1. Shane Clark

    Great video, thanks! In a competition setting, would you recommend starting them 5 hours prior to turn in to make sure you can cook to meat, not clock? If so, what is the best way to store them when done? Also, at what point do you sauce? Just before turn in or once done?

  2. Roger Mayday

    great video…..
    would you guys mind if I compile your bbq videos and play them inside my small bbq place here in the Philippines? these would be perfect to educate my customers more about real American style barbecue….

  3. Tim Webb

    Chef. if ypu had to choose 1 rub each for ribs, brisket and pulled pork, what would it be? i know a lot is to taste…. looking for suggestions.

  4. CrazyCopperCab

    Great video, looks delicious. Quick question, you say the yellow mustard is just for binding the rub but is there something else you can use to give it more flavor? Why is the mustard your binding of choice?

  5. Michael

    Am I the only one out there that likes the silver skin? I feel that when it cooks and dries out, it generates this great texture contrast with the rib meat.

  6. Ruthless Goat

    I don't do competition, but this is exactly what I do when I do backyard ribs. The only exception is that I use squeeze Parkay and brown sugar. I also sear the ribs briefly on a hot grill. I usually fix both wet and dry ribs. On the dry ones I just use more Memphis Belle rub instead of sauce at the end.

  7. KG

    watched a bunch of your videos over the past few days. i must say besides your instructions the thing i like most if you telling viewers about OTHER brands, and other peoples sauces and rubs. I feel like a lot of people on youtube push their own stuff but you take the effort to get other peoples stuff out there.

  8. Rob Jackson

    This is a great channel and needs more recognition. It's great to finally have some videos up with knowledgeable people teaching the correct steps!! Thank you! From one Jackson to another


    I would love to see some sort of BBQ duck, or some 24oz or more steaks, because they are harder to BBQ and smoke then most other meats

  10. Entropy

    Chef Tom, I made a pork belly yesterday, following the steps in this video as closely as possible. The result was AMAZING. Your videos are excellent. Keep up the great work.

  11. Christopher Clarke

    I appreciate your techniques a lot! However I'm curious why you go with store bought rubs/sauces…. have you ever made your own? Seems like as a chef you would find what you like about combining some of these and make it yourself and enhance it? Just curious really… great videos!

  12. travis harwood

    Used this recipe doing my first competition with a few mods on temp and wrap and came in 5th out of 30. Great recipe and flavor combos. Thanks for all your video's!!!

  13. Kyle Kendall

    Probably stupid question…what gloves are you using when you work on your meats? Are they just throw aways…are they thick…where do you get them?

  14. Alvin Randolph Outdoors

    Great video and thanks for the specific step-by-step explanations…..What's the type and name brand of the knives you were using in your video?

  15. A Alekhine

    Chef, Sometimes, when I take that membrane layer off, it almost looks like there is another layer of it. Am I mistaken? Thanks for the help! Great channel!

  16. Jhon Thula

    I just wanted to say I used your honey and brown sugar mix in the crutch (instead of my regular apple juice) in a BBQ competition and I won! hahaha… I used my homemade rub and sauce but I do think the "dry" crutch made a big difference… thanks!

  17. Matthew Smith

    Clean smooth video, you really improved on your old video.

    Your explanations were clearer, simpler, and better audio.

    Adding cook time and temp suggestions was important to me.

  18. allthingsbbq

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  19. Cody Mays

    What would be the best way to use this recipe in an oven (*gasp* I know but I'm currently without a grill and want to use this recipe but I'm afraid I'll over cook the meat)

  20. Craig Susen

    my neighbors think i am a god because of this technique. i started following this exactly, but have swerved into my own lane at this point. chef tom is a master as well a great teacher.

  21. Helen Mallazzo

    Where can i purchase the seasonings that you use? i would like to get a sampler package of sorts with a. bit of everything. Thank you Tom

  22. Java Padawan

    Chef Tom , just wanted to say thank you for all the videos on here and was wanting to request something along the lines of "Texas Style" sausage links. Thank you again for the videos and instructional help. Have a great Thanksgiving

  23. jan robinson

    Hi Guys, Im commenting from Johannesburg South Africa and none of the brands you use are available here, We would love to see (if possible) something bbq'd using only standard herbs and spices that are universally available. Keep up the great work!

  24. ronald mckinney

    Why would anybody put all of that on ribs or anything ,is beyond me.Salt, pepper,garlic,paprika for color and let it do its thing,see you want to taste the meat and smoke.KISS it,i`m sure some of the people that are watching know exactly what i`m talking about.

  25. Mark T

    Wonderful video & info. One question; why are you still using foil instead of peach paper? I find the paper far superior & I'm not subjected to aluminum in my foodbrain.

  26. Main

    Once I graduate college I'm buying a yoder smoker and getting into hardcore barbecuing. All these videos are speaking to my soul and stomach.

  27. ayy_que_daddy_bbq

    chef Tom. 1st of all, thank you for the awwsome videos and delicious food you put out. everything is amazing. I have a request. if you dont mind, can you make a video on competition half chicken. I compete in an IBCA sanction and the meats we turn in are brisket flat, pork spare ribs St.. Louis cut, and 2 half chickens in a tray. 9 slices of brisket and 9 ribs for turn in. thnx you for your time.

  28. James Timlin

    Salt does not penetrate the meat when it is mixed with oil. Salt is water soluble. This isn't fake news it is called Science! Fact – America is 17th in the world in education and 35% of the population does not understand Science. How did you go to the Moon? You had those hated deplorable immigrants lead the way.

  29. Teemoos

    The last part where you place the meat inside the foil is to make it tender? Whats the other purpose for doing it if there is any?

  30. John Gee

    This seam nice and simple I like it .. but what if you have no Grill or place to bbq ..Can you apply this method to cooking in oven same as you did in the video to prep them for the smoker .

  31. Hawk King

    I asked you what temperature should be keeping for ribs .and how long before foil and in foil what temperature should be keeping ! And brisket as well tell me what temperature and how many hours before foil and after foil how much temperature .please let me know

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