Cardo teaches a group of extortionists in the restaurant | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

I’m sorry. No way! What do you mean you
have no money? Want me to burn down
this eatery?! No, sir. Please! Cardo. They’re in trouble. Come on! Sir. Don’t worry. Just leave it to me. You might not know this but my classmates were
scared of me when we’re in Kindergarten. I will crush them myself. Just watch me. – I’m really sorry.
– Give me your money! Leave it to me. I’m sorry– Just give it now! Do you want to get hurt? Just come back once
we have money. Give it now! We need money! Hey! Why don’t you find jobs using those big
muscles of yours? Why are you forcing them
to give you money?! You rascal. Mind your own business if you don’t want to get hurt! What now, huh? Get lost! Sir… I think they’re fine here. Give it now! Let’s just go. Better eat more veggies! What now? Where’s our money?! Come on! Just come back next time. – We don’t–
– What did you say?! Mister, what’s your problem? Why do you care? I’m a policeman. So you’re a cop. You’re brave because
you have a gun. But he looks like
a weakling! Is that so? Let’s see then. Nay! Hurry! Move! Get out! Move! What now?! You’re brave, huh? I will feed you to my catfish! Are you okay? We’re sorry for causing trouble
in your restaurant. That’s okay, Officer. We should be thanking you. We owe you for saving
our family. She’s right, Sir. If it weren’t for you, those
thugs will keep harassing us. Thank you so much, Sir. You’re welcome. You can eat here every day
as our way of saying thanks. It’s on the house! That’s not necessary, Ma’am. Besides, we were only
doing our jobs. Don’t worry, Ma’am. Starting today, we’ll eat here
during our breaks to make sure they won’t return. That’s great, Officer! We’ll have more customers
from now on! Thank you! If anyone tries to bother you, just let us know. – Yes, Officer.
– Thank you so much! And if they come back, Task Force Agila will be
waiting for them. Oh, sorry.

  1. Rey Francis Camina

    [Cait disliked that]
    [Codsworth liked that]
    [Curie liked that]
    [Danse liked that]
    [Deacon liked that]
    [Hancock liked that]
    [MacCready disliked that]
    [Nick Valentine liked that]
    [Old Longfellow liked that]
    [Piper liked that]
    [Porter Gage disliked that]
    [Preston liked that]
    [Strong liked that]
    [X6-88 disliked that]

  2. Yuli Macaraya

    bagay sila lahat mag pulis ang gwapo the best tlga sakin c cardo sobrang idol q lalo na mga anak q idol nila lhat ng TASK FORCE AGUILA pati narin c domengsu….

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