1. SirLunchALot

    If you count calories for a month and workout, you probaly look differently on those "little snacks"…

    It is really demotivating to do sport, if you see that you need 30 Minutes of workout to burn a single chocolate ^^

    Instead you can eat 10 times as much ( weightwise) in paprika…

    It is pretty crazy how much calories they press into those things… Bettee make them yourself and safe some calories. Even if you do enough sport do burn all those extra calories, it is still pretty much poisen for your body :S But delicious poisen

  2. Vando F.

    They suggest a serving size so you don't sue them when you get Hypertension and diabetes, they know darn well nobody's eating 2 chips out of an already half empty bag.

  3. Kylee Smith

    I never new the point of serving sizes until I met my diabetic friend Moriah. She has to eat the serving size to see how much calories it is and take the proper amount of insulin 😁

  4. Oriol Torrell

    What is even a serving size? Just meet hour daily calorie intake and thats it. You can eat a full bag of chips and eat less in dinner…

  5. Åsa S

    Me: Meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables, rice, mushrooms, dairy, pasta, fruit

    Americans: Chips, pop tarts, cheetos, oreos, goldfish crackers, m&m´s…

  6. Christine Marshall

    The serving size is very often put at the top of the nutritional information, carbohydrates/sodium/fat/sugar per however many/grams/ml/etc. Also, I would often give my kids the serving sizes they suggest – like the chips, oreos, and more.

    Btw, if you are diabetic (like me) small, even numbers are so awesome compared to high random odd numbers. 😉

  7. Rebecca Douglass

    Why is the one team closer to the actual serving size but there dish looks way fuller than the serving size than the other team is off but there cup looks closer 🤷‍♀️

  8. Zack Montell

    The serving size is it how many you should eat it’s just a number that they use to give you a amount o know how many sugars and others things are in that amount and to track calories it’s not how many you eat at once

  9. Tyrone Joseph

    The most important thing that is missed about adhering to the serving size, is that you get to enjoy the thing you love for so much longer before buying again! Yes it may seem small but just imagine if something has 24 servings. That's 24 different occasions that you get to enjoy it, instead of binging, hating it, and never wanting to see it again, until tomorrow, then one day you don't want to ever eat it again. Until the next year, and then you're done with it entirely.

  10. Jayl

    I just realize I have quite good snack habits… hearing them speak about the quantities that they feel are normal to them. I never eat that much my natural instinct is that’s way too much.

  11. noot noot

    As soon as they all were like 'yeah 20, 25 chips is a serving right?' I knew they were doomed.

    The first shock of my life with food is when I decided to weigh out a serving of cereal. I felt like my whole life had been a lie.

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