Brunch with Bernie – October 5, 2012

happy friday and of course it being
friday and the first-ever program andy’s is time for a national town hall
meeting with the guy i think that as america’s senator although the good
citizens a remark i was one for a decade high no their faith are these there
senator senator bernie sanders bernie welcome back to the program good to be with his own it’s our is our
brush wood burning our own i’m curious what’s on your mind about what’s going
to be felt a lot since last time we talked we did uh… obviously of job numbers
are important obviously i think there’s a lot of but a lot of discussion about or the president’s performance in the
debate the other night uh… and what that means uh… and there is i think increase
discussion about how we go forward on deficit reduction them in some troubling
articles that i prayed which suggests that uh… some in
washington a moving in the wrong direction uh… i think in terms of the debate
uh… no questions that in terms of performance of the president was not at
his uh… in terms of of uh… theater and i think it’s fair to say that romney
one uh… that debate but i think in terms of of substance
what is important for people to understand is that romley displayed of that pitch a
sketch characteristic which i think uh… he has been displaying almost throughout
his whole political career changing positions and i think the president was still a
little bit surprised to find that virtually everything discuss the same
for the last eighteen months was gone suddenly he was no longer a rightwing
conservative but a moderate uh… who is worried about children and
worried about teachers and uh… worried about people who might
need a uh… health care for have pre-existing
conditions and all of the stuff of us is is simply
uh… stop that uh… he poked pulled out of his hat uh… for this debate uh… and i think that took to the
president uh… a little bit about but the reality is that right now in
terms of substance and terms of where i miss the
rum the is at the head of a right wing extremist
party that’s not what the republican party has always been that is where they are today uh… you have a party which absolutely positively once and will if given the
power to do so give u stacks breaks to the wealthiest
people in this country at a time when the rich already doing phenomenally well these people will if given the
opportunity to do it social security cut medicare cut medicaid kat education and move this country along the iowa
caucus past of a handful of very very wealthy people awning and controlling of economic and
political life of what i was disappointed about into
the bay was that the president really did not
take uh… mister romney on forcefully uh… in terms of uh… defending some of the very
positive accomplishments of his administration uh… pointing out that it has nothing
to be ashamed about the thirty million more americans will get health insurance as a result of the affordable cara uh… making everyone understand that despite romney’s rhetoric uh… pre-existing conditions will not
be available for the vast majority of the people who will need them if from the is re-elected uh… making it clear that it is
difficult as the economy is right now but the worst shin of wall street uh… more unfettered free trade uh… which has led us to where we are uh… so call my i think uh… oh i was
not uh… happy with the president’s
performance uh… but i think we’ve got a month to make it klia uh… to every american what a disaster
iran the victory would be and what a disaster it would be if the republicans or regain control of the united states uh… senate uh… so uh… that’s yum and probably the issue i think that most
people are thinking about right now if i could put a punctuation point and that have used
uh… i’m guessing you haven’t said that i think this just came out uh… the comments that uh… antonin
scalia made at the american enterprise institute in the last night is falling nope didn’t see the bills so little it’s
just four sentences i let me share with you uh… you is a question answer if there
are few senses the paragraph he says the death the they would be what
they were asked about you know how would he decide what to do you think you know he says the death penalty give me a
break it’s easy abortion absolutely z nobody ever thought the constitution
prevented laws again to restrictions on abortion homosexual sodomy come-on for two
hundred years it was criminal in every state the constitution means exactly
what high i think it ought to mean end of quote well that’s a very enlightened statement
in a democratic society that the constitution means with the church uh… justice
scalia thinks he means of you know and i think uh… i wouldn’t mind of my friends in
the massachusetts that scott brown living film uh… suggested the my memory is correct
that school it was his favorite justice yes has modeled two h this model job so of hopefully folks in
massachusetts on the stand we have a situation right now uh… where as a result of uh… citizens united uh… as a result of the fact that we
have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth in the worst
of its been in this country since the nineteen you got home and this is really scary
stuff than the american people got a rise up and take a moment you have a small number folksy handful
of very wealthy and powerful billionaires who are in the process of trying to buy
the united states government citizens united has given them that opportunity uh… pico pro-business mentioned many
times spending four hundred million dollars on this campaign uh… mister sheldon adelson gonna spend
a hundred million dollars we have eliza lee in as spending for clients of money uh… and they want to take us uh…
into anyplace where we pushback in person virtually every major piece of
legislation passed in the last eighty years since
franklin delano roosevelt which was designed to protect working families uh… in the middle
class these guys want to eventually moved to the privatization of
social security given over to wall street there are some of these guys right wing
republicans who believe that social security is
unconstitutional government should be involved in protecting the retirement security of
elderly people people with disabilities there are folks there paul ryan the uh… romney’s uh… vice presidential
the nominee is uh… has come up with a plan to end
medicare as we know it in ten years and give a if our trip uh… to our seniors which will be
totally inadequate in making in in providing the health
care that sick elderly of seniors need at a time when we have tens and tens of
millions of people with no health insurance they wanna make drastic cuts in medicaid throwing millions of kids off the health
insurance making it harder for middle-class
families to be able to provide for their parents
who need nursing home care of at a time when college education is increasingly unaffordable and we need to expand the pell grant
program and other federal programs to make it easier for working class families to
syndicates apologies guys or make drastic cuts in those programs they want to cut back on the tricia and i think of people think well you
know he’s exaggerating i really am not uh… what you have right now is a right
wing extremist pawnee who believes that the function of
government primarily is the fence and despite the fact that we’re triple
defense spending since nineteen ninety seven spending over seven hundred billion
dollars he another one of spent more on the fence want to get more tax breaks for the rich
and i want to cut back on almost everything else that you can and in terms of environmental issues
like global warming it ain’t on there radar screen never comes up not to be discussed every scientist of virtually all
scientists know how serious the problem is we have republicans who refused a vivid
knowledge the reality of global warming standpoint center bernie sanders with us
take enough of your calls next on international town hall meeting
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finest minds the world settled and welcome back uh… let’s see here
dolores in ryan or while watching frisbees t_v_ uh… directv you were on
your senator centers delores what a privileged to be with you might i dont actually have a question maybe
there’s a question buried in it outbreak that we are are con barracuda that ramli one activate and a man allied can can you explain grew up together funnier than i think i
have a lot of thirty eight minutes accurate it during that debate about
incoherent you and do not credit amanda occurred
whenever all right and i love the lowest reflect are about environment alerts you make a very good point and i think you made it props better than i did unfortunately and this is the very very serious problem we live in the media culture where public policy what makes sense what policies can for example help the
middle class what policies can help us deal with environmental issues those appellee irrelevant what is relevant for much of the media is zingers uh… it is uh… e-news looking ert politics in government like it were a
baseball game who’s winning and who’s losing group
performed that off uh… like we are or dishing here for
somebody on american idol rather than for the president of the united states and that’s how it’s not that knowledge strong media would have said is here is mister romney totally changing his views on everything
that he has said over the last eighteen months especially want to be when he wanted to
win the nomination uh… and attract right wing extremists
and now we’ve gotten to another position and maybe tell us about the history of
mister romney was a long tradition of changing his position pro-choice
anti-choice concerned about global warming doesn’t mention global warming and an automatic doors but the reality that we live in
unfortunately force is that a lot of what media coverage is about is looking at it as it was uh… as of a
war a ballgame winners and loses and and that’s the reality your point
then in terms of substance the fact that he lied on numerous occasions that is
the point thank the president is trying to get that point out now to the
american people okay and uh… just uh… with uh… one
quick there could question here we just have a a minute before the break orlando
in pleasant hill california landau quick question for senator centers yeha are dependent on the right when it
becomes i’m a democrat is not necessarily registered democrat won
connecticut me off a lot of talk about the democrats i feel like a lot of time
to be so reactionary on a lot of pain community has really been without are
part of me i listened to some of the week we’ll talk about how republican
government tried hard to really take the elections and very and these ways to
wrap it used to attack probably forty fifty years ago and it was before i’ve been there for the content of the
state i just feel like that isn’t another place what type of reform
democrat have not really not the life political forum let’s let’s take the
question at the and where people do that orlando thank you very much defense in
the sense that he will be like that for instance past are affect dot uh… the the has passed a lot of act that some of the
program is our brush and burning our senator bernie sanders answering your
calls international townhall meeting and both are chatroom in orlando had this
question uh… bernie uh… what what do we do about republican voter
disenfranchisement from from the voter voters suppression i_d_ laws to you
don’t buy this is all sort of brando was saying is that he is you know disgusted uh… with the situation where
republicans continue to fight extremely unfairly look
everybody has a different point of view of this world and and by living in a democratic society was
there pay about your point-of-view this is my point of view we’re gonna hold an election we see who
wins uh… but what republicans have done uh… in the last several years is number one pushed very very hard mitch mcconnell was partners proposed
republican leader in the senate very product very much part of the process abiding citizens united past but missed the schoolyard and united states supreme court and that
all put in the door to ewga amounts of money into the
political process not all of it but the vast majority of it going to
republicans are often too right wing republicans second of all on the sizzle orlando’s
point at a time when vote up four the in
america is not fortunately thank god a serious problem under the guise of combat ng a non
serious problem what republican governors and
legislators have gone all over this country is to pass laws of making it difficult
for lower income people and seniors to participate in the political process and the reason they did that is very very clear to everybody as
orlando just that it is too low voter turnout for those people who
will vote against republicans that’s all perishable everybody understands that so if you are up more and you don’t own a car and you don’t
drive and you don’t have a photo i_d_ license driver’s license you know it’s got a big part up to get
you to the polling place and that is exactly
the intention of these laws now with good news is that in recent months in a number of
states most recently in pennsylvania these laws appropriately anot have begun to be stricken doubt by the
courts because they clearly unconstitutional
they are clearly an effort to deny people their constitutional right to
participate and the democratic political process uh… so uh… orlando was right amin
these guys have uh… billionaires behind them
funding their campaigns that will make it harder for working people lower
income people and we’re just gonna stand up and fight
as hard as we can uh… to defeat them an entire press
process okay karegi in harlan you jersey you’re
on there senator centers this morning illinois uh… stop wasting
all the wonderful head back packing for the admission to a trouble ticket now my question bearish hairdos is
anybody in washington talking about and our other revenue problem uh… in
hobart anything or free trade policy and putting high parapro import independent
of the peak w_t_o_ hectic creativity within the letter
excellent start putting like twenty four million working american let because it led to a after working
out their taxes revenue and stimulate our economy by
once again being able to purchase durable goods label made in the u_s_
right and that’s my question luxury cars craig in the answer is yes that you’re
talking to somebody who was voted against every one of these disastrous
trade agreements let me just take a moment because it is an issue craig that is not talked about terribly much
i’ll tell you what because essentially you have virtually all republicans who agree with unfettered you have many democrats who agree with unfettered europe almost every major editorial page in the united states of america that agrees with unfettered free trade despite for a fact pens are thousands of factories i’ve
been shot down in recent years we’ve lost fifty five thousand factories in the last ten years many of them not all but many of them due to these disastrous trade agreements which is great suggested companies are shutting down via move
into china moving to vietnam will redouble low-wage countries they bring their products back into this country so great is asking an important question
but does not get discussed up although i talk about a quite a bit but craig yes you are absolutely correct
we need to understand that nafta capstone permanent normal trade
relations with china it has been good for corporate america
for the big money interest that has been bad for working people we have lost millions of decent paying jobs and what is the answer the answer is among all in addition to changing our
trade policy is to make it clear to large corporations that they’ve got a
start rebuilding the manufacturing sector in this country and stop producing products he had made
in the your azeri and is art harris part of that solution absolutely they operate thanks very much about the question okay and jerry in minneapolis minnesota
kit was antigen s injure your on your summer centers we
have just a minute and i requested a lot of it wasn’t senator which i think it would be a good idea
back like that in derry voluntary i retirement program that would be or like bad or government
aren’t that would correct one thing on top of
the rendezvous with the world i’m trying to turn total security into an
investment vehicle well i think you’re you what we have to understand is social
security like he has some of my conservative friends that well you know
if you and best and wall street the stock lucky to make more money than you
would uh… from social security sometimes that’s true sometimes it is absolutely not true and
talk to the millions of people who lost their life savings on wall street collapsed in two thousand
and eight social security is not an investment
program on invest invest in wall street sometimes you win sometimes you lose
touch a right social security is an insurance program
an insurance program which has war magnificently with seventy
seven years never once selling to pay out what
people are entitled to senator bernie sanders of this year have
brunch with burning our our national town hall meeting your opportunity to ask your question senator bernie
sanders because what sense is that senate dot
gov powers at tahoe back probably back with more you’re listening to the com hardman my call eight six six nine eight seventy
eight zero one done at some level and uh… by phone
and i’ve had an affair with the asteroid tom harkin dot budget during our senator bernie sanders
on the line with us and uh… bring rehab pick up any instrument so this break are north people are ok ok great uh… let’s see here woody in litchfield arizona you’re on
your sender centers uh… good morning or good afternoon
uh… again it’s a pleasure recruited beautician coupled with a and i guess today uh… our focused on
getting a congress we can work with about thirty four years of u_s_d_a_ and the lemmings uh… farmers home
administration role development farm service agency an example of congress’
act is that we have appeared to be program the i don’t have the authority to review
the appraisal however it was a guaranteed loan that
was passed by the republican congress in the two thousand two farm bill billy uh… ability to make the
photographic needs to be preserved just like the repeat rush’s federal dollars
no federal employees service world what daughter has st louis when i called
uh… on her behalf try to get cotton cloth up locked into a global curvature
of the philippines because it was a guarantee loans how do we get those loans made by the
government lip service by government please recommend fact orem behalf of the
administration whilst stop outsourcing didn’t stop
having banks the middleman in these loans are the person right now i i cannot predict will shift
on the line of talked about uh… many times in terms of loans and in
terms of banking uh… i i think i speak for you time
when you say you want to go back to the old boring banking system yes faith it’s
as safe predictable boring mildly profitable banks right in other words and banking a hog uh… what we have no on wall street which has got to cox i’ve got to be
addressed if we’re going to save this economy and save the middle class is wall street has been converted from a banking system into a gambling casino and what they are involved in with is not lending money to the
productive economy way up businesses can gain affordable
loans and uh… great jobs in in the manufacturing
sector of the service sector or or whatever uh… but basically wall street has
become in thailand onto itself words own but spain function is to make money four
itself within its own world and the result of that is that all over
this country we have businesses and desperately need affordable loan so they
can expand and create jobs they can’t get it which leads me back to position i have long advocated in and
introduce legislation to deal with what is the need to break
open these huge financial institutions six of which which six of which have assets approval to two-thirds of
the g_d_p_ of the united states of america their police believe anything interest and if you’re going to lend money you’ve got to know who your client is excuse me you have to know whether that
person is able to pay back uh… especially if that loan is
guaranteed i don’t think that’s a very complicated uh… marcia in raleigh north carolina listing on the two and a half an hour on
years of his heart without bail you’ve got a had a lot of people calling
you tend to defend it or can we do solvable if the person what
can we go to get people to stop voting against their own that entered and i want them to know that the
democrats also i’d not supporting their pets they didn’t know that that they want the
for gay rights a week ago they don’t know where the that i’ve got a full to
be in the platform and carrot they don’t support single-payer and had a lot of
other thing i’m not quite candidly forget that the day after the election we join a progressive party out of i
mean you could join the green party newtown pa kent uh… elizabeth i wired
and altogether progressive embrace celebrity friends miki what date well more sure i didn’t say that was
said is that the day after the election we’ll go organize a strong grassroots movement all over
this country to make sure that the president stands up for working families and remembers why he was elected in the
first place that is what if i said uh… m as the longest serving
independent in the history of the u_s_ congress on
what is not a democrat and excusing and not a republican i am not unsympathetic you know to the efforts of third parties
including three point oh what a great people doing a lot of good work uh… arrive now uh… my main emphasis is to make sure that we defeat a right wing extremist party which is
the republican party uh… and to make sure that all bomb up
stands up for working families we just talked about trade policy uh… we have talked about the need for
a mass of jobs program uh… to put millions of people to work
we have talked about the need for real health care reform and quite
hope my state leads the nation in terms of a single-payer system talk about the need to finally take on
wall street just operate an op these banks now i think there’d parties can play
very well where there are areas with their parties can work and in the state of vermont we probably
of the most successful third-party uh… in america we have
uh… uh… i think about six people in our
legislature out of a hundred and fifty in the house co-op members of the progressive party it is likely that after november six one
of three out of thirty people in the senate will members of about the progress applauding they’re working closely with progressive
democrats to bring about some really good things
of within the state of vermont so well what i said was we let them put as
much pressure on all bomber as we possibly can to a strong grassroots
movement if there are areas of the state would people want to go third-party that is absolutely the right jason in hollywood florida sensors exam
here on the or senator centers mood jason okay still in pittsburgh
pennsylvania you’re on your sanity centers i thought i’d heard barry exposure all
that you do a little l truer next fall hehar kelly came to the president
mindset uh… in terms of uh… hah kong attacked for repair our approach toward dapat at portrait that uh…
cutting the deficit it pays uh… one other thing i wanted to happy
with the president he said well we are talking about approach two-and-a-half-hour concocted every
dollar in irreparable etc that flop ballots hit one dollar to one dollar and we need
to make everybody pressure on parents understand that entitlement either
because people are entitled to think social security
medicare think that people can pass before proposal contract in this country
and forty nine years old i wanna make sure it’s going to be there whenever i
get there so possibility carlton hotel part so you
disagree question of what this is an issue that i’ve been working on really hard although i was upset about is only the
ratio of cuts to revenue that the president is talking about only half the
story sto we’re talking about revenue whereas the
revenue coming from a lot of people some or what to do the
tax increases on millions and billions not really doesn’t have to be revenue can come from a middle class as
well the other thing that was very disturbing trait in addition to that
statement on the part of the president uh… was uh… uh… his comments on social security when he
began the debate by uh… that if the first question that
jim lehrer asked was on social security and medicare he’s an well i think basically two uh… double romney and are you going to look at the social security problem
simile we’ve become a permissible place that is not a good answer because the fact is that i can try to
make this point as often as i can social security has nothing to do with
the office of reduction to social security as integer bitter nickel to the
deficit factor this into port seven trillion
dollar surplus and a payroll benefits for the next
twenty one years the only reason social security is being
brought into this discussion is the republicans portable from the day after social security was
passed wanted to kill it and they’re still at it and it disturbs me very much the
democrats are falling into that trap i walked at all let alone with harry
reid the majority leader which now has twenty nine signatures on
it all the democrats saying hake social security should not be part of
deficit reduction social security’s independently funded by the payroll tax now people step for the scope uh… the issue here is how after the election assuming obama
wins uh… and assuming the democrats
controlled the senate and hopefully gain some seats in the house maybe take over
the house uh… how don’t go forward with episode
reduction uh… what i feel very much is that democrats and their meetings
taking place right now i’m getting of eight meeting with c_e_o_’s meeting with since
animals uh… life here and will do my best to
defeat is some kind of of four trillion dollar
grande deal which would in fact cut social security which would cut medicare not the way the republicans
want to make cuts nonetheless which could cut medicaid and other
programs and the deficit contribution would be much less than it should be
given the fact that today we have the most unequal
distribution of wealth and income of any major country wealthiest people are doing phenomenally
well top one percent owns forty two percent of the wealth in
america bottom sixty percent on two point three percent when you have that dynamics of a few
people with incredible wealth doing extraordinarily well paying the lowest effective tax rate in
decades you know what it’s kind of a no-brainer if we’re going to do deficit reduction
both guys are going to happen paying more in taxes and the discussion
and it’s not just not extending bushes tax breaks for the
top two percent p dot corporations out there doing but nominally well some places record-breaking profits one
quarter or corporations will pay a nickel in taxes will lose a hundred billion dollars a
year because these corporations the wealthy individuals specially money in
the cayman islands bermuda palomar other tax havens you know what you got it and military spending much too hard so there are things we concluded that
the so called the deficit reduction but with not on the backs of working families elderly children and the lowest income people in this
country for national town hall meeting your
option is not the sender bernie sanders bunch of burning our than some of the
program will be back with more here sanctions you’re listening to good toma hardman
program visit some hardman dot com for audio and video arcade and you can check
out very slow says centers dot senate dot gov and of course jonathan dot com capitalize chatroom and welcome back zachary uh… either jeffrey were on in chicago you’re on
your with senator centers however i think i think i got a question
located completely bonkers right we rehabilitate pinaki olga mobile after
age fifty his group of people will be right from
work are are wrote can do to protect uh… did
forward print reporters it equals along the border will home what we can do it is to make sure that
the you worked with the attorney general’s
office some of the pomp and of justice is as aggressive as they can be and they have one some suits so making some progress on this issue but bottom line is we have got to be
aggressive through the department of justice we’ve got to be aggressive at the
grassroots level at every level we can to undue and repeal uh… these provisions in dozens well
not dozens what’s twenty one st so i think that have of very clearly uh… attempting to discriminate against
lower-income people make it harder for people to engage in the political
process tom in kalamazoo michigan watchin free
speech t_v_ and direct tv you are on the or senator centers thank you card thank you very much pyar senator i really appreciate uh… have the
opportunity to speak with you today by a probably a number of questions to
ask allotments focused mainly on wont ornery revealed swiftly the uh… the uh… leveraging up our
representatives both in the senate and that office uh… by very money back uh… special
interest we have to be couple that relationship uh… the best that’s warm cuz the next one is plans at present your
question time the other referred basic basically the clerk ten ok harley from bombers asked the very very
important question because it the end of the day you know a lot of people assigned what’s wrong with washington can’t these people get along do they will have personality
deficiencies uh… et cetera et cetera and i think
the answer the answer is has everything to do with
the question that home and that is money politics to people who get elected represent ordinary people working people middle
class people low income people or do they spend an inordinate amount of
time raising money from big money interest an end up
representing those very and the answer is that is exactly what
goes on one of the interesting things to do if
you’re watching the house of the senate is the just trace where the legislature
idea pulled legislation comes from and very often you can trace it back to
money and this has been the case for a number
of years it has been made much worse by citizens united and while i would say to talk but i want you to do deployment of a
listens to understand how bad the situation is if you all are a sentiment if you are a
member of the house anne bill comes up within your heart apart do you think is
a good bill but it is going to take on wall street
will be well cos you’re gonna think twice about voting for it because you
don’t want to be deluged with thirty second ads coming from these big money
special-interest very very seriously we’ll be right back with more centers
centers answers to your questions and our national town hall meeting prime
trooper here in town graybeards friday served time for our
frontal bernie are just a quick heads up the little later on program eric
schneider and the attorney general for the state of new york is going to be
with us we have our mara taking our country back
air canada it’s a democrat running for the u_s_ congress in the region is nine
district will be with us and every once in in shorts is going to drop by uh… back with our are questions for
senator sanders tom in tallahassee florida you’re on there wasn’t with
bernie senator i think uh… consciousness i’m a little bit there i
think burma from the boat a little bit we got
our travel obvious if i said interest groups trying to influence you know the
congress and gender i think the problem is right now
honest complete ship one thing i heard at the debate the
other night but i like uh… under massachusetts a monday he had a meeting with the leaders of
both side at this character issue they tried to find common ground and president obama has made actually zero
attempted you have collapsed three-and-a-half years and i think what we have now is congress with the littlest approval ratings we’ve ever had naked
through the congress and ask why we’ve had no leader kit needing talking and trying to find
common ground and that kind of place or a man lobbyist interest group ruba time to break up really bad weather and
and so there are other signs are fueling playing in the president for also uses
we got the thrust of homes remote and palm what i want it just tell you this of cut it down there
you know it just a true uh… if there’s a criticism to be made
of the president is that time and time and time again and
you sort in the debate here’s reached out and try to get some agreement i think
the more honest analysis and conclusion is to hear what mitch mcconnell said
several years ago when he made it very clear what is you
know he was asked as i recall senate mcconnell what is a mcconnell is
the leader of the republicans in the senate what is your major goal theory
here is that in the in his own words bernie if you’d like it here it is their
place baruch top political priority over the
next two years should be to deny president obama a second term figure and and what i gotta tell you pump
that’s just not rhetoric you know again i don’t you know
everybody has their political beliefs some will believe me some will not but you do you have to be down there on
the floor to see how march obstruction takes place how many filibusters on taking place how hard it is to get
the simplest playing done do you think these guys want to create
jobs in america if that makes awhile more look good they don’t they don’t so what you’re dealing with tom i really i have to leave me we’ve
been very critical of the president in a number of ways nobody in the democratic caucus more
critical of them but on the other hand on this one you
have to appreciate that he is now dealing with the right
wing extremist that has a view we hear out of step with
the vast majority of the american people which is why mit romney is in the process of billie’s
at-risk actions of changing his views a month before the election and these guys have tried to do
everything today to make a bomber and unsuccessful
president so i don’t think it is fair at the place dot onus on the president mike in grand rapids michigan you’re on
the air with senator centers alright home crucial gladly glad you’re doing this all my classes from plan or go on a trip to wake an executive order for of are crumbling bridges who rose of put a bunch of people who were doing
stuff like that paying in taxes for almost one and that can cause
flooding that night it budget yes yet los plotted against me that question
disorderly this morning i drove down uh… to broader bro vermont the
southern part of the state uh… and we had a ceremony with ray
lovell it was the secretary of transportation to announced the
completion of wonderful completion of a great project in vermont it was a deal it whiz improving our rail bed so the
trains at another level twenty miles an hour fast we’re cutting a half-hour or
fault the times that it took to get from one
end of our state that the other was a fifty to million dollar uh… stimulus
package bill and that is the exact we what we have to do all over this country not just in rail buddy inroads body in bridges in awaz water plants and schools and in
airports we do have equalling infrastructure the american society of civil engineers
that we need to spend two point two trillion dollars over five year period just to get a passing grade and that is the fastest way palm is
exactly right you want but the mic is exactly right if you want to put people to work invest in infrastructure that is something that we’re trying to do with the
president is supportive of that effort uh… we’re reprising into strong
opposition from our republican colleagues bernie we we have about a man and a half
left and i’m just curious if you could comment on the difference between
investing and spending republicans seem to have totally blurred the line between
the two absolutely when you are investing is any
corporation will tell you corporations for example the best you
charmouse amani in advertising uh… why did they do that because they end up getting more people
to purchase their products what’s called an investment for them to make money the government sector with him the civil
society it makes sense for example to invest in
our schools so the week well educate our kids well they are able to go out and get good
jobs and be productive tax-paying members of
society that is called and investment mike just talked about infrastructure
you know i have to be a genius to figure out that does not make sense and it is
not good for the country if you’re bridges are pulled out of your
roads are on dry global if you’re a list slower than the rest of
the world and if you wastewater plant some water
systems aren’t working when you invest in those areas pay you
create jobs be you make of the future of our country
more prone to upload and see we become more competitive as a nation that’s what an investment is about now
if you want to go out why some fancy gifts tomorrow you know that’s fine but
you don’t need i guess just spending money by investing is improving the future of pollination your private sector diets approving a
profit margin i guess to your company but it has eight gold in we thank you so much better for them and
bernie thanks so much for being with us today and and all these always we saw all these years avenue men
we look for the senate actually the the week after next i’ll be off its price okay great to be with you tom thank you
so much for

  1. BlackWolfVulcan

    It never ceases to amaze me how dems lecture reps on voting against their own interest, then go and vote obama. Your vote is your voice, so to be heard and accounted for you have to vote for the candidate with you best interest in mind now matter the cost. Vote green if that is where you stand. Anyone who votes obama is no better than a republican ( unless you are Goldman Sachs, then you'll get exactly what you want from obama).

  2. dmtirino

    honey after this election the green party may have to replace the republcan party, cus they are destroying themselves. but our government was created as a TWO party system so get over that point. obama is president of ALL people, and the retarded right are louder then the lathargic left hence he is center right. but i will never vote for a conserative, never, they are and have ALWAYS been the destruction of the human race. you do realize he was a community organizer right? he is not from WS!

  3. Wilbur McCullough

    The bottom line is that Obama is weak with regards to the critical areas that are destroying the working-middle class. Those areas are Free-trade, declining unionization and tax breaks for the rich. Obama has done nothing to address any of that. Democratic leadership is AWOL.

  4. judyleasugar97

    How can any President accomplish anything without the help of Congress? That's how our political system is set up. Let's give him a Democrat congress next time with Pelosi at the helm of the House.

  5. judyleasugar97

    What Scalia said sounds a bit like when Bush said, "I'm the decider." A bit imperial. If you listen to Romney's tone in the debate he's talking to us like we're children. He knows what's what and we're children. Kind of like what Bush did. I'm not a child or simple minded and it's very insulting. Obama's tone is like we're equal adults.

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