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– [Suvi] Oh there’s
just two of the orange? Weird, why is there
just two of the orange? Maybe because they don’t like orange. (upbeat music) – Hello! – My name is Atlas. – My name is Oscar. – I’m Suvi. What country are the snacks are? What? – Well, I think that there might be some pineapple juice with an umbrella and straw that’s twisty a bit. – Well, yeah, now I am. – Sugar!? – Why did they make it so hard to open up? I got it, I got it. I dropped all of them. (chewing) – Well they’re actually kind of good. – Pizza – Kind of tasted like, you know, tofu. – I don’t like it. I already ate it. – It tastes like something really hard and it’s been out for like 10 years. – Looks like a protein bar. – That’s a chocolate bar? – Coffee Crisps? – Is there coffee? – Oh look it has a Canada sign on it! – Should we try it out? (crunching) – Tastes like peanut butter. – I like it. – If we dip it in, then
it will be too much. Too much coffee, I’ll get too sick. – Sometimes, it’s only to wake me up during the daytime when
I’m going to school. (giggling) – It’s jelly beans. – Oh oh oh oh oh oh! – Oh there’s just two of the orange. Weird, why is there
just two of the orange? Maybe because they don’t like orange. – They kind of look like M&M’s. – They taste like them too. – Ooh (spitting) yuk. Chocolate. – I’ve had these, they’re ketchup chips! – Oh I’ve had those too, I love these! (children crunching) – They’re not spicy. – It’s too spicy. Tastes like tiger breath. – They’re good. – Ugh – I don’t like it. – Ew. – I like them. – Thanks for watching
Kids Try Snacks of Canada. – What snacks will we try next? – Bye – Bye

  1. Lapis Lazuli

    I was eating old Dutch ketchup chips while watching this I perfer old Dutch to lays but that’s because they have more flavour

  2. Laiba Chaudhri

    There’s only two of the Orange because the orange smarties are flavoured chocolate orange 🍊 so their like rare kinds

  3. kris4191 kris4191

    Wait,wait,wait, Hold up!
    So your telling me these kids have never had a Coffee crisp, or smarties? What was their child hood?!?

  4. Jimmy Galanis

    It's funny cause canada and america aren't even that different from each other. Other than the fact that were 101 times more multi cultural

  5. Meimei K

    What! I’ve never had orange smarties in my life! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 and I don’t know if any one else is annoyed by this but, they opened the smarties box wrong! Well, not wrong but differently than I do. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  6. Pygiana

    At last! I’ve discovered the brothers names! The little one is Oscar, he’s hilarious, and the big one is Atlas, he’s going to be very handsome when he’s grown up.

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