Buffet sáng tại khách sạn dát vàng Golden Bay Hotel Đà Nẵng có gì đặc biệt ?

Hello everybody I’m at a gold plated hotel called Golden Bay. You must have seen my clip yesterday. What a beautiful hotel.
Everything is golden. Even the bathroom and the sink are gold plated.
It looks really nice. And the price is only… at $100 or VND2,3 million. And this morning, like usual… if I feel a hotel is interesting.
I will review its buffet. The weather today is really bad.
Stormy and raining! We will have breakfast and take some rest. Then we will flight back to Sai Gon. Okay, Let us look around. Let see how the buffet here is
and if there’s any dish gold plated dish. There are 2 buffet counters.
This one and another over there. What do we have here. Oh, they have steamed pancake.
I like it already! Steamed pancake and a bowl of fish-sauce. I haven’t had any ever since I got back to Vietnam. Oh, This… it’s the steamed rice cake. Over here is tapioca dumplings. These are tapioca dumplings with smashed green bean. What do we have for soup? It’s chicken Pho. Anything else beside Pho? – Next week we’ll have a different menu.
– Oh, so another soup dish for next week. We have youtiao too? Oh we have it with Pho, right? It smells really good. And a plate full of omelets. This is plain rice. This is fried rice with egg. The menu is really diverse. Stir-fried noodles with beef. Stir-fried vegetables. And these are sausages and hams. What is this?
Oh, it’s stewed beef. Eating this with bread is excellent. Stir-fried pork with scallion and parsley. Looks good with all the steam around. The foods are warm and smell nice. Hah, boiled corn. These are fried dumplings.
Looks delicious! Roasted tomatoes with herbs. Potato cakes. Lots of food here. Stir-fried string beans with garlic butter. I’ll take these first. And some tomatoes. Wonder if I can smell the herbs. It’s stir-fried potatoes. A little boring. Some kind of hams. Looks good. Appealing. I’ll have some rice. Oh, it’s sticky rice. What should I have it with? Oh, it’s hot. I can’t open it because it’s too hot.
But I see minced pork inside. Wow, It’s rice porridge. Rice porridge with salted duck egg.
A traditional dish. Great dish to cure hangover. Soup. These dishes are good for hangover. Is this red bean? Ah, It’s just ordinary stewed beans. This one is interesting.
It’s oats soup. Just a short walk and there have been plenty of foods. These are breads. Bread and hams are great. Wonder if I should have some bread?
I’ll take that. I’ll have this tiny adorable loaf. Look how cute it is! I’ll take an omelet over there. What are these? This counter seems pretty diverse. These omelets are made in advance. Could you make me a runny omelet? This is the salad counter. We have kimchi too. And the reason is because there are many Korean tourists. The color looks nice. Oh, we have fish too. This is smoked fish. They have crabs over there.
That’s a lot. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor of the Golden Bay hotel… It’s immense.
We still have other counters over here. Look at these. Exactly the same. They divided it into 2 areas for better service. It’s huge. In the end, I chose Pho. More scallion please. Adding some coriander. I don’t think these salads would fit. These red onions look so good. Now, we have to find a seat. We have a nice view here. Here we are.
I’ll try this one first. It’s OK.
Pretty OK. Usually at big hotels with buffet like this,
The noodles soup is not very good. But this is acceptable. The flavor is OK. A bowl of Pho can sober you up. A bite of chili makes me sweat. Their buffet is enormous. I think the 3rd floor of the Golden Bay hotel can… serve more than 500 guests. The kimchi back there looks delicious. As you know… I rarely have breakfast at the hotel. I prefer looking for street food vendors. But this hotel really makes me curious. Even the pool is gold plated.
Everything is gold plated. The luxury look makes me wonder how the breakfast will be. Clearly, the breakfast menu here is vast. I can count about 50 or 60 dishes. Good.
Pho is pretty OK. Hope I can come back here one day. The price is reasonable for a large room with 2 beds. Around 30-40 meters square. Cost me VND2,3 million or $100.
Reasonable! It’s a tad crowded and noisy though. Because there’re lots of tourists here.
Mostly from Korea and China. Very few Vietnamese guests. The view is great. I will say my goodbye here. I record my trip everywhere I travel. Not only as memories but also
as useful information for you guys. Nothing too fancy here. But I do believe you will support me. The most important thing is providing information. And my face is pretty hilarious too. Seeing my face everyday… will give you positive energy. Thank you! And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I haven’t said this for a long time. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel.

  1. Binh Nguyen vu

    thời 20 năm trước …xem ra đọc tin tức còn có lý …bây giờ nội dung não trạng tệ quá ….toàn ăn là ăn ….cơ não từ 6 múi ….dồn lại 1 cục ..ĂN và ĂN ….hết phim ….

  2. Daica Nguyen

    Dân ở ngoài còn đói chết mẹ mà đem tiền vô ăn chỗ sang trọng !! Tiền này trích từ xe bánh mì từ thiện của thằng trọc này ???

  3. Nông Thần Đạo Sĩ

    Xuống miền Tây còn thấy cầu cổng vàng bắc qua ao luôn đấy. Ao này gọi là ao vàng. Sáng sớm sẽ hứng vàng tủm tủm từ cổng vàng rơi xuống. Khiếp.

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