonna
move burning we have about a half for senator we have about half have a minute here you know closing
thoughts yeah well but most importantly i mean what do you know the issues being
discussed today and virtually every week com hard so many of them come back to
reality are that in this country we have a
government which is dominated by are the one percent and their lobbyists
who spent huge sums of money are lobbying but also are in campaigns announcing Cooper the Sheldon Adelson on
the others prepare to spent unbelievable amount of money to
elect candidates who could care less about the middle class was only drop director well a powerful are so what we have got to do is get out
there we’ve got a talking to our friendship a family because people how to the poll
are and if we can’t do that I think we’re
gonna be okay if not I feel very much what’s going to be
happening politically this country appears senator thank you okay pop thank
you very much you’re listening to Thom Hartmann

  1. Robert Smith

    I'm so tired of Sen. Bernie Sanders. He always sounds like a broken record or one that keeps skipping over the same talking points. Why not interview other senators Mr, Hartman? I'd like to see you, perhaps, interview Sen Elizabeth Warren.. She is much more interesting to listen to. Bernie? I like you a lot but, man, you need to be talking about other things.

    BTW, the best question was this one: 23:40 from Lisa

  2. blechtic

    WRT the felonies: they want to be able to deny the ability to vote. They simply selectively enforce the laws and/or sentence people to do that.

    Also, the Koch brothers aren't worth billions. They may own that much but, frankly, their worth is approximately equal to a gob of spit I hope they often find hitting their faces.

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