CRISPY CHICKEN WINGS – 2 WAYS | the best baked chicken wings recipe

– I know that Super Bowl is this weekend, and I wanted to make sure
that you guys are prepared, because when it comes to
party and game day appetizers, there’s nothing that beats easy, crispy, oven-baked chicken wings that are served with a
delicious finger-licking sauce. Well, my guacamole recipe does come close. So if you haven’t yet
tried my top-ranking guac, which I have a supper video for, make sure to go watch that and whip up that recipe. But today we’re talking chicken wings, and I’ll give you two different highly addictive flavor combinations. The first is a soy garlic ginger sauce that is sweet and tangy with a kick, and the second is a honey mustard that is creamy, sweet, and spicy. No matter which flavor you choose, they’re sure to disappear fast, so just be sure to make
plenty of them, alright. Let’s dive in. Preheat your oven to
425 degrees Fahrenheit, and then let’s chat about how you buy chicken
wings from the butcher. You can buy chicken wings
in one piece as you see here with the winged tip, the flat wingette, and drumette all still attached. But more often than not, you’ll buy them from your
butcher already cut apart with the wing tip discarded, and you’ll get the
drumette and flat wingette. If you do get the whole chicken wing, let me show you how easy it
is to chop it up yourself. Just flip it over so
that the underside is up because it’s easier to
see the joints this way. Then press down firmly with
a sharp knife on the joint between the wing tip
and the flat wingette. To remove the drumette from the wingette, do the same thing and
use your knife to cut right between the joint. And there you have it, the two pieces you’ll use
when making chicken wings. Because I’m showing you two
different flavor options today, I’ve got four pounds of chicken wings, but you just need two
pounds of chicken wings for each individual recipe or flavor. Add a tablespoon or two of olive oil or avocado oil to the bowl and season the wings with salt and pepper. Then dig in with your hands
and mix everything together so that the chicken is well-coated. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and I always recommend
heavy duty baking sheets so that they don’t warp or bend, and then place a rack on top. The rack is important as it allows the air to circulate around the chicken wings and gets them nice and crispy. So place the chicken
wings on the baking sheet and make sure that they’re
not too crowded or touching. Two pounds of chicken wings is about 20 to 24 of
these separated pieces so you can plan accordingly based on how many people you’re serving, but I’d say two pounds
is about four servings. Once you’ve got your chicken on the pan and your oven is at temperature, place the wings in the
oven for about 45 minutes or until they’re cooked
through and nice and golden. While the chicken is cooking, I’m gonna multitask and create the sauces. So the first sauce I’m gonna show you is a soy garlic ginger sauce that’s sticky sweet and flavorful. Add a half a cup of honey and a quarter cup of soy sauce to a pot. And of course I’m using
gluten-free tamari soy sauce, but you can also use coconut
aminos if you’re avoiding soy. Then you’ll want four large garlic cloves, or if your cloves are
smaller, you can use five. So peel those and mince them into the pot. Next, you’ll need one tablespoon of finely diced fresh ginger. So I’ll peel a chunk of
fresh ginger with a spoon, then cut it into thin slices, stack some of those slices
on top of each other, and then dice it until
it’s a fairly small dice. You can always add more or less ginger depending on your personal preference. I always like to add a little more but I am definitely a ginger lover. So add that to the pot along
with a quarter cup of water which I didn’t show, but
trust me, it’s in there. Bring the sauce to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer for about 10 minutes. You want it to reduce and thicken up and let all of those
flavors meld together. Do keep an eye on the stove though because it is a hot sugar mixture that can easily boil over if your heat is a little bit too high. So while our first sauce is cooking, we can whip up the second
which is a honey mustard sauce, and while I use Dijon
mustard in this recipe, I think stone ground
mustard also tastes great, so pick your favorite. Add 1/3 cup of mustard to a mixing bowl along with three tablespoons of honey. To give this sauce a spicy kick, we’ll add two teaspoons
of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of hot sauce, and then stir it all
together until it’s creamy. When our soy garlic ginger sauce is done, it should be thick enough
to coat the back of a spoon and it will continue to
thicken while it cools. Now I usually like it a bit thicker and more reduced than what I did today for a stickier sauce, but this will still work. So after your chicken has
cooked 45 minutes or so and has a crispy golden skin, use tongs to place a few of the pieces in the sauce at a time, and make sure they’re well-coated. Then place them back on the rack because we’ll put them back
in the oven here in a second. (soft music) I’ll do the same thing with a chicken and the honey mustard sauce and take a few wing pieces at a time. Make sure they’re well-coated and then place them back
on the tray as well. You should have plenty of sauce
with both of these recipes to coat the chicken wings well, and you may have a little
bit of sauce left over that you can use as an
extra dipping sauce. Once the chicken wings
are all covered in sauce, place them back in the oven
for another 10 minutes. When they’re done, they’ll be
beautifully golden and crispy. If I have any sauce left over for the soy garlic ginger ones, I like to dip them again before serving because the more sticky sauce, the better. And for the honey mustard ones, I’ll usually serve any remaining sauce separately as a dipping sauce. Whichever flavor you choose, just remember that
they’re highly addictive and will disappear fast, so make sure you make enough because you certainly
wouldn’t wanna run out in the middle of the game. For more delicious game
day appetizers and food, make sure to check out my website because I’ve got guacamole,
pico de gallo, pulled pork, and just about every other recipe you need to feed some very hungry fans. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and if you did, make sure
to give it a thumbs up. Share it with your family and friends and I will see you again next week. (upbeat music)

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