Daym Drops Explains his Passion for Fast Food || The Fasties

♪ Daym Drops ♪ Super Official – Ka-boom-boom, what’s
goin’ on my sexy pieces? It’s time for us to get busy
because over here at Wendy’s, they messed around with the
Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich. You kinda little,
ain’t you, boo? Well, why you so tiny, hold on. Did they give me the wrong,
oh, oh wait, time out. They didn’t even give
me the right sandwich. You had one job, one. Before I even started
shootin’ YouTube videos, I was a retail
manager for 14 years. In the parkin’ lot, I
had an hour lunch break. Everything that I have for lunch ends up bein’ placed on YouTube. In the comments section
people are like, hey, can you come to
Subway, because we have this and we wanna hear what
you think about it. So then that became my channel, goin’ to different
locations based on request to do these food reviews. I was the first channel
to do in-car food reviews. The demand was fast food,
always been fast food. It doesn’t matter
where you live, you have access to fast food. Fast food culture has
definitely evolved. In the beginnin’, they had
their base items on the menu. And you had that for years, they weren’t really
goin’ outside the box. But now it’s more
of a competition. What’s happenin’ now
is everybody’s looking for the next big thing, and because everything is
based off social media, it only makes sense
for these QSR’s to create somethin’ so massive that social media
has to jump on it. – I love your
reviews on YouTube. – Thank you.
– You know that one, you know damn, man,
get that leather. – Appreciate you. I have to be
energetic for myself, and then I have to be energetic for those that
follow my madness. I’m just as excited
to meet somebody today as I was to meet them years ago. Because at the end of the
day, these are the people that support what it
is that you’re doin’. That’s the greatest feelin’, like I knew I did all this for
a reason, beyond just myself. Too much of anything in excess is gonna get to you one
way or another, right? And I remember when I first
started doin’ YouTube, I was finishin’
everything, that I ordered. Weight-wise, I got to
a point where I was well over 400 pounds, so then
it became sampling foods. I didn’t have to
finish everything, I could still give a food review takin’ one or two bites and
then bein’ done with the rest. For me personally, to make
sure that I’m here for my kids, I gotta do what it
is that I have to do. I gotta make sure that I
create some type of balance. I think we all want
the same thing, at the end of the day
you just wanna make sure there’s something of
you in every household. Something that reminds
the people of who you are, who you were, whatever
the case may be, you gotta leave behind a
sort of legacy, if you will. I consider myself
the fast food titan, if I didn’t get hyped about it, then there is no hype about it, you see what I’m sayin’ to you? Like, the hype gotta
start with daddy. Fast food establishments know
they can’t deliver no fire without comin’ past the
threshold, I am the threshold.

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