Case Study Split Rock & Kent Quality Foods

Kent Quality Foods creates some of the
most sought-after franks sausages and specialty meat products in the country With quality as their number one brand
differentiator, Kent halls with Split Rock more than any other carrier I’m a distribution logistics manager with Kent Quality Foods. We’re located here on the west side
of Grand Rapids been in business since 1967 we ship approximately 38
million pounds basically hot dogs or sausage products and have grown into West
Coast market is well. One of our big customers is on the west coast. Split Rock is our primary
carrier going west and there’s multiple reasons for that. Number one is their service aspect We’re not driven on the cheapest truck in the world we’re looking for the best. Our customers are demanding as far as delivery dates, temperature control and these guys are spot on with it. Their
equipment’s all state-of-the-art. They’re on time cause we have a very limited tax base and it’s
critical for us to have the trucks at our facility when we’re ready to load. And these guys are spot-on week-in week-out. I don’t have to call wondering where the truck is – they’re here Their trailers are clean inside – cause that’s a very important factor for us as far as food safety goes. We have to have clean
equipment and it is clean, and the refrigeration units are all state of the
art. They have data tracking equipment on ’em so if we feel there’s an issue they can
download that information and we have it right there at our fingertips. They have frozen meat products real good They have high expectations on delivery –
short windows from the time it’s produced They like to get the product delivered to
their customers Their communication is second to none.
It’s always right there I cannot have a carrier hauling for us that does not communicate. If I get a call from my customer wondering where their product
is it’s a failure in my Cause I don’t know where trucks are. I do not have any problem with Split Rock whatsoever. We don’t have upset customers when we deal with Split Rock Kent Quality Foods trusts Split Rock to
deliver. So can you. Call us today to schedule your next delivery

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