Brunch with Bernie – December 29, 2011

his garb places bernie our national town hall meeting with
senator bernie sanders data released today have we given the holidays all these
things and world for you walk on the program
quickly without chris prepared your query happy holidays
recruited coleman on two leaders use for progress but i wouldn’t want to get out of
rhetorical over the building wichita ks about up you revert sent
there are people which has the word progression of the
ideological label progressive eddie sixteen seven percent approval
rating which is lightweight if i have been
conservative label uh… and i think that’s interesting element but i think that we should when we talk about the growth of our
pics sometimes we don’t do it because the job is we should into fighting but
that need to go to i think when you do that palm all right you will find that the vast majority of
the american people personally middle class people working people low
income people welcome to the conclusion the fact that
they are progressing it was clear about what the progress of
the region is about altman and immediately if you were to all but
it’s going to be an architect it’s going to have a lot of majority
people of my own state my pic across the country government has the fundamental responsibility to make sure that ordinary people have at least renewable standard of living and are entitled to certain basic
working i think most people in the pickering if you do polls out there largely in
these polls duplicate we abolish social security
medicare or medicaid or cut both programs they were deployed defied everybody people playing though we believe and social circle because we
understand that when you got old anti catholic and you can’t work on or if you need it wont guaranteed retirement package and when you ask people duty ideologically toward the rest of
the world and have guarantee healthcare pple all
off their people the american people play yacht that make cuts as well that we have
people what the right wing watervliet rapid did
we give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and cutback on programs but are important for working families overwhelmingly the american people think not will take
republicans a good idea the deregulating major industries like walsh great which
have already closed somebody problems for this country people thing now i think what i will call her property is to bring people together or well gee
progress sofa ideology which is uh… the government has got a
stay on top for the basic white of ordinary
americans and in order to do that we’re gonna have
to take on big-money interests put today hope so
much economic and political but i think we have to be very clear at
on the family what the republican agenda is about whether it is ultimate running for the newt gingrich’s
they’re pretty contestant in what they believe and what they believe in they are passion of the future is that you give more tax breaks to the
wealthiest people that spike the fact that we already have the most unequal
distribution of wealth and income of any major country but then you go i don’t recall if an
american disagree but do you think it’s ok in america do you think it’s good for the future of
this country who put four hundred wealthier people or more welcome the bottom half of
america hundred and fifty million people com you will find it very very few
people who actually believe that that is what republicans and they want to be even more inequality two more tax breaks for the wealthy tumour of protecting the loopholes and extending loopholes but watch profitable corporations already then you ask people about issues are uh… like tuolumne free trade uh… duplicators eight good idea but american companies be allowed to
shut down uh… in this country probably a lot of american workers uh… out on the street move there production line the trainer vietnam or other the third world countries where people
play pennies now remembering the product back into this
country and imprudent and interestingly enough you all are
republican let her know that doesn’t make sense because of people instinctively
understand that you cannot have a strong economy for our kids and for the future of this
country if you would not if you’re not
protesting the product that week unfilled we cannot be an economy which simply distributes product made in china i
think people go christmas shopping and that’s perfectly harder and harder
to buy a product made in the united faith of america plywood a progressive agenda or is is
really not that hard to put together because we’ve got
to create jobs in the united states right now and deal with the map of on employment that we currently which in real terms is about fifteen
percent twenty four twenty five million people
unemployed were on the report we’ve gotta put those people back to
book and we’ve got to do it now you’ve got millions of young people
right now people graduating college graduating high school looking forward to be giving their
careers going out on the world and they cannot find their first job and the psychological impact that that
have gone into the future of their lives anxious to get out and i just analytic
writer for the independent catholic apart no jobs out there cut a deal with a reality who got to deal with another reality
equally seriously equally horrific and that is you’ve got people today com thirty five years of age fiftieth of age who have lost their jobs and he will do it now looking at another
job which pays them substantially less than they used to be making or even
worse they have gone through the realization
that the agency sixty than ever going to get another job again in their lives and that the retirement hope that they had personal credit
secure retirement has been shattered because it’s not going to have ania cup and getting more and more people by the
way taken social security at sixty two rather than at sixty five a sixty six but largely because of that reason so i think as the nation what we have
got to do is on the failed that we can create an
economy which works for the middle class and
working families we can protect the elderly for children uh… and the poor we can rebuild our manufacturing factor so that once again we are creating producing products made here in the
united states of america to creating jobs weekend lead the world in reversing global warming are moving aggressively to energy
efficiently as we talk right now in moscow from what i can tell you who’s leading
the country an energy efficiently but i could tell you in the pic there are tens of thousands of buildings
right now today it’s cold here federal wasting twenty thirty forty
percent more energy then they should be because of not having their buildings partly
wadsworth we could put large numbers of people could work terms of weatherization making the doors making the windows
making the insulation making the products that we need we should be moving aggressively twins
bola geothermal other sustainable energy is last couple of years we’ve been an
explosion of solar installations in this country we can do a lot more or political battle without for producing the solar panels in this country window is also growing exponentially in texas now they are producing just in one state of
texas ten thousand ever watch electricity equivalent to ten nuclear power plants impeccable iowa twenty people to their electricity comfortably and weekend producing pecan
p_ producing this winter barge helped lead the world by exporting our products around the
world uh… in terms of sustainable energy so there’s a progressive vision out
there with said look we can have an economy we
can have a health care of the poem that works for everybody not an economic system which benefits the top one percent at the expense for
the part of my department i think they will get that apparently there were
starting at the station articulately put up a terrific
preoccupied this week and good to have a lot of credit leader you have to take a
picture of athletic type of thing you know enough is enough so sorry about
that i cannot count for much of the it’s our voice bernie our center bernice centers on the line taking your calls
our national town hall meeting very were live on free speech t_v_ today so we’ll
be right back with that hands that will be back with your calls for senator
centers eight six six nine seventy eight joanne check out his website see enters
dot senate dot gov which is the drama hardman helices says that the other agencies
sign it essential amendments someone do citizens united and he has
uh… ratings and sign thing this okay bernie you’re still with us right
away to locate great michael in caldwell new jersey watching us on free speech do
you are on your sender centers art bernie how are you public michael w or a good idea that that i got a
question um where he picked up on the project at the progress is retaking the
an act of getting fifty-year and i wanted to add to the democrats to get
back to help the here the local business people predict
question personal democrats by any means topographical but michael that well i think though from what i’ve helped him kind of
waiting and waiting for them to obama became president and we would have to them to the president and and his
administration if you know aqui after the american
people don’t like you are on if you were pretty prepared to take on
wall street and fight for real walsh great before if you’re prepared for that unprotected needs of working families and the middle class and take all of corporate america you know what from a public policy point of you that is the right thing to do and
politically it is the right thing to do for michael to the degree of the
democrats all prepared today in a lot but i’ve got to cut social
cutting medicare and medicaid in order to balance a budget that was uh… a deficit that was closed part-time one paper tax breaks which would have to cut
social study medicare and medicaid if the democrats are clear on that at the knesset the man with the wealthiest people
watches corporations for pain their fair share that will protect the
environment great job in sustainable at it you know what i
think that they could win a very very fine trouble and yes i think they can retake the
house and we pay interest on it and reluctant bubble of the good wrote but if they would be called bob dole
leaves and if they you know thought bacon money from wall street
kids park uh… but uh… piano becoming the issue the issue of the
basic issue i think that they don’t go very well skilled harry truman quote john in sacramento california on
the air as senator said good morning to talk to you happy
holidays packet my question is a allies footing
co-ordinates and uh… uh… dot correct for tours corn syrup as killing us do you think there are currently
completing each c overhauled before completely phillips unkept blood at the question is do we need a
political revolution and of electing people put congresses or not there to represent the wealthy in
the powerful or not ah… to protect completely ish the the
insurance company isn’t and wall street in the military
industrial complex oh and and the pharmacological industry
until four we need it tomorrow put people get elected officials in
washington state legislators and governors both of them all over this country or prepared to fight for the right of working terribly uh… and that if we could look into campaign finance reform so that candidate would not have to take money
from wealthy people it’s because of the nato overturning on
citizens united artists on this ticket we have a a hero reiterate reported a
constitutional amendments to that people’s fido opposition on the above
websites specialities no federal charges cyclicals oracle’s perspective what
articles and that website is saying is that sense that god people can get over
there signed the petitions too for sign defeat sign your support for
his constitutional right this s since i was wondering what’s on that was
seen as well as for our price of burning our national town
hall meeting with the guy i think it was american center all this fine people over not brought louisan or
among them for a decade star ferry prodigy represents them
senator bernie sanders jonah minneapolis minnesota you’re on
the air senator centers uh… yet that i want to add up burning
what he thought of the uh… idea in serving the progressive cause to
curtail of the power of federal courts i i know it’s tempting but i’m not uh… a
fan of that and i think that often the court protect uh… minority rights and also
civil rights says you know as opposed to the will of the majority so uh… edits was wondering what your
thoughts are on that what michael because you don’t think we’ll continue
to appropriate written before putting your newt gingrich who was put it that
project brenda if you’ve got to do it would be
elected president uh… if he did not like a federal court
decision of recovery would not pay much attention to it uh… i think you know basically the
constitution of the united group of america ’cause work pretty well for a few more
tribute and i think one of the points but the founders made of the
brigade of position of responsibility part of the we need an independent
judiciary how to protect the constipation obviously many of our program we’ll
probably go current compositional coverup in court which among the other things labarge
five-to-four vote capably random citizens united decision claiming
that operation for people with the trip all but i think it independent judiciary made up a compulsion responsible our people uh… you what this country have
historically what about entered continue to be about it ensure california great mira sounded
sanders hartman her are taking my call burning
your book we are in through the prologue them uh… i help i was wondering help europe
also an issue for progress toward such as medicare for all yes could you explain how progressive
health care isn’t dancing in your own home state of
vermont and that your understanding o what
progressive healthcare me thank you very much look we’re going to go absolutely
right health care app when we talk about basic white clearly everyone a postal you’ve got to
get a car program we’ve got our babies chrono but of a dog uh… and health care have got to be any right
alrighty a_t_t_ ordering cut in your com com uh… our grandchildren were great
grandchildren a look back at it we can’t believe that you live in aviation in which they would link
between two people who couldn’t go to a doctor what they would have to all
people who cut bankrupt how we are losing harvard buddy copy of
the clinic at we’d lose about twenty five thousand people every year they
tied because they don’t get to a doctor on carton and me moral uh… we spend almost twice as much per
person on health care of the people of any other nation and our health care i’ll come to the
respect or worse but we have a system that need to be a
total oval hole it is your product it is dominated part private insurance
companies whose goal is not the best quality care at the least cost
but to make much money as we possibly can we have a very powerful pharmaceutical
industry whose goal is to make as much money if they can while they’re charging our people the
highest prices in the world of for prescription drugs making many drugs on affordable for people who
desperately need them so clearly we need a fundamental change
in our health care system autographed indicated invoice date but we have a governor pete problems we
have a legislature are that he is prepared to go forward
with the medicare for single payer program on him right now we’ve got a committee
working on the details uh… prague that uh… legislation has already been passed helen going forward with a a lot of
uh… deep elf would have to be worked out workout if it will not be evi to be the first eight mination to do
that but are able to everything i can to make
sure that happened or and when we come back uh… when we stay that healthcare is a
writer when you get fit regardless of your income you go to a doctor would put more effort
for public use professional primary health care or when we unit it a very comfortable weight try to
attack the escalating cost of health care which is going to all of the war endangering our economy making it impossible to small business
people ought to provide health care what we
understand that we’ve got a separate the position of health care from blueprint went up on top of the total difficult
not providing health care health care should be approved by it vital responsibility funded a progressive and fairways photographed in the paper mache is
working on that issue right now we believe that if we do it well uh… it will become a model for all the
states of actually four the country but at the end of the day this country must be a nation which has
uh… all of our people are entitled to health care and that we have a high
quality system one in a cost effective way of article
candidates shall nearest city centers hello on it senator standard i got it i would like to ask a question that has
been probably at least a year ago i thought meeting with the chairman of
paramount on kuwait will be delighted state at the first and only under developing nation the in the world and i can do agree with that you’ve had
a derek developed underdeveloped united states is now the only under developing
nation in the world in a latino and she is unraveling where we could practical questions about it and and and
his well i think i don’t know who that
dramatic on a billboard but the fact the pretty clear alton if you look at unemployment now but as i
mentioned earlier we look at it reluctant about fifteen percent which is
just and winter oregon uh… for the young people polled people
we’re looking at median family income having gone down by over three thousand
dollars in the last eight years you’re looking
at a shrinking middle questions politics today and sodas dealt with in the case pawns still looking at it structural
switches through his private healthcare systems work that’s going to be part of
senator politically pedicure roxy constable country which is quietly the trained as a part of our economy ought to look at the coverage or
listening to the com hardman program call a six six nine eight seven self-righteousness our national champions cinema leasing circumstances others dot senate dot gov carbon dioxide slowly bars nine-hour filibuster is out as a book i
it’s called filibusters liberty according to peter staff thank you very much it’s uh… if i have
a copywriter and and i was uh… uh… honored that you quoted for my books in your in your school
today said that it was a back bizarre brushes bernier center breeze centers on the line was immortalized unjustly finshed experience some bradford junior
year and here is senator since jerry muller understand her sister
agreed to talk with you we have great admiration for you and uh… for the
state of vermont but we still are perfect and promote
remarking clothing pump uh… the the uh… are the campaign in
two thousand four which uh… you many creative use of the internet i think
uh… park obama’s campaign picked up on tara skills as a practical matter to
help elect progressives to the u_s_ congress and senate izmir a daratea eight or company website or somewhere pretty something completely
wrong to help amateurs learn how to become
effective activists to help elect people into the government against
the type a tidal wave of money that’s coming and if there is no one could you
uncover collaborate to create one for us will tell you that is a quick question
or on independent open hero cardiff in vermont we can do it on
breaks uh… end and developing a role model
for here which is primarily focused on no president arafat are due and have done uh… in my political
career hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of of town meetings hoping to everybody from the largest
cities scores small discount card away or do it and i think that worked effectively all available weekly groups out there i
want to come to mind his global wealth alliance spent of
course after the great portable welcome uh… forgiving administrator i think
the public popular book title put a lot of energy into the ground
troops organized like aren’t sure there are organizations as
well as should build up but you’d have to be a very good
question carried from the adulthood anymore but i might moneysavers era jen and howard dean started democracy
for america seems to be deans and the have uh… traveling schools where they
go around and as we can course i thought some of them for them and and then in them and the they bring
people in for a weekend sheets them hydeia activists oppose both outside the party
inside the party like an opportunity to work with but the estate you know in the icu real quick answer
when a little bit of a handgun in the other ones dress democrats americans two carpenters organization uh… api diem erica dot org so
democracy for america dot com p america dot org this to at least lawyers i think we should
talk to the public about the plug on that particular purpose itself but it was arson realizations
wilson and his good citizens moccasins uh… david card is still a note of
another group votes polled boarded the boat cocktail from the a_f_l_c_i_o_ back
with a little bit of a political that they were talking about people uh… it’s nothing very complicated they have well-trained well-educated
working-class people going out of working-class they worked talking to their neighbors yet not all that complicated and it was also pretty profound because the point is all whole lot of
people in this country really have not been exposed king progressive ideas they’re inundated
with rush limbaugh talks moves right wing uh… politics and they have not heard to whole total
point of view so i think grassroots organizations that
are breaking through that wall or playing a very significant role both
of problem but i think they would look good question and in the future looks opponent and
down to talk talk about it on its own myla some accounts this weekend was and and i saw it when asked about me
just show up a japanese as a you may do you want to do that it’s a
little bit sensitive question by playing the in many ways republic complicated article a lot of it will push you want
to use the internet waldorf but a lot of that have to do with the
face-to-face discussion all educating people about what’s going
on giving people a progressive vision making poor people understand that in a
democracy they can and most plate an important role but as you are likely
to spare worthwhile option but if they do not get out and
participate politically trust me but there are lobbyist in washington
will fill that void representing of the wealthy and the powerful so but mostly it’s grassroot activists on
my pic every state will do it a little bit
differently but i think it might be a good idea for you write a
review some of the best picking fights around the country credit for future show charles since his
son is on a year on year senator barry sanders good morning at which it was there sir
women i’m pushing happy holidays and let’s hope it’s a better here took the correct and i have sharply
opinion i think i’m interested in i advocate i have the cape that we’d eliminate people in power and i don’t mean this
order actually uh… we do have business we have
opportunities help another country that should be in this country is there no
way that we can get that business back into
this country yet our people back to work in be done with the ceremony and free
trade yes well political debate that will help
bring or i think charles went into a very
important quickened which apartment or talk about a great
deal but it is not talked about terribly much incontrovertible corporate media and that is understanding that any great economy a great nation uh… it cannot pocketbook if we are not produce lean
the product how many of the products but we consul already anybody without but out shopping
in the last few weeks note but it is harder and harder to bar products made in the art institute of america watery foods without but one of the
reasons is how it is very dangerous trade policies developed over the last thirty
or so years and i have to study supported by republicans supported by democrats supported of
course party in power uh… corporate world supported by the chamber of commerce was
leader of said outgrowth we have good companies can make money outsourcing they work the problem good for the bottom line of corporations
most americans don’t believe that i think again doctor the house the kind of
economy how young people need the future of the country needs eleven we rebuild al manufacturing and one again i’ll put people back to work producing the product that we have the
rest of the world uh… and there are ways to do that and
that means changing halt our trade policy whether to cover
the normal trade relations with china nafta capital or the trade agreement which essentially gave a green door the green light uh… to companies to throw americans
out on the street and move abroad coming in this one example of something that i have done than and we’ve got to
do for beautiful failed a lot more had much of this on the trail before uh… if you go to the plutonium art
museums in washington great music although i was stressful last year but the point that the gift shop of
these museum most of the products controlled without manufactured in the united
states of america that really affect me before publicly opposed republicans agree publicly-funded museums are represented that is great about our
country our history our culture efforts and yet many many giftware that would not made in the electric
accordingly bust little statuettes a president of the united states would
work with the plutonium and i think probably within a couple of
months you could it be a very significant
increase in the number of product they are selling made in america what do you think but they did it we’re working with the group patrols i’d give at the various national parks monumental around the country they’re making progress as well but weekend and most put pressure on corporate america at least sorry if you want us to bar
your product you’ve got the plot manufacturing them in america got to be needed scott let me
tell you public but it is being the most important
economically sir common yes sir in years city year-on-year senator sanders are happy holiday bernie uh… might
find a place you know what i think he’ll very much for your hard work and i hope
we do all that kind of united opinionated conference all a question or we want what do you
think uh… potluck anderson an injustice partying and even if uh… but now i feel like he
doesn’t have a prayer huge but even if i think he was elected what do you think it is a really when
people adjusted of getting money out of politics and and fixing all our you know
problems etc let me just uh… later but i i i think that it is typically highly unlikely
political uh… third-party candidate to be
elected president of united to take it out i think the usual third-party politics uh… is pumping brody all of a very long
concussion uh… the question is can you put
together in one click it you fund a blueprint around a progressive agenda can you have
a lot electing people uh… and e effect simply not going to
be very very happy that i can tell you uh… and longest serving independent out sort of a two-party system in in
american history palm i think right now at this particular
mobile but the president we can do right now is different from the grassroots
movement progressive demand for the democratic
leadership but on the president uh… and put people at all costs who can apply to working families uh… and i think that’s kind of where
we are right now if they were all states and communities where people can get elected outside of
the two-party system i’ve been proposed that’s great uh… we’ve done here over a month and
it’s happening uh… here and there around the country all but i think that ultimately of what we’ve got to do right now he was galvanized working families but
they are both and fight for the right to demand that their elected officials
photographers with the fam rose on the top specialists is our brunch was burning our
celebration here’s our national child armies taking your calls also he has state constitutional amendment to roll
back citizens united cc in by the supreme court cd fight over
his website sanders dot senate dot gov featured check that out as well as it’s
a a great news site you’re listening to some argument
program visit some hartman dot com for audio video market utilized shelling hansel science mines
on the personally since this insincere nests sf this and uh… we’re mac job career you still there are a minority
okay great ok we we just lost river just that but uh… ok let’s pick up a call
here this judy and i harris in excuse me in
hillsborough california you are on thank you for watching free speech to your on
your senator centers judy insurance do you what you see the
analyses into her phone kevin in wilmington
vermont watching and free speech t_v_ kevin you’re on the air with your
senator bernie sanders power and it’s down and wasn’t weird uh… we live during we’ve apparently
lost some some kind of something here so bloody just a sausage either let’s you know you and
i talk for a couple of minutes here or come i’m curious you know the the the internet quietly soap of bill letter paul ryan co-sponsored there’s
this huge blow back against a but ron wyden’s running the crusade against it
on in the senate but in the house by it looks like young people might be taking
on paul ryan not because of his position as a security but because he wants to
censor the internet out of here is what your thoughts on that voted and we
haven’t really going to kill without obviously uh… we could look at it we
tend to protect that neutrality argued but haven’t been in recent years just an enormous opportunity for people without a lot of money small
organizations but to be able to get there with their
point of view out have prevented it had a a profound impact on public from when i
caught up in any type of internet that’s for sure all but beyond that republican but probably will put purple i wanted to get back to if i call it a
question that esperanto political divide unanswered is imperfectly a particular the pentagon third-party politics and i think the emperor group uh… had to do with balancing complex uh… there is no question that in terms
of the republican party now you have a party that has gone or
extremely right wing ha democratic party as a centrist party it happened olympic represented some
pretty conservative pretty conservative people in it we’re not very different from of many republicans uh… and clearly we need uh… booby creating in this country a party that represents working families uh… and the middle class what we have to be careful of of the
food about the art of politics is about and it’s not easy is do you want to help to butch and drop
electing abe right wing republican to be
president of the united flight i think you don’t want to do that uh… specially in these incredibly difficult clients so how do you move the boat including the progressive movement which does not the of surface too right wing extremist is the
challenge that we face and i think that there is no magical
some two hundred and there will be people disagree with me i think there are areas of the country
right now well you could have progressive take
about democrats and republicans and winning and that’s a good thing and or other
areas where progresses because i have to be working
with democrats at the peak republicans i think the public will depend on the
state of the community steals a step-by-step process is going to take
people dissipating showing up i think urging
people to go to local democratic party needs and just say hey i’m ready to
volunteer could step well according to the plummeting people
typically go self and and frankly republicans as well i mean you know
republicans to the rest of republicans i’d like to see that the slash it’ll unstuck no still find that
story or delivery giant hang onto status is our pleasure bernie are starting to
his forty nine minutes past the hour that that’s automatic start here with you and my
apologies to all we has that’s what it’s all over the issue and uh… we had a hasn’t got a system
failure now jacob right now as removing this inside say to anybody who try to call
andrew was on hold waiting for bernie to uh… call back we should be able to put
your phones on the on the air but uh… we just don’t all of our allies
everything just died uh… except for you and me and the radio stations in the
t_v_ set we’re still on the air so uh… debris
and your thoughts are competent democrats continue kind which is what
you know if u it how many people or involved in
the political process p interest level and the goal is to from the ground on opted to get people involved like to tell you what
your we had a question earlier about four months role in pushing for
medicare for single payer program and popping a legislator path but that
would not have happened without a group called these remarkable
content-type alluded a quick question which
organizing effort went to all kinds of the next stage of a
text make sure that legislative came in to
have to respond but i think albeit we can just increase than any significant way the number of people at the grassroots
level do you want i don’t have health insurance or i can’t
before the health insurance but i have to we have got to do a lot better public or we do it we’ve got that we heard today but we
often hear people discussed it about the collapse
of manufacturing of american jobs being shifted but writer of the country’s got up and
up you have to hold your elected officials and you can think of accountable on that issue you have to make sure that the week the band but the wealthiest people in this
country stopping their fair share of taxes but i think the gold is rallied the grassroots of this country get
people under planned that in a democracy that is not only
tail right that is their responsibility that is what they have got to do not only for themselves but predicted
kits a little too because if they don’t do
that but i can tell you weblogic some thirty in washington right now parading around the halls of of the
house to look at it our people being paid hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year to represent the wealthy and the
powerful and the only at the top of that is of strong grassroots movement ordinary people think tank government correct this at all so much
of the people on top insulates calls moscow while the other day exits and worst effective uh… politicians don’t leave the just get out
in front of mob and we’ve got to be the mob you know and it is absolutely no it
is ok our lines of uh… all filled backup paul has had a chance to
prescreened them so uh… i reserve the right of somebody’s drunkard seems odd
to cut them off but let’s start out with the person erica eight three one you are
on the air was centers centers high-tech nampak tak nak caan thank you for having
him on every pata surely call i’m katherine environments that posted you questions
about it had been planning to be empower
comment that can henequen i happened to repent strike there and the product are not made in that
camp and book went mad and prior to look at
them and his anti-terror stop eating taipei purchased another saint louis and put a cap on political who
manufacture the product and he had statement they want to put out there and i want to bring this to your
attention to and understand it and they’ve done a lot of good partition man
to head with a click on and another couple of minutes and campaign children thank you very
much quote if a member of the federal committee and somebody very active on veterans and
from committee working very hard to make sure that the very least all government agencies for purchasing products made in the
united virgin america that is the tissue i will i’ll look into right away great thank
you very much for the cold comfort seven in wilmington vermont town near you
senator bernie sanders the burning jeevan rooms overrun uh… don’t find uh… my question to
labor leaders uh… in light of fuel prices skyrocketing why why does
congress insisted on still giving fossil fuel industry uh… subsidies and
new colors subsidies when we’d we need we definitely need to
put those subsidies for a green energy projects and congress just drop
themselves believe that they were given to the wind and solar geothermal
industries haven’t met with a quiet when you’re absolutely right on or what evidence is thing is is put like
the correct uh… our government provides ongoing
ongoing subsidies and exemptions aural so-called for nucleo and borrow of course we have provided
some help proved unsustainable energy industry it
is intermittent hearted it on the video basis which is a
very bad way to do business little bit disasters of what’s happening
right now is that we have not extended a number of the tax breaks all poor wind console which is going to
have a very very bill attorneys impact on those industries women for women who
had very good expanded significantly trading neutrons
in recent years we have not expended uh… dept that the the tax credits uh… in the subsidies that power they
have gotten in recent years so i agree very much with kevin in my view uh… the future of the energy of energy
in the country is with energy efficiently win solo or geothermal we’ve gotta protect and
help those industries oil companies with a greater truly
involves a buffet for the last ten years do not need anymore subsidies or tax breaks for experiences a little
less than a last thoughts on this last year and the year coming up you know everybody look almost it’ll take to the point com we are at a
pivotal moment it in american history hobart imposed portrait of a common
talking about the economy on ruffling but it was spectacle whole middle class is disappearing puppy
is increasing people don’t have health care on employment guarded by global warming
the problem we have to deal with are you think votes problems all of those problems all
solvable but they are not going to be involved total literally tens of millions of
people jumped into the political process and it is not to vote you’ve got a boat that special but you got to be there too at the grassroots level to make a door
that good people on nominated good people or elected you also have to be there candidates and elected officials callous
that’s a separate passes sources close to six cc’s cecil sucessful we have
talked to reaches its inshallah dearest sister cities dot security is so
great distances are great here uh… having you on so many years thank you
again felt like two of the depth of happy holidays wonderful video clips but
i think it’s huge

  1. yumi mango

    If the progressives take hold it might see the GOP family value rats begin to jump ship and run and hide someplace. They should be fingered and prosecuted for any complicity in anything illegal. They have taken many lives and they sold the access and influence. It was the chief means by which they enriched themselves.They should be always remembered for that.

  2. BrainDeadNot

    The so called "Job Creators" make money creating jobs in other countries, closeing factories here, and laying off workers!! They have 90% of the money and pay 37% of the taxes! We won 2 World Wars by out producing the enemy, but NeoCons have destroyed our ability to defend ourselves by building factories in the coutries that are the greatest threat!! Their Greed will destroy this nation, we need a Maximum wage, it is the only way to stop the criminals from destroying US! GREED is Evil!!

  3. John Smith

    @Tounushi Powell retired after deciding to be Bushes puppet, when he lied to the UN about WMDs in Iraq. He did that because Pearl and a member of the Bush administration that is like the horseman of death were sitting behind him and imitated him to do it.

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