Can This Chef Follow A Pupusas Recipe In A Different Language? • Tasty

  1. Emily Gissell

    I LOVED IT, this can of videos make me feel proud of who I am, I'm a bilingual person, my second language is English y mi lengua materna es español, ¡belleza de vídeo!

  2. julitza03

    Yes Curly I love you even more tu hablando tanto español!!! Me acuerda el video que hiciste con tu abuelita haciendo las pupusas también

  3. Janneth2211

    “Si así lo hace mi abuelita también”
    Idk why that sentence made me so emotional 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ he’s so sweet I love Latin people and their love for the family

  4. Guジャンビアリ

    Ironically I can speak Japanese, spanish and English fluently. Cuz Im peruvian japanese but I’m currently living in the US 😂

  5. Aspie Answers

    Tie done well cooking with curly and learning how to speak the native language of his. Great work, Rie. Curly you were a great teacher…

  6. J C

    L♥️VE Pupusas… the first time I had this was before I got married. My husband's family introduced me to this dish years ago & still my favorite.

  7. Kimberly Gomez

    Curly and rie were the pairing I didn’t know I needed in my life tbh! Make this a series, have rie walk someone through a recipe in Japanese!!

  8. HoneyJoanLyan

    Rie can I teach you how to cook a Filipino Dish using the Filipino language?

    Pwede ba kitang turuang magluto ng Pilipinong putahe gamit ang Filipino?

  9. Lecia Bella

    I have some pupusas in the freezer…. can’t wait to fry them up 😍 …. bought them though ….now I can try making it myself ☺️

  10. Chef Carter's Cooking Corner

    Many years ago I went to Johnson and Wales in Miami for professional development. In the mornings the Chef Instructors would fix us breakfast. One fixed pupusas. I was the one most curious about this product and asked a few questions. When I tried it I thought it tasted much like hot water cornbread with a cheese filling. The Chef had not heard of hot water cornbread. So we had a nice conversation. I love how food brings people together.

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