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I have to be honest I don’t know what to do the technology is getting in the way of cooking okay welcome back to chef’s out of water I’m Alexis your chef who is always up for a challenge that’s why I’ve taken to the internet for you to decide what I should cook with next at the end a surprise guest will come on and they’ll have to guess what I use to make the meal I don’t know who I’m cooking for and they don’t know what I’m using so let’s see what’s next okay okay these are like the most basic rice cookers on the planet but this feels fine you know if I could make it work with a blender I think I can make it work with a rice cooker of course I’ve used a rice cooker to make rice before but never anything else I’ve got a lot of questions do I get research Yeah right so it turns out people make all sorts of things with rice cookers there’s cakes there’s curries they’re sauces I feel like there’s a lot of possibilities here little rice Cup some spoon steamer I think this is gonna be really interesting that I only has two features which are cook and warm if I can get the bottom heat it and use it to saute things the world is my oyster I feel like I’m ready to go my confidence level today is actually like an 8.5 am I gonna kick myself for saying that I’m gonna start off with dessert I’m going to try to make a chocolate cake today I think the first thing I need to do is put it on there’s not really an on or off button it’s just plugging it in which feels pretty dangerous no idea how long it takes to preheat but I’ll let that go I’ve got some room temperature butter brown sugar white sugar eggs Vennela I’m gonna add some yogurt which I know feels a little out there but it’s just adding more fat flour cocoa powder baking powder this is all very standard again this is all gonna be by hand because I’m not allowed to use anything else rice cookers are basically steam so it’ll be more like a steamed cake than a baked cake I’m hoping it can be really light and fluffy but I don’t know what temperature this gets to I don’t know how consistent the heat is so it all feels a bit vague cake ready I’m gonna grease this down but to prevent a sticking that I’m gonna put parchment on the bottom too fancy trick time to get a perfect circle take a piece of parchment bigger than your surface fold it over like yes and then you put it over your bowl and you just cut like this circle the pot is hot so cake batter in the rice cooker this feels very weird this cake usually takes about 35 minutes I have absolutely no idea how long it’s gonna take but I’m just gonna keep an eye on it and move on to my next of course chicken and potatoes classic this actually isn’t a chicken it’s a crush game hen because this is so small a chicken wasn’t gonna fit inside I’m gonna try to get some color from the bottom but just in case I can’t get like a crispy skin I thought doing like some paprika rub would help give it some color we’ve got paprika cumin coriander salt pepper it’s beautiful great color okay something concerning the rice cooker has switched from cook to warm and when I press cook it just goes to warm every time it switches to warm I need to take the entire thing out unplug it replug it and put it back in switch it to cook this definitely derails my plan a bit with in terms of cooking and consistencies since clearly it’s not going to go for more than a few minutes we’re just cutting some aromatics right now to add some flavor to the base of the chicken oh this is gonna be a long day this barely fits now it’s making the red sound the chicken smells amazing it sounds right it smells right I’m gonna give it a flip wow this is gorgeous I’m just gonna get a little more color on oh this is switch to warm to her I have to be honest I don’t know what to do I can’t cook a chicken in a warming vent it feels like something’s wrong with this machine it can’t be me I know about machines so my chicken got browned but the machine keeps going on and off we’ve looked at Amazon reviews did a lot more research on the internet and I think it just needs more moisture so onions are going in garlic have some flavor this cake is cooking it’s not fully cooked yet but [Music] it’s quite good okay new plan I’m gonna make another cake batter that’s a little more moist steam it in the steamer basket put in water below keep switching it on and off it is cooking so I think I just need to be really diligent this feels like a little out of sorts but my confidence level is still pretty high I would say I’m at a seven right now I thought this was gonna be such an easy one I was like rice cooker no problem some problems so the cake looks like it’s actually staying on cook which i think is because of the water in the base I think for the chicken I need to get it back to cook and then cook it with some white wine so that it adds more moisture it smells absolutely incredible okay so I’ve got my onions my garlic my chicken and wine it’s on cook lid on we wait I was thinking like do I serve this as a whole hen like a little cute hen my cake looks wild but it’s definitely cooking the day started off with a few snafus but I think we’re back I think I figured out the power if I can just keep the heat on and consistent I’m golden you know it doesn’t have that crispy skin because it was kind of like in liquid and of poaching but there’s some browning it’s quite pretty this is gorgeous there’s like all this sauciness garlicky oniony I’m gonna try to just cook it down for a few more minutes as long as the cook is gonna stay on [Music] it’s divine like you could just dip bread in this and call it a day now that my chickens done I’m gonna get my potatoes ready the steamer basket worked with cake with potatoes it makes even more sense so try potatoes going cake maybe we should be steaming cakes more often feels really good that was like pretty painless [Music] looks like my potatoes are nearly ready I’m just gonna heat some milk and heavy cream some rosemary I have a whole head of garlic that I crushed I’m just gonna get that warmed up so it’ll get really confused and I’m gonna incorporate that into the mashed potatoes got a potato ricer which is a tool but it’s not a mechanical tool so I think it’s okay to use it’s just like my favorite thing in the world to do it’s so weird oh my god I love it looks so beautiful these potatoes are gorgeous if I had a better rice cooker I think this would be actually pretty effective because the rice cooker doesn’t have a lot of power it took honestly like 40 minutes for the potatoes to put some tinder and they could have been tender in like 10 minutes on the stove but the result is great okay my milk and cream mixture looks like it’s ready oh it’s actually boiling damn oh my god it smells so good if you dumped all of the milk and cream in here it would just become like a gloopy mess but if you do it bit by bit it’ll get absorbed into the potatoes they’re so good oh my god my confidence level if it’s about these potatoes 10 my chocolate cake is cool it looks kind of like a brain it’s got all these really weird ripples anyway I’m gonna make a chocolate frosting and I thought I could melt some chocolate in the steamer basket I’m gonna treat the rice cooker as if it was a double boiler so that means water in the bottom I also have mini chocolate chips because I thought they wouldn’t melt faster I’m gonna make the base of the frosting while the chocolate melts so this would be about a billion times easier with a hand mixer or a stand mixer but you know the drill got really soft butter Fenella little bit of cream oh god this is gonna be a pain oh no I’m gonna take my cold cake and I’m gonna cut out three mini cakes and kind of make like a mini chocolate chocolate I’m gonna make a mini chocolate layer cake okay if I stack three of them that looks absolutely crazy but I could cut them in half and do thinner layers hey I can make a four layer cake this is so fun the chocolates good it’s only right to try the frosting with it [Music] this looks ridiculous Laura looks crazy but go big or go home I think I’m gonna lean into the rustic look and put some berries around it to serve finally a dish that makes sense for a rice cooker I’m going to make mussels in white wine super-easy mussels are in so many fancy restaurants I think it’s definitely something people associate with a higher price tag but the whole joke is that mussels are actually super inexpensive they’re one of the most affordable seafood options and they’re so easy to make I thought I would make the broth in the base and then put the mussels in the steamer basket on top onions garlic pepper flakes white wine I want the alcohol to be cooked out of this and just have the flavor of the wine you don’t need much to give mussels such an incredible flavor the taste sets are better like mussels that would be so sad my broth is ready I’m just going to add the steamer basket right on top let’s cook them until they open so it should be a few minutes it’s a moment of truth wow they’re so pretty oh this broth looks so good I just added some lemon adding parsley it looks absolutely perfect can I be the taste tester I’m so excited honestly confidence level 10 I’m ready hi I’m Ryan I’m a video producer at BuzzFeed I make branded content my favorite food is sushi my least favorite food is my mother’s Brussels sprouts I cook out of necessity I don’t cook for pleasure like last night I had plain chicken and flame pasta and I ate it in the dark alexis has made a three-course meal for me with a mystery appliance I don’t know what the appliance is but I’m going to try and guess okay you know what bring them in such a treat hi I’m a tree you’re a tree a tree are you ready I am are you I am about a level time right now so I am so ready ten out of ten out of ten for your first course you have mussels in white wine very nice say like mussels I love muscles okay cool cool cool that’s great they’re cooked well I’m gonna take that as a win yeah of course of course it’s a win great oh god the stuff you don’t you can keep going okay oh my god I’m so glad you’re hungry because this is a Cornish game hen was a little smaller over some onions and mashed potatoes I just can’t talk right I’ll give it a try go ahead mmm this is so good that is well-seasoned this is probably like a $30 meal thank you whoa so for dessert you have your own mini chocolate cake what do you think I used to make this meal there had to be enough heat to get this crust and like this it curling iron rice wait you already did a rice cooker no or did you did you raise a bathtub when you said rice cooker before you were right I was right Wow does that make this more or less impressive Oh totally impressive it ups the wow factor thank you very much you’re so up this is a treat and I’m gonna go now I’m probably gonna take some food with me take whatever you want awesome I’m gonna spill for sure oh I like the combination cake and mussels yeah it balances out bye-bye I’m so glad he liked it honestly it was really really good like after the blender after today I’m feeling good and really confident whatever is next I’m ready comment below to let me know what you’ve made in a rice cooker [Music]

  1. Nhi Nguyen

    You could insert a piece of paper to push the button down. Not mechanically right, but it works. We used that to have hotpot all the time. It’s good :3

  2. erikl85

    The problem is rice cookers turn off once the thermostat surpasses 212f/100c, as that indicates all the water has been absorbed by the rice (since water will never surpass boiling point), so you were right to add moisture to keep it going.

  3. maski

    There are many wonderful dishes one can make in a rice cooker. If you Really do some research you might be surprised how many interesting things it may deliver quite well….. Instead of forcing it to roast and fry…. you didn't need a better rice cooker, you just needed to open your mind.

  4. dogucan97

    How about an old laptop trying to run recent programs and games? On top of having to keep the device hot enough to heat food, she would also have to keep it cool enough to not make the laptop shut itself down due to overheating. The heat could be controlled through 1)putting different loads on the laptop by running different stuff 2)obstructing some of the vent holes 3)controlling the fans with SpeedFan or something.
    A bit techy, but could be fun.

  5. Eddy Gremlin

    I adore the way this man eats and his reactions, just …. dear god those were massive bites. Why is that weirdly cute to me? XD Sure beats plain chicken and plain rice in the dark.

  6. Jacen 1

    You should try a Vegetable Steamer sometime.

    Oh, by the way, Rice Cookers, especially the cheap ones, use a thermostat to detect when all the liquid has either been absorbed or evaporated, and use the sudden jump above the boiling point to trigger the switch from "cook" to "warm". So, soups and stews do very well in these, but anything requiring dry heat are not as suitable for the device.

    I admit, I only cook rice based meals in my rice cooker. However, you should try cooking short grain rice in fish stock with soy sauce added and with a salmon fillet portion on top. Flake the fish and stir in to make a tasty meal for Fridays during Lent. Add frozen peas and carrots to up the nutritional value if you so choose…..

  7. shimmers999

    the switch from Cook to Warm is because it's too hot. Also it thinks it's cooking rice so when it goes to Warm, which means the "rice" is cooked.

  8. A Bullock

    A lot of japanese youtube cooking channels have rice cooker recipes. Also, I would like to see her try and cook a three course meal outside with a fire using only a reflector oven.

  9. Rigo Effendy

    Indonesian cooks a lot with rice cooker especially students 🤣🤣🤣. But good job as always, inspires me to make some good mashed potatoes

  10. Shahirah Marican

    am i the only one triggered so so much when she did not put something to hold the warm and cook button? JUST SHOVE SOMETHING IN BETWEEN AND YOU GOT YOURSELF A HOT PLATE! #asiantricks

  11. Adhila Rasheedh

    I actually made puudin in the steamer once…and i even tried the rice cooker thing once when i ran out of gas…and i was just waiting for the cook to warm thing to happen…that's because its automatic actually…

  12. Ai Liyah M. Espinosa

    All the asians were screaming at their screen throughout the whole first half of this video.
    Still, I give props for trying something new (attempting to saute chicken in a rice cooker f^_^;))

  13. ArikaFD

    I'm from Venezuela. Honestly we ran out of gas and we didn't have an electric kitchen back then, and what saved us was a rice cooker. We used to cook EVERYTHING in it, including soups, chicken, fried stuff, etc. Boil water too. A Rice cooker is p much just another pot, but an electric/automatic one. Pretty practical in times of crisis if you ask me!!

  14. Nadirah Hanim

    Should held a competition between south east asian chefs and uni/college student to see who can cook better with the rice cooker because they are the experts

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