Corporate Dinner Party | Sandwich Platter Ideas for Party Catering Buffet

Hi, my name is Nicole Brooke. I’m the Business Development Manager at Momento
Events and Catering, and we’re based in North Western Sydney. In this next video, you’re going to see our
fresh made deli baguettes. Are you organising a corporate dinner party
or an office farewell party? Do you need a great catering team to support
your event and help you find an ideal venue? Look no further. Momento Events and Catering has the best choices
of baguettes and sandwich platter ideas for a party, and even baguette sandwiches for
a whole crowd. We have your party catering buffet totally
covered. Please call us at Momento Events and Catering
for your next private or corporate event. Thank you for watching our videos. Momento Events and Catering would love to
help you at your next special event. Please visit the link below for our special
offer, or for more information, visit us at

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