Chinese Spicy Chicken Ribs

Hey, what’s going on everybody? Today, I’m at a new food court in New York There’s two big food courts in New York. Well, Flushing New York. One of them is at the New World Mall. The other one I think it’s called New York Food Court. It’s kind of down the Street on the Roosevelt. I have the addresses in my description box below, but I really like this one dish, and I think I’m actually really addicted to it. Here it is. This is a dish. I’m extremely addicted to. I’ve been eating this for about a month now. Every week I have to come to this place and grab this dish This is called Tiě bǎn jī jià (鐵板雞架 ). So the translation is like “iron board chicken bones.” This is a Shěnyáng (瀋陽) specialty. Shenyang is a city in Liáoníng (遼寧) which is on Northeast China, so of course when we talk about Northeast Chinese Foods, we would talk a lot about meat, a lot about heavy seasoning, a lot of spice And that’s what this dish is, and that’s why I love it. These are basically chicken bones with a little bit of meat on them. This is not a full chicken. This is like the bones of the chicken with just a little bits of meat attached, but by doing that, you get most of the flavor into the meat, and also the flavor sinks a lot into the bones as well now. They usually cook this is they put two wire frames together, so they put the chicken in the middle between the wire frames and they roast it with all sorts of spices. I mean take a look at this! This has a lot of chili, a lot of cumin. It has ginger, some peppercorn. Oh my God! This smells absolutely intoxicating, and this is really messy to eat, so that’s why… they gave me some gloves. Yeah? All right, let me prep for dining surgery here. There you go. [SHORT PAUSE] There you go. When I was young, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. I cannot stand the sight of blood, but um… I’m all on board with this kind of dissection. All right, here we go. So there’s a lot of pieces of chicken ribs. There’s chicken neck. If you never had chicken neck, it’s not a lot of meat, but all the meats are really, really flavorful because the meats are so close to the balls all right. Here’s a nice piece, so now we’re gonna surgically break this down. By surgically breaking it down I just mean tear it apart. There we go. This is so good. I love foods I can eat with my hands. I just want to suck on this piece of bone right here. It has so much seasoning just on this piece of bone Again, it’s covered in seasoning. You see how that’s not so thick. This chicken is so tasty, spicy Look at that.
The thing is you can’t be shy about making a mess eating this dish. You see that. Even that little piece has so much meat on there, and that’s the best parts of the meat, the kind of crispy part of the chicken. See now. That’s what I call surgical precision right here I’ll show you guys the chicken neck. This is the neck of the chicken. There’s so many little bones inside. Let me this open for you. I see that And there’s not that much meat on here. So you’re gonna have to gnaw on the bones, But the meat here. I think it’s one of the most flavorful parts of the chicken. You know if you eat more chicken neck, it actually makes your neck grow longer. Alright, this is not true. The only thing it does is to make your stomach happier. See like a piece right here You don’t see a lot of meat on them, but that meat is supreme meat. That’s like dry aged, grade A meat. That’s like the Wagyu Kobe Beef equivalent of chicken right here. So if you like fried chicken, grilled chicken or any sort of chicken, definitely check this out. And I always get this with extra spicy. So try ordering that. Also I just want to say these are so much healthier than your regular fried deep fried chicken So if you want to get a bunch of chicken without being completely unhealthy, then this is a good way to go. I’ll tell you guys something though. I am kind of afraid sometimes eating this because all the chicken is mixed up in this plate And I’m really afraid of eating a chicken butt. That’s a legit concern. Restaurants often serve chicken butts. Some people even asked specifically for chicken butts, but you know what I have no interest in eating a chicken butt. I mean the chickens run around. They don’t wipe. It’s just gross. Also, I purchased some chicken skin chips. Check this out. Let’s see how this tastes You know how awesome chicken skin is. I mean nobody orders fried chicken and not like have the skin. The skin is awesome It’s full of flavor, and also the skin right away melts in your mouth So you get this burst of oil flavor, and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes we say oily, and that’s bad. This is oily in a good way. You know what these taste like. They taste like pork rinds. But these are better because these like I said they give you a burst of flavor and oil, and pork rinds is kind of dry you Know what they should do? They should offer these at movie theaters. I mean forget the popcorn. Eat some chicken skin. All right guys, thanks for watching! I gonna go suck on my gloves after I finish this chicken dish. See you later!

  1. Stéphanie Klein

    Chickenbutt, chickenbutt, chickenbutt lol Really convenient that they hand out plastic gloves 😀 Have seen the same thing with pork not too long ago. Was less crispy and much fattier but skin is always glorious!

  2. Tosha Alston

    We need your show on the Travel Channel. Where you travel throughout the United States showing us where to eat. I love your videos.

  3. Pink Llama

    Love you Mike, but no. Just No! As you know I'm a long-time veg but I love watching all kinds of cooking videos so I can adapt the flavors and cooking methods to my diet. It started with necks and ended with butts fur me. Sorry I can't give this a thumbs up on principle.

  4. acsnowboarder13

    Lol I know that red sign back there says something about a cat and tea? Haha couldn't figure the other two characters. I don't know what a cat has to do with tea. I probably read it wrong

  5. Rissa

    That looks soooooo good. Lemme tell you Mike if you ever head to Japan, don't eat any of the Chinese food there don't even TRY it for curiosity's sake lol. It's horrible lol I gotta cook all my own stuff and it's kinda hard to find ingredients sometimes(need that perfect black vinegar for some 酸辣湯)

    Also I'm with you re:chicken butt but my mom always eats it! I just see it and it grosses me out.

  6. Triumvirate888

    I make those chicken skin chips at home! The Walmart I go to has vacuum-packed bacon pieces, and vacuum-packed chicken skin, and they are like $1 a pound. You just put the chicken skins in a skillet, salt them, and then let them fry in their own fat until they turn crispy. IT IS SO DELISHUSH! >:D

  7. Jay Plays

    Guys stop hating him, it takes a long time finding the ingredients and making the dish, im not a cook but I know it takes a long time to make a plate of food and then edit the video and then upload the video so stop hating and keep the great work


    How is New York, Beautiful?

    You Have Perfect Balance

    A=Mike Chen YUMM

    Chicken Skins Wouldn't Be Bad THANK YOU!

  9. L Vandling

    Hahahahaaa chicken butt….. my mom always called it …"The part that goes over the fence last"…  she always said that was her favorite…I now know she would take that part and leave the meatier parts for us kids…we were very poor 

  10. Saahil Dhar

    rename your channel to "strictly torment". I was crying because of you. I gotta eat the same goddarned indian food every day, we don't even have authentic chinese restaurants in mumbai, just indian chinese (not that the latter is bad, it just has pathetic variety). Your reactions and descriptions literally let me feel the food you're eating in my mouth, then a moment later i realize it was just an illusion. The agony. The suffering. The despair.

  11. Lili gucci

    I know you are more of a meat eater, but please can you do a video on the best vegetarian dishes. It would be much appreciated ^-^

  12. Yuuki Kiya

    I'm from Liaoning and holy frick I miss these things. 鸡骨架 was basically the staple childhood snack for us during the fall. Now I'm salivating all over my keyboard and its all your fault.

  13. sweetviolet87

    I like the way you eat. You really enjoy it! It transfers the happiness to your audience so well! I am already proud of myself "dissecting" chicken or pork ribs perfectly. Now I have found an equal lol

  14. Ann Lee

    Back when shanghai was short on food they would eat the duck butt or chicken butt cause back then it was either eat it or starve.1 of my uncle's is shanghainese and he loves the butt of the duck or chicken,and that has no meat in it,it's all fat and he eventually died of a heart attack from eating too many duck and chicken butts.i've had to smell that thing everytime he gets it from the restaurant and dude trust me that stuff smells like a combo of the stinky tofu and durian that you ate in one of your videos,and very smart idea to stay away from chicken and duck butt,cause like you said that is just plain gross and I don't know how shanghainese people use to eat that.p.u.

  15. Dany Kao

    I can't believe that this dish exist. This is my favorite part of the chicken, bones with little chicken meat attached. My mouth waters just watching this video. There's so much flavor flavor in the meat that next to the bone. Thanks for sharing.

  16. null null

    hey Mike love your videos. so I went to the new York mall, in search of the famed chicken ribs.i went up and down the stills asking for them.i don't speak Chinese .so it was a daunting task I did find that the place is closed .so an occasional update is needed.

  17. Jeanne Chan

    我是不是有点问题,我吃饭的时候会习惯性地打开你的视频,这样觉得盘子里的jampon salade cheese之类就不会那么无聊。看别吃东西真的变成一个习惯,OMG不夸张你介绍的每一样食物都是我的最爱啊!!!>_<

  18. ChronicPain Gardener

    Dude, this is another Awesome video, but PLEASE don't tell anyone else about eating the Chicken Bones, Ok? We need to save all of those for us Brother… hahaha 😉

  19. vin cabrera

    Hey Mike,'sup dude! I'm from the Philippines and I suggest you try our food, they're one of the best as well like the Lechon Baboy(roasted pig), Adobo, Sinigang and many more! I'm a new addition to your subscribers and you got me coz of how you reacted every time its chowtime, very genuine! Hope to see more of you and looking forward to watch you having some Filipino food.

  20. Manfred Rudolf Bihy

    What you are referring to as chickenbutt is not really the chickens butt, even though it's located at the rear end the chicken. It is actually a gland many birds have and they use it to water proof their feathers and yes, you can call me a true aficionado of "chickebbutt", as you like to refer to it. We've had fights over "chickenbutt". If you get rotisserie chicken here they are usually cut in half and most of the time the "chickenbutt" ends up on only one half of the chicken. Don't get between me and my "chickenbutt"! 😀

    I'm with you on your love for the chickens neck, or turky neck also, it is bigger!
    I don't know if this is just another urban legend, but I've heard of rumors that the chicken slaughter houses gather all the feet, claws and all, and send them deep frozen to China. I've never seen anywhere here in Germany where you would get chicken feet to buy, except if you butchered one yourself.

  21. Linda Whisler

    I love buying a whole chicken…cutting it up and taking off most of the skin and frying it first for appetizers…then frying the pieces…..I let my chicken marinade in fresh garlic and cayenne over night before frying it….Love fried chicken..

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