Butter Cookies Recipe | How to Make Butter cookies

  1. MyVale13

    With no leavening agent and no eggs they are very similar to shortbread cookies. Maybe just baked a little shorter time. I have a feeling they are delicious! Thank you!

  2. Zoya Fatima

    The dough was not so soft and it was very difficult to pipe with a bag. Also when I put the baking tray in lower rack some of the cookies got burnt. Please guide

  3. Jackie Ramirez

    I made these cookies, the taste was amazing. However, they were very difficult to pipe. Next time I will weigh out the ingredients, instead of using cup measurements. Hopefully it works out 🤞🏻

  4. Carmeline Marcus

    Hi Mam🙂
    Another great yummi recipe fr you. I gave it a try and turned out awesome. Didn't last long a day though. All gone😀👍thanks for yr delicious cookies recipe. Have a great new year😘

  5. Abdullhussain A

    I m so disappointed bicoz i made them and they all melted in oven not in mouth 😔😔this is my 5th time i m making it and lost all of my pocket money in this stupid cookies
    Now some people will say meybe u didn't refrigerat or its your first time
    But no i did so the same but nothing happened it was the same all melted
    Now its over i quit it i will never ever try this

    And one more confetion before trying this recipe i gave a like and subscribed you but it didnt worked so i will take my words back

  6. Ronald Thomas

    I MUST keep these cookies in the house. My employer and her family love them. I added a cup of pecans to one batch, and – more recently – a cup of chopped black walnuts. Every tea guest I serve raves about them.

  7. James MG

    If using unsalted butter should I adjust the amount of salt I add at the end or won't it really matter? – Also, If I add cocoa powder for a chocolate version should I increase the amount of butter or add a small amount of liquid? – Well done by the way.

  8. Jade Karen

    Made this one and it’s alr my fave! My dough was a bit too thick for my piping tip though so I had trouble putting it in shape. Still, I’m definitely making these again! 💓💓

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