Chicago’s Best Markets: Lindo Michoacan Restaurant and Supermarket

(upbeat music) You’re used to seeing Elliott
snag all the taco dishes, but not today. I’m taking out Lindo
Michoacan in Albany Park because Katherine and Alberto said we have to
try the carnitas. I’m even gonna do some grocery
shopping while I’m here too. (cheerful music) Marin this is a pretty
incredible place you have here. How did you get started? – The uh, population in this
neighborhood start changing and there were no supermarkets to meet the needs of the people. So we opened up a very small
store, one cash register, and around 2,000 feet. – Wow! – It was very small. – [Marley] And now you’re giant! – [Sado] We are very blessed
to have people shop with us for multiple reasons. – What’s the biggest thing
that you sell in the market? – [Sado] The number
one item is the beef. And then the prepared food,
especially carnitas. – [Marley] How many
would you say you sell? – [Sado] 4,000 pounds
between Saturday and Sunday. – [Marley] You also have a
whole restaurant portion. – [Sado] You don’t wanna cook, all the food is here
ready to take home – But today, I’m gonna
help you make the food. What are we making today? – We’re gonna make some carnitas and we gonna show you
how to prepare the tacos. – I see we’ve got some hot oil. – So let me show you
with the first one, take a small piece
if you want to. – [Marley] Take a small piece, that’d be good advice
for my first one – [Sado] Go ahead. – Oh I’ve got this
guy, all right. – Put another piece
and we are done. – All right, one more piece? – We gonna let it
cook for a while, then we going to turn the
fire down a little bit. – This part takes a long time. – Two and a half to three hours. – But you were nice
enough to already have one that’s been sitting for
a few hours for us right? – [Sado] Exactly. – We’ve moved down the way now, this was hot for several hours and now we’ve turned
our fire way down. – [Sado] Yeah because we
cook it for almost two hours, we gonna start stirring the
carnitas every 15 minutes. – Every 15 minutes,
somebody’s in here stirring. – Yeah definitely.
– To make sure we don’t burn
anything to the pot. – Now, go ahead.
– I’m gonna stir, okay? How much meat is in here? – It’s close to,
uh, 60-70 pounds. – Very heavy, fortunately,
you’ve got a bunch of juicy, tender meat already
done for us right here! – I already got some
there ready for us! – [Marley] So this is done,
we just have to scoop it out. – Little by little.
– Oh it is very heavy! – Beautiful, now
you’ve got a big chunk! – Do we have enough
to make our tacos? – Ah yes, I think it’s plenty. (upbeat music) – We’ve got our carnitas. – Lets make some tacos,
a piece of pork belly, very soft meat. So we get to cut it, and I’m
gonna let you do it okay? – All right. – All right.
– Here I go. – We got a new cook.
– Yeah, right? – Chop it up a little
bit more, beautiful! I gonna make the first taco,
then you make the second one! – Wonderful! – You get a piece
of meat, pork skin, we look for the pork belly.
– We gotta find the belly. – Somewhere, right here. – I buried some belly in there. – We got it. You do the other one okay? – I got my tortilla,
I got some meat, and I got my skin there too. So time to add our goodies. – So it’s gonna be onions. – [Marley] Little bit of
onion, cilantro, we’ll put some limes on there. – We are ready to serve!
– And we are ready to serve! – They’re not salty,
perfect balance. (upbeat music) – All right, make
up your taco there I’m gonna get some cheese here. – Definitely, definitely. – Ready to dig in? The carnitas meat is incredible, putting that hot sauce on
it too is a nice compliment. – It has to be very, very juicy. – [Marley] The juiciness
you get from the carnitas is because we cooked
it for so long on that low, low heat.
– Exactly. – [Marley] You’ve done
a heck of a job here! – I got a very good help.
– Very good help. What makes Lindo
Michoacan Chicago’s Best? – Has to do with the, uh,
quality of the meat, freshness, we try to do our best. – Well I think you’ve
certainly done your best. Taco cheers.
– Thank you, cheers. – Cheers!

  1. TheMario2k7

    Hey I know that place!! It's the one that keeps getting shut down because of rodent infestation. Enjoy/Provecho/BonApetit!!!!!!!

  2. Snake Plissken

    With `1 million illegal aliens coming across the border a month now (as of March 2019), there will be lots of these restaurant/grocery stores popping up all over America!

    Let the invasion continue!!!

  3. David Khan

    Scam scam scam Be careful If you park your car in there parking lot they have a tow truck company waiting outside I've seen put boots on customers cars and hold there cars ransom.

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