Chatpata Chicken Masala recipe in Hindi || Dry spicy Chicken ( Restaurant Style ) – chicken tikka

Today I shall make Chatpata Chicken Masala Please Subscribe and Like my Channel if you prefer this recipe This Recipe Loved by All, Kids & Adults May take it as Lunch Dinner Let watch the Ingredients to make this Recipe Chicken – 500 gms washed by warm water Curd – 2 tsp Ginger Garlic paste – 2 tsp Choked Onion – 2 nos Coriander leaves Tomato paste Salt – According to taste Food Colour – 1 pinch (Kashmiri) Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp Garlic – 5 piece , Ginger – 5 piece ,Cardamom, Cinnamon Clove, Dry Red Chilli – 1, Green Chilli – 2, cumin seed – 1 tsp coriander seed – 1 tsp, Garlic – 5 piece, Ginger – 5 piece Lemon Now making paste of all masala by Mix. Grinder Refine Oil for Fry Let Mix the Masala Now Masala paste ready by Mixi Put chicken in a Bowl Put salt Card 1 tsp Put Pasted masala Red Chilli & Food Colour (Optional) 1 tsp oil Mixing all together Turmeric powder Mixing it Now marinated the chicken and leave it for 30 minutes 30 mins over, now will fry the chicken On Gas Put 5 tsp oil (you may use less also) to fry chicken I shall put chicken after heat the oil Now oil heated, putting chicken one by one Fry until golden brown on both side Now changing the side Now changed the side and left until Golden Brown colour changing side Now Chicken fried well and taken out on a plate Now taking a kadai & put 6 tsp oil (may use less also) I shall put masala after heat the oil Oil Heated, now putting Onion Frying Onion Fry up to Onion come Red color Onion becoming Red Puting Ginger Garlic paste Fry with Onion Puting now Masala Fry then all together Putting Little salt Puting Tomato paste Fry tomato with masala Put Coriander leaves card – 1tsp little water Gravy will make better after put little water Puting fried chicken Fry and mixed well Fry Little bit Again put little water as it has already fried It will make Dry Covered it for 10 minutes Put Gas on Low flame Uncovered after 10 Mins Wow! Chatpata Chicken Masala now Ready Very Tasty May serve with Rice, paratha , Roti, Bread or any other snacks Taken out on plate Maked Chatpata Chicken masala

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